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soundcore Boom 2 Plus Review: Bluetooth Speaker With Oomph

With the Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker, which costs around 130 euros, soundcore made a convincing appearance at the beginning of March, combining a rich sound with stylish RGB lighting and winning the Gold Award in our test. Now, a good three months later, the new soundcore Boom 2 Plus aims to go one better. Larger housing, larger drivers and even more power. But does this also ensure a better result? Our test reveals.

Technical data

The product Boom 2 Plus
Audio power 100 W (140W with BassUp 2.0)
Drivers 2x full range drivers (35W/50W)
2x woofers (15W/20W)
2x passive radiators
Bluetooth version 5.3
Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC
Connections USB-C (charging port); AUX
Battery capacity unknown
Battery life up to 20 hours
Special features IPX7 certification (waterproof), BassUp 2.0 technology, PartyCast 2.0, RGB lighting
Dimensions 455 mm x 245 mm x 155 mm
Weight 3.757 grams
Colors Phantom Black, Adventure Green and Explorer Blue
Scope of delivery soundcore Boom 2 Plus, USB-C charging cable, quick start guide, carrying strap
The price € 199.99 *

soundcore Boom 2 Plus Review: simplicity meets light

  • simple design
  • high-quality workmanship
  • chic RGB lighting

Visually, the new soundcore Boom 2 Plus Bluetooth speaker looks like a mixture of the more compact Boom 2 and the soundcore Motion Boom Plus. The new model picks up on the silver and black color scheme of its sibling, but has a more curved shape, especially towards the sides.

There are also two metal holders on the carrying handle that surrounds the top of the main unit, into which the carrying strap supplied can be inserted. Given its size and increased weight of 3,757 grams, this makes the speaker a great companion for on the go despite its size.

Like the Boom 2, the new model has a pleasantly non-slip surface and impeccable build quality. The design is kept rather simple, while the customizable RGB lighting of both radiators on the sides creates a party atmosphere.

Thanks to IPX7 certification, the Boom 2 Plus is also fully waterproof and can even be taken for a dip in the pool, sea or swimming pool. A USB-C and AUX port are hidden at the back, protected by a seal, with the former not only charging the speaker but also supplying other devices with power thanks to the power bank function.

Operation, battery life and range

  • impressive range
  • up to 20 hours runtime
  • intuitive operation

Like the Boom 2, the new soundcore Boom 2 Plus also uses the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard with impressive range and stability. The Bluetooth speaker masters distances of more than 12 meters to the audio source without sound dropouts or problems.

The larger model has an even longer battery life. Up to 20 hours of runtime are possible. However, only with the BassUp function switched off and a volume of 50 percent, as well as deactivated lighting.

However, the volume is absolutely sufficient to supply a large room with Musk. With the same settings and active RGB lighting, I achieved a battery life of a good 18 hours in the test, which is also absolutely sufficient for long days on the beach, at the lake or at a garden party.

as is typical for soundcore, operation is flawless and very intuitive via the elements on the top of the speaker. However, due to the straighter front section compared to the Boom 2, the controls are now located at the top and are therefore no longer or barely recognizable from the front.

The arrangement should be familiar to soundcore device connoisseurs. On the left we find the power and Bluetooth button, in the middle the elongated volume control with play/pause button and an additional button with which the RGB lighting can be adjusted.

On the right-hand side are the elements responsible for the PartyCast 2.0 and BassUp 2.0 functions, which can be activated or deactivated. Alternatively, they can also be operated via the soundcore app.

App connection: soundcore app

The soundcore app is used as a clear companion with which all parameters of the soundcore Boom 2 Plus can be set. On the start page, the app welcomes us with a battery status and volume display and allows us to pause or play the music.

BassUp 2.0 can also be switched on here. Here we also access the equalizer, which can be used to personalize the sound. You can choose between various EQ presets such as soundcore Signature or voice amplification, or create a user-defined preset in which you can fine-tune the sound in nine bands.

The RGB lighting is just as customizable. Here we have a choice of different effects such as flash, flame or cyclone, which can be individualized in terms of colour. The lighting can also be reduced or deactivated completely.

Sound quality: impressively loud, pleasantly detailed

  • impressive maximum volume
  • harmonious, detailed sound image
  • pleasing sound across all genres

The 60-watt Boom 2 already produced a rich and detailed sound, but was somewhat lacking at maximum volume. This is undoubtedly not the case with the soundcore Boom 2 Plus.

During the first sound test, the volume of my smartphone was set to maximum, whereupon the Bluetooth loudspeaker quickly shook the entire interior of my home.

It’s amazing how loud this thing gets! And without any distortion or harsh tones. This is thanks to an impressive arrangement of two 4.5-inch woofers, two 1-inch tweeters and a pair of passive radiators. The result is a powerful, detailed and surprisingly balanced sound that cuts a fine figure across all genres.

soundcore Boom 2 Plus
Chic light show, powerful sound: the soundcore Boom 2 Plus is a winner

However, I would recommend always using the Boom 2 Plus with BassUp. This feature not only amplifies the bass segment, but also increases the maximum output of the speaker (from 100 watts to 140 watts) and makes the entire sound image appear fuller and more spacious.

As always, the speaker had to face up to my colorful Tidal playlist and performed well across all genres.

It started off rather sedately with the Dolby Atmos track “Running Out Of Time” by Wyatt Flores, in which the speaker scored with a pleasantly light and airy presentation and gave the instrumentalization and vocals a strong spatiality.

In the atmospheric “Futura” by Hannah Parrott, the Boom 2 Plus scores with clear mids and a wide stage, but swallows up one or two fine details in the instrumentalization.

The speaker feels much more comfortable with bass-heavy tracks such as “B.O.B” by Outkast or “Strobe” by Deadmau5, in which it not only reproduces the rich bass but also the vocals and instrumentalization in a pleasantly detailed manner.

soundcore Boom 2 Plus
Image: soundcore

But the speaker also cuts a very fine figure in the field of rock and heavy metal music. Be it Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” or “Hysteria” by Muse.

In general, the soundcore Boom 2 Plus has a pleasing sound almost across the board, with the BassUp technology in particular making the overall sound not only fuller but also more detailed. Listening to music with the Bluetooth speaker is simply fun, even if it may not be able to reproduce every finely accentuated detail perfectly.

soundcore Boom 2 Plus Review: Conclusion

The conclusion for the soundcore Boom 2 Plus is pretty clear. The new, larger version offers that little bit more than the already convincing Boom 2 in every respect.

More size, more weight, more RGB bling bling, but also significantly more power, volume and a richer sound. The maximum volume and the associated sound, which is completely free of distortion or shrill highs, is particularly pleasing.

Thanks to IPX7, the Boom 2 Plus doesn’t have to worry about rain and can even withstand falls into water. Only a slightly finer resolution of details would have been nice, which is why audiophile users may be better served by competitors with comparable performance.

However, these also cost more than twice as much as the soundcore Boom 2 Plus (for example in the form of the JBL Boombox 2 or 3), which once again underlines the excellent price-performance ratio. For around 200 euros, it would be difficult to find a similarly coherent Bluetooth speaker.

soundcore Boom 2 Plus

soundcore Boom 2 Plus

Sound Quality
Value For Money


High-quality, robust Bluetooth speaker with rich, detailed sound, stylish RGB lighting and a decent battery life that is a real pleasure to use.

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