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Tronsmart Bang Test – die geupdatete Version des Outdoor-Bluetooth-Speakers

The Tronsmart Bang range consists of different weatherproof Bluetooth speakers. The smallest model is the Bang SE, above it is the Bang Mini, followed by the regular Bang tested here and at the top end is the Bang Max. The original version of the Tronsmart Bang has been around for a while, but now there has been an upgrade – completely without a name change and clearly following the original design. However, there have been some technical adjustments. In the Tronsmart Bang test, we take a closer look at the speaker, compare it with its largest and smallest sister model and see how the sound and robustness fare.


Speakers 2x tweeter 2x midwoofer
Size (W x H x D) 361 x 183.4 x 150.3 mm
Power output 60 W
Bluetooth 5.3 (5.0 with old version)
Backlight Sides and lower front
Weight 3.1 kg
Battery life up to 15 h (50% volume without lighting)
approx. 4 h (100% volume with lighting)
Weather protection IPX6
Warranty period 1 year (6 months with registration)
Price € 89.89 *

Packaging and scope of delivery

  • Very secure packaging
  • The scope of delivery includes a short 3.5 mm jack cable and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable without power plug

The packaging of the Tronsmart Bang is as you would expect: The speaker is pictured on the front with a high-gloss product name. A few features are summarized on the back and there are references to the app. It’s not really obvious that this is the new edition. Apart from the word “NEW” on a stick-on barcode.

When you open the packaging, you come across the speaker, which is wrapped in an additional foil for protection, which is a little chafed from the inside of the carrying handles of the packaging. The foil therefore has a practical protective value. Everything is held in place by two foam holders, which offer good protection. Another protective film contains the operating instructions, a (very) short 3.5 mm jack cable and a USB-C charging cable without a power plug.

The jack cable is there to connect aux sources (e.g. via a headphone output). However, the cable is so short that you have to place the audio source directly next to the speaker. For longer cable runs, you will need to purchase correspondingly longer cables.

Tronsmart Bang mit Kabeln und Anleitung
The Tronsmart Bang is supplied with two cables and a user manual

The fact that the USB-A to USB-C cable comes without a power plug shouldn’t be a big problem these days, as most mobile devices have come with such plugs over the years and most people really do have enough of these standard power adapters by now. If you don’t actually have one available, this is an additional purchase in the single-digit euro range. Or you can connect the cable to another running device for charging, such as a PC.


  • Clear design language
  • Illuminated parts with different modes or switch-off

As with most other Tronsmart-Bang models, the handle of the Bluetooth speaker is completely integrated into the design. This means that the handle forms a single unit with the housing and the speaker area is separated from it by a textile fabric. An LED strip is located underneath the textile fabric on the Tronsmart Bang. There are also illuminated rings on the sides, which are a characteristic design feature of all Bang models. The lighting can be controlled within limits with a button and in detail with more choice via the Tronsmart app. More on this later. Of course, the lighting can also be switched off, which is also useful for everyday use to improve battery life.

The buttons are all rubber-covered for sealing. There are also four white LEDs on the power switch, which indicate the approximate charge level of the battery. The connections on the back of the speaker are also sealed so that they are not exposed and are inconspicuously covered in black.

It may be a matter of taste, but of all the Tronsmart Bang, I think this model is the most attractive without any other name attached. It looks as if it has been cast from a single mold.

Starting up the Tronsmart Bang

  • Bluetooth, Aux (headphone connections), SD cards and USB sticks can be used as sound sources
  • Switch on and off with a long press of the power switch

To start the Tronsmart Bang, all you have to do is press and hold the On-Off button. As soon as the device starts up, it goes straight into Bluetooth search mode so that you can connect directly to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Alternatively, it reacts dynamically to the connection of other sources. For example, if you connect the aux cable, it switches to this new audio source so that you don’t have to rely on the Bluetooth function. You can switch between audio sources yourself by pressing the M button.

Micro SD cards (the slot is labeled “TF”, i.e. TransFlash, which is used as a synonym) or USB sticks can also be used as a sound source. However, you should pre-sort the music files here, as there is no visual display or free selection option, but the music files are simply named alphabetically. And the only option is to skip to the next file. So if you have a collection of 1000 songs on the stick, it would take a long time to find a particular one.

There is also lighting around the subwoofers and on the underside of the front. To choose between two modes and “lighting off”, simply press the power switch briefly. A long press shuts the Tronsmart Bang down again.

There is one button each for the SoundPulse equalizer, but while I liked this very much on all previously tested Tronsmart models, a change is noticeable here, but it was less necessary to improve the sound.

Another button enables the TuneConn connection between several Tronsmart Bang. However, as with the previous models, it is not possible to pair different models with each other, but several identical models must be paired. What a pity.

The operating instructions are very helpful for using buttons with multiple function assignments.

Tronsmart Bang sound quality test

  • Balanced sound at all volume levels
  • More bass than the smaller model
  • No problems with very low volumes, as the larger model has

Here I unpack the previously tested model variants of the Tronsmart Bang for comparison. The Tronsmart Bang SE is the smallest member of the range. It can handle low volumes very easily, but tends to sound a little thin due to the lack of a subwoofer. It’s great for listening to podcasts etc.. At the other end of the spectrum is the Tronsmart Bang Max. This is very large and loud, offers a great bass foundation and is very suitable for loud music. However, if it is used very quietly, a hiss is noticeable and it has a compressor running, which can cut off very quiet music. So it’s great for loud parties, but not ideal for use at room volume.

Tronsmart Bang Seitenansicht
The speaker’s lighting is powerful and colorful. But what’s really important is the well-balanced sound

Let’s move on to the actual Tronsmart Bang test: This speaker lies between the other two models and is actually the most balanced model. Although it is only slightly larger than the Tronsmart Bang SE, it is equipped with two subwoofer speakers and therefore delivers a much fuller sound without losing clarity. It also handles low volumes well: no hissing, no choked-off quiet music parts. And with its 60 watts of power, it can certainly get very loud, making it suitable for use as a party sound system. At high volumes, the Tronsmart Bang Max is even more powerful – but it also costs more and is much larger and heavier and cannot reproduce the quieter sounds as well.

This makes the regular Tronsmart Bang the most universal model in the range and shows its strengths at any volume. The new version tested here is said to produce even better bass than the original regular Tronsmart Bang, which may well be realistic when I hear the new model, but unfortunately I don’t have the older version here for comparison to verify this. Compared to the other models, however, it performs well. But without hi-fi ambitions.

Function of the Tronsmart app

  • Lighting control with more modes
  • Various equalizer presets or manual setting possible
  • No overview of data on SD card or USB sticks

The Tronsmart app for Android and Apple is very easy to install and all models are displayed. Once you have established a Bluetooth connection, you can access advanced setting options. Although the reviews of the app are rather mixed, it has worked technically flawlessly for every test so far, at least on my Android 9 smartphone. But with limitations; more on this later.

Since a loudspeaker is primarily about the sound, the most powerful option is probably the equalizer to adapt the sound to personal taste and the spatial conditions. Yes, different rooms can react differently to the speaker sound! There are a few presets here, such as the bass boost, but you can also make manual settings and create a custom EQ curve if you are familiar with it.

Lighting modes