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Soundcore Sport X10 – TWS in-ear headphones for workout in test

Soundcore, the audio brand of the Chinese company Anker Innovations, has offered a wide range of Bluetooth speakers, headphones and especially in-ear headphones for all demands and price ranges for quite some time. The latter is now joined by another model, the Sport X10.

The most striking feature of the in-ear headphones are the 210° rotatable earpieces, which are supposed to guarantee a perfect fit and hold even during workouts. Furthermore, they want to convince with an IPX7 protection against water and sweat, but also features like Active Noise Cancelling and a long battery life. The Soundcore Sport X10 are available in black, red and champagne white. We have extensively tested the black model in everyday life, but also in the gym, jogging and other activities.


Headphone type True wireless in-ear headphones
Bluetooth version 5.2
Bluetooth codecs SBC, AAC
Bluetooth range.
10 m
Battery life Up to 8 hours (up to 32 hours total with charging case)
charging time 2 hours
headphones 7 g each
charging case 40 g
Driver 10 mm
Frequency range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 ohms
Pivoting ear hooks, Active Noise Cancelling, IPX7 protection from water and sweat, SweatGuard technology
Scope of delivery True Wireless in-ear headphones, charging case, ear tips in 5 sizes, USB-C to USB-A charging cable, user manual
colors Black, Red, Champagne White
€ 79.99 *

Scope of delivery of the Soundcore Sport X10

  • Includes everything needed, offers no surprises
  • includes eartips in 5 sizes and a charging cable

The Soundcore Sport X10 come in a small and compact box. This is Soundcore-typical light blue, on the front are the in-ear headphones pictured and some features enumerated. A more comprehensive description as well as information about the scope of delivery and the Soundcore app can be found on the back.

After opening the case, you can directly see the charging case, which contains the Sport X10. The charging case has the same color as the in-ear headphones themselves in all three variants. There are four pairs of ear tips in sizes XS, S, L and XL underneath. The size M is already attached. Furthermore, there is a USB-C to USB-A charging cable for charging the case, an instruction manual, and an instruction sheet that shows how to wear the Sport X10 properly. The scope of delivery thus offers everything that is needed and also expected.

Soundcore Sport X10: design and finish

  • Compact true-wireless in-ear headphones with swiveling ear hooks
  • Good material quality and high quality workmanship

The Soundcore Sport X10 are compact true-wireless in-ear headphones with silicone ear hooks that can be rotated up to 210°. The visible part of the case is oval, with a Soundcore logo on it. Both in-ear headphones have one button each, which is located on the top and offers the most important control options. There is no separate on or off button; the Sport X10s are automatically turned on when they are removed from the case. After putting them back or even after ten minutes without connection, they turn off again. Furthermore, each of the two in-ear headphones has three microphones, which are used for phone calls, the voice assistant and ANC.

The charging case is oval and charges via USB-C, with the charging port on the back. Wireless charging is not supported. There is also a button for Bluetooth pairing right next to the USB-C port. Three LEDs on the front indicate the charging case’s battery status.

The material quality and workmanship of the Soundcore Sport X10 are convincing in the test. The plastic and silicone of the in-ear headphones feel high-quality and pleasant. The charging case looks a bit simpler in terms of material, but still good. The workmanship is very good throughout, there is nothing to criticize here.

Soundcore app and setting options

  • Three ANC modes (normal, noise cancellation and transparency)
  • Offers 21 EQ modes and the BassUp option
  • Breathing exercises to relax

To pair the Soundcore Sport X10, open the charging case and then press the button located on it for three seconds. The in-ear headphones remain in the charging case during the pairing process. The Sport X10 can then be selected and connected to the desired device. If the in-ear headphones are paired with multiple devices, they will always connect to the last connected device.

For smartphones, they also provide the Soundcore app. This shows you all paired Soundcore devices and enables extensive settings. Within the app, you can, among other things, choose between the three ANC modes (Normal, Noise Cancellation and Transparency) and 21 different EQ modes, which can also be individually supplemented. The BassUp function is also available for the Soundcore Signature mode. Furthermore, the rough battery status of the two in-ear headphones is displayed and the controls, which can also be disabled, are explained in detail.

The item “Breathing” is also new. These are breathing exercises that are supposed to prepare you optimally for the workout or also serve to relax or relieve pressure. The app signals when and how long you should breathe in or out. The whole thing is backed up by relaxation sounds. The length of the exercises and also the sounds can be customized.

