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Edifier S880DB Review: Stylish Bookshelf Speakers for the Modern Living Room

In the rarest of cases, the loudspeakers integrated into the PC monitor are considered sufficient for demanding tasks. Film and music lovers therefore regularly resort to external devices that are better able to meet their high sound requirements. Today, more and more sophisticated sound systems are taking over the task of sound reproduction – usually with great success and to the complete satisfaction of the user.

Such an external system is the “Edifier S880DB*“. Driven by a woofer with metal cone and a titanium woofer, the system consisting of two loudspeakers promises the best sound. Numerous connections and a modern design ensure that the bookshelf loudspeakers look very promising at first glance. We wanted to find out in our test whether it could meet the high expectations it arouses.

Technical Specifications

Art: 2.0 Stereo
Frequency range: 55 Hz – 20 KHz
Output power:
  • R/L (treble): 12W+12W
  • R/L (deep bass): 32W+32W
Loudspeaker units: Tweeter: 3/4 inch (19mm)
Midrange driver: 3.70 inch (94mm)
Inputs: USB, Optical, Coaxial, PC, Aux, Bluetooth
  • power cable (1,9m)
  • Loudspeaker connection cable (3.0m)
  • Coaxial (1.7m)
  • clinker (1.7m)
  • USB (1.7m)
  • Optical (1.5m)
Price: € 25.58 *

Design and Workmanship

Optically the two loudspeakers are almost identical. Due to the white and wood-look elements, they are comparatively striking, but in any case they appear modern. On an ordinary office desk – or even on a shelf – they should not be unpleasantly noticeable.

The front, which is white in colour, is characterised by the exposed tweeters and woofers. Edifier deliberately lets the S880DB stand out openly and thus become the dominant element of the front. The contrast between the black of the exposed drivers and the white of the front fairing is pleasant and harmonious.

The side elements of the two loudspeakers, which have a bright wood look, complete the bright, modern design. They give the devices a high-quality appearance. In particular, the interplay of new and old design elements ensures the overall harmonious and subjectively appealing appearance of the devices. The materials used are all of high quality and well processed. For example, aluminium frames are used.

At the rear, the manufacturer attaches a small bass reflex port and all control elements of the system to the right speaker. The location of the control unit makes it easy to place the loudspeakers on shelves, but at the same time makes it difficult to reach the elements. Here Edifier could have provided a better solution.

We can’t find any further criticism of the workmanship or the design of the sound system in our test.

Equipment, Connections and Construction

A glance at the back of the right speaker reveals how many possibilities the sound system offers the user. Numerous knobs and controls promise a lot. In fact, the equipment is luxurious in every respect. First of all, however, the equipment parts should be considered which can be considered as the heart of the Edifier S880DB.

The 2.0 stereo system consists of a nineteen millimetre tweeter and a 94 millimetre woofer and operates in the frequency range between 55 Hz and 20 KHz. The power is two times 32 watts, the maximum sound pressure level is 82 decibels. An integrated amplifier, a USB sound card on the digital audio processor and the presence of a remote control can be cited as special features of the sound system – so much for the facts.

Beside the two boxes there are also several cables to be found in the scope of supply. The sound system offers almost every connection imaginable, which is a great advantage over many other loudspeakers. The two boxes can be connected via a 3.5 mm jack cable, a USB cable, an RCA to RCA audio cable, an optical fibre input cable and Bluetooth – so it will certainly be possible for any user to find a suitable connection path.

One cable is supplied for each wired connection method. In addition, a power supply unit, a detailed operating manual, a power cable, a cable to connect the two speakers and a remote control are included in the scope of delivery.

The latter is unfortunately not a perfect highlight of the system. The small round device offers the possibility to influence the system in a high degree and at the same time in a simple way. For example, the remote control can be used to switch between different sound modes, which are described in more detail in the “Sound Quality” section. In addition, it is of course possible to switch the system on and off, vary the volume or switch between different songs with the remote control. Unfortunately the connection between speaker and remote control is realized by infrared, which is why you always have to establish visual contact between transmitter and receiver. A radio solution would have been far more practical here.

The setup of the system succeeds in our test within a very short time. If the two boxes are connected to each other and to the mains, a connection to the PC – or to another output device – can be established. Since no drivers have to be installed, the Edifier S880DB can be used immediately after a successful connection. The sound source is selected via the remote control, which can be operated immediately after inserting the supplied button battery.

The speakers take about 5 seconds to sound after starting.

Sound Quality

First of all, it should be noted that the sound image also depends on the positioning of the two speakers. This in turn depends on the amount of space available in the user’s room, so that there may be minor differences in the sound due to the different settings. All in all, it seems advisable to create a comparatively large distance between the two speakers in order to make the most of the stereo sound. Please note that the connecting cable is “only” 3 meters long. It has a proprietary connector, so you may need to contact Edifier Support if you need a longer cable.

The various settings, which can be individually adjusted, also have an influence on the sound image. At this point we would like to refer to the already mentioned sound modes, which can be selected with the help of the small remote control. Depending on the mode, the sound of the system differs considerably. While the “Dynamic” mode provides a clear amplification of the highs and lows with powerful bass and an overall very powerful sound, the “Classic” mode, for example, provides less dominant bass and a slight accentuation of the highs. In “Vocal” mode, on the other hand, the mids are highlighted. As this brief consideration of the various sound modes shows, they are designed for specific playback tracks – those who listen to pop music should choose “Dynamic”, those who watch podcasts are better advised to use “Vocal” and those who prefer classical music should use “Classic”.

In addition to these ready-made profiles, the user also has the option of setting the individual parameters individually. This requires the buttons and controls located on the back of the right speaker. Bass and treble can be individually adjusted here.

Overall, the sound quality of the Edifier S880DB is convincing. A slight oversteer can only be detected at very high volume levels. However, this should hardly occur in everyday practice so that we can speak with a clear conscience of good sound quality.

Result of the Edifier S880DB Review

Ultimately, we can say that the high expectations were met. The sound system S880DB* convinces among other things with an extraordinary number of connection possibilities, numerous options for individual influence on the sound image as well as with its modern design. Throughout the test, only minor, almost minor weaknesses were noted. The clumsy positioning of the controls from the point of view of operability can be overlooked, as the speakers are thus space-saving at the same time. The slight oversteer at very high volume is hardly relevant in everyday life.

The various strengths of the sound system clearly outweigh each other, so that our test result is very positive.

Edifier S880DB

Value for Money

A very high quality sound system with hardly any weaknesses.

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