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Teufel Rockster XS (2017) Bluetooth Speaker Review

Ist die Neuauflage des handlichen Outdoor-Speakers gelungen?

With the Rockster devices, Teufel has numerous, sometimes huge Bluetooth boxes on offer, which are intended to meet the requirements of discerning music fans. The XS version distinguishes itself from the other devices of the Rockster series above all by its handiness. Last year, a revised version of this mini-rockster was released, in which both the sound and the equipment of the device were revised. To what extent this new caustic solution of the Bluetooth-Box succeeded, our test should clarify.

Design and Workmanship

The design has been changed only minimally compared to the previous model. The loudspeaker still presents itself quite simple, with a striking logo of the manufacturer in the middle of the speaker. In the new version, this is no longer in grey, but in red and thus adapts to the design of the other devices in the Rockster range. Apart from this small change, the speaker presents itself in the typical Teufel design. Thus again a very present black grid can be found, which serves as a “basis” for the company logo. On the back of the box there is also a lettering, which is now also in red.

Big Teufel Logo on Bluetooth Speaker
Big Teufel Logo on Bluetooth Speaker

So it is a “polygon” that fits into an outstretched hand. With a weight of 728 grams, the device is comparatively heavy. However, this is also due to the high-quality materials used in the box. It is made of aluminium, steel, rubber and high-quality plastic.

As expected, the workmanship of the device is excellent. Teufel also doesn’t allow himself any weaknesses with the mini version of the Rockster. So the device presents itself very high quality overall. In terms of its dimensions it is quite handy. The loudspeaker is protected against light impacts by a rubber coating and is therefore also suitable for outdoor use. The waterproofness, which is also available, underlines the outdoor suitability of the device.

All in all, the Rockster XS from 2017 has a convincing brand-typical design with excellent workmanship and shows no weaknesses in this respect.

Technical Details

Maximum sound pressure 90 dB/1m
Frequency range from/to 61 – 20000 Hz
Bass driver (number per speaker) 1
Bass driver (diameter) 100.00 mm
Full Range Speaker (Number per Box) 2
Full Range Speaker (Diameter) 46.00 mm
Other Dimensions of the woofer 100 x 46 mm
Acoustic Principle 2-way system
Housing construction Closed
Housing material Aluminium
housing surface mat painted
2.1 USB sound card Yes
jack jack input 3.5 mm 1
Bluetooth 4.0 aptX codec
Other USB charging function for ROCKSTER XS and smartphones
Overall output power (RMS) 16 Watt
Amplifier technology Class D
Amplifier configuration 2.0
amplifier channels 2
Standby function Yes
Memory for settings in case of mains disconnection Yes
Automatic on/off switching Yes
Battery type Lithium Ion Battery 4400 mAh
Battery operating time up to 30 h
Battery maximum charging time 3
Depth 6.90 cm
Width 8.60 cm
Height 17.80 cm
Weight 0.72 kg


Control keys for the title jump were searched in vain for the predecessor model. These practical controls have finally been installed, so that the user can now operate the Teufel Rockster XS completely without reaching for the mobile phone. Altogether there is a play, a pause, a forward/backward and a volume key. Thus the control of the music is possible without any problem directly at the box. In addition, there are two lights that indicate the operation of the device and a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone. While these lights were clearly visible on the front of the predecessor model, they are now found in a much more discreet form next to the other control elements of the box. The connection to the smartphone continues to be established simply via Bluetooth or NFC. A conventional jack connection is also available. A charging function for smartphones has been added, which should prove to be very practical in practice, especially for outdoor use.

Overall, the operation of the Rockster XS (2017) has been considerably simplified compared to its predecessor. Here, too, there are no points of criticism.

Also worth considering is the battery performance of the device, which Teufel puts at 4,400 mAh and a maximum operating time of 30 hours. The battery doesn’t last that long in the test. However, this is also due to the fact that the device was not operated in a particularly battery-saving manner. Ultimately, the duration of the operation depends on the volume and the operating mode. Charging a smartphone also has a negative effect on battery life. However, the battery is sufficient in any case for the acoustic irradiation of an exuberant garden party.


Teufel improved the sound audibly. Numerous details have been revised so that the sound is now even more balanced than the previous model, which was already convincing. In the test the heights show up clearly clearer than with the predecessor. The mids don’t seem to be occupied anymore, while the basses keep their usual depth. All in all, the sound is completely convincing.

The Teufel Rockster XS (2017) in full splendour
The Teufel Rockster XS (2017) in full splendour

Another positive feature is the increase in the maximum level at which the bass is automatically reduced. An unpleasant roar therefore does not arise in any situation.

A negative note is the elimination of the outdoor mode, which increased the volume of the predecessor model while emphasizing the mids at the same time. However, this was not missing, so the device could convince in all sound-related points.

Conclusion of the Teufel Rockster XS (2017) Review

The recommended price of the device is around 220 euros. This price is absolutely reasonable for the performance offered. Overall, the Teufel Rockster XS (2017) offers a very good workmanship, appealing design, good sound and a significantly improved usability compared to its predecessor.

Teufel Rockster XS (2017)

Value for Money


An excellent loudspeaker that combines attractive design with very good sound.

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