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Lian Li AL120 Uni Fan in review – Small novelties with style!

In the course of the Expo of on 18.02.2021 Lian Li announced a product where some gamers should have gotten big eyes and pointed ears. It was announced the new generation of Uni Fan fans with a slightly revised design and improved features. In April of this year, we have already tested the predecessor, the Lian Li Uni Fan SL140, which could convince us. Can the new model convince us as well? You can find out in the following test!


Product name UNI-FAN AL120
Model AL120-3B AL120-1B AL120-3W AL120-1W
Color Black White
Number of fans 3 1 3 1
Controller Yes No Yes No
Material PBT/PC/Aluminum
Dimension (LxWxH) 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Voltage DC 12V (FAN) & 5V (LED)
Speed 800~1900 rpm
Air pressure 2.62 mmH2O (maximum)
Airflow 64.5 CFM (maximum)
Loudness 17 ~ 28.3 dB
Locked current >= 50mA
Bearing type Fluid dynamic bearing (FDB)
Operating voltage DC 12V & 5V
Start-up voltage Direct current 6.0V
Input current 0.22 A (FAN) / 0.66 A (LED)
Input line 5.94 watts
Guarantee 2 years
Price € 107.98*

Scope of delivery

The packaging has not changed much more than the imprint. Delivered the AL120 Uni Fans in a plain cardboard box, on which the fans with their RBG colors directly catch the eye. On the back we find all the specifications, which can also be read at the same time on the website of Lian Li.

Inside the packaging reflects the same picture – nothing crucial new. The individual fans are each packed in foil, the controller including cables in a small black box next to it. Additionally, black screws, the fan cables with the contacts and the RGB controller are packed individually in foil. Standard and simple.


In this chapter, let’s take a look at the design and workmanship. First, let’s start with the fans themselves. Right out of the box, the AL120 Uni fans make a good impression here. Compared to the SL120, the workmanship looks even a bit higher quality. If you look at the sides with the contacts for connecting the fans, you can see it best there. The molded plastic parts don’t have any gaps, and moreover, there are no poorly finished plastic edges.

Probably the most decisive change can be seen in the RGB lighting. Now this no longer runs along the edges with two thick stripes, but the rotor blade and the frame with four more discreet stripes at the screw points can light up in the RGB colors. For this reason, the rotor blade has now been processed in a milky plastic. A total of eight LEDs inside the rotor blade then take over the illumination. You’ll find out how this affects the optics in the next section.

Aside from this one change, Lian Li has stuck with the tried and true. The bearing is a fluid dynamic bearing which can run particularly smoothly and over a long period of time. The visible finish is the silver Lian Li sticker. We find a special change on the back. This is where the specifications are usually written. Lian Li has dispensed with this and added another silver sticker here. Thus, the fans can be mounted in both directions without having to make a loss in optics.

Furthermore, there is again, on the sides of the fans visible later in the installed state, another silver-colored aluminum part, which has grown significantly in size compared to the predecessor and thus makes the fans appear even more noble visually. If one is already with the sides – Lian Li falls back here again on the proven plug design. Like the SL120, the AL120s can be plugged together up to four times and illuminated and controlled with a single cable.


For our hands-on test, we mounted the fans in the Lian Li ODYSSEY X big-tower case. The installation was congruent with the SL140. The two connecting cables of the fans are plugged into the controller, which in turn is connected to the motherboard via USB and to the power supply via SATA. The controller offers four connections, which means that a total of 4×4 fans can be controlled on one controller.

The new features can be found after downloading and installing Lian Li’s “L-Connect” software. At first glance, everything seems to be the same – but there is more hidden in the settings. Starting with the lighting, the biggest change to the fans. The predecessors could wow us with their unique and very good-looking effects. Because of the two lighting options, the inner rotor blade and the outer ring, Lian Li has improved again. The usual gradients are very smooth and even, and the customization options feel endless. It is especially nice again how clear and bright the colors shine. If you want to take a better look in advance, you can do so on Lian Li’s website.

Last, of course, there are setting options to increase or decrease the performance of the fans. You can choose between several modes, from Full-Speed to Quiet. If you want to determine the RPM speed yourself, Lian Li provides a manual mode via the software. In Quiet mode, the AL120s are particularly convincing. The airflow is quiet and the generated airflow is more than sufficient in the ODYSSEY X. In High and Full Speed modes, the fans are clearly audible, but the background noise is bearable.


In conclusion, we can’t say anything different than we did with the predecessor the SL120 Uni Fans. The AL120 Uni Fans are good looking and high quality manufactured fans, which stand out from the crowd of fans on the market with their special RGB design. We could see small improvements in the L-Connect software and also in the workmanship of the fans themselves. The RGB design options are exceptional, powerful and leave other RGB fans in the shade. Therefore, the AL120s once again receive our buy recommendation.

Lian Li AL120

Noise level
Value for money


Exceptional design and high quality characterize the AL120 Uni Fans from Lian Li.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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In the course of the Expo of on 18.02.2021 Lian Li announced a product where some gamers should have gotten big eyes and pointed ears. It was announced the new generation of Uni Fan fans with a slightly revised design and improved features. In April of this year, we have already tested the predecessor, the … (Weiterlesen...)

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