Practice test and sound quality of the Soundcore Sport X10

  • intuitive operation via two buttons
  • balanced, slightly bass-heavy sound
  • good voice quality when making calls

In practice, the Soundcore Sport X10 can convince with a good connection quality and range. This is up to 22 m outdoors and up to 12 m indoors. The in-ear headphones can also be worn individually, but multipoint connections with multiple devices at the same time are not possible.

The one-button operation is easy to understand and intuitive. In stereo mode, we decrease the volume on the left by pressing once, and jump to the next track by pressing twice. On the right, we increase the volume or pause or resume playback. If we hold down one of the two buttons for longer than two seconds, we change the ANC mode. If we only use one pair of headphones, the controls deviate a bit. Both buttons are easy to reach. It takes some getting used to that the control is done with a slight delay.

Sound-wise, the Soundcore Sport X10 offer a balanced, in no way obtrusive, basic tuning and a powerful bass. This plays easily to the fore, while the mids and trebles are clear and detailed. The bass can also be boosted and made more powerful with the BassUp function. However, this was not suitable for every piece of music in the test and strongly depends on the user’s preferences. We liked the function very much in some places, but the bass was too obtrusive in others. Voices are always very well intelligible, which is also noticeable when making calls. Furthermore, ambient noise is noticeably reduced when making calls. This also applies to wind noise, provided the function is enabled in the app.

Active Noise Cancelling

  • perceptible ANC, indoors and outdoors
  • Practical tansparency mode
  • … though with slight background noise

In addition to the sound, the Active Noise Cancelling of the Soundcore Sport X10 also knows how to please. The effect was clearly noticeable at all times and filters out especially noises in the lower and middle frequency range well. Outdoors and also in the gym, we feel well shielded from the surroundings thanks to ANC and can better concentrate on our own activity. In contrast, outside noises are noticeably amplified in transparency mode, so they are well perceptible next to the music. This is especially helpful in traffic, for example when jogging or cycling along the road, since other road users are better perceived, which significantly increases safety.

A small disadvantage of the ANC modes is the background noise. This is only slight and not annoying in noise cancellation mode, but intensifies in transparency mode.


  • Compact and light
  • secure fit and comfortable fit, even during sports

Even though the Soundcore Sport X10 are not exactly the smallest in-ear headphones available, we find the size to be comfortable and not at all annoying. This also applies to the very low weight of 7 g. Thanks to the large selection of ear tips and especially the silicone earpieces, the Sport X10 fit very securely, comfortably and hardly exert any pressure on the ear. Even after several hours at a stretch, this impression did not change. This is not only true in everyday situations, but also in the gym or while jogging. We never had the feeling that the in-ear headphones loosened during movements or that we could even lose them during the test period. Thanks to IPX7 and SweatGuard technology, which is supposed to give the internal components even more protection, you also don’t have to worry about rain or sweat.

Battery life

  • Seven hours of battery life, 31 hours with case
  • Ten minutes of quick charging for two hours of music playback

With the volume set to ~60% and Active Noise Cancelling enabled, the Soundcore Sport X10 achieved just under seven hours of battery life. With the fully charged case, the battery life increased to a total of 31 hours. Both values are only slightly below the manufacturer’s specifications, but it is not known with which volume and ANC setting these were achieved. The full charging time is about one hour, and the in-ear headphones are ready for two hours of music playback after just ten minutes.

Soundcore Sport X10 review: conclusion

Overall, the Soundcore Sport X10 can convince us. The in-ear headphones offer a good and balanced, slightly bass-heavy, sound, a noticeable Active Noise Cancelling as well as a long battery life. Besides the technical aspects, the wearing comfort of the Sport X10 is also convincing. This is very high, they are comfortable even over a longer period of time, and offer perfect support in everyday life as well as during sports at any time.

The Soundcore Sport X10 are thus a clear recommendation for all who are looking for good and comfortable sports headphones under 100 €.

Soundcore Sport X10

Sound quality
Noise Cancelling
Value for money


Good sports headphones that convince with a balanced sound and a very high wearing comfort.

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Soundcore, the audio brand of the Chinese company Anker Innovations, has offered a wide range of Bluetooth speakers, headphones and especially in-ear headphones for all demands and price ranges for quite some time. The latter is now joined by another model, the Sport X10. The most striking feature of the in-ear headphones are the 210° … (Weiterlesen...)

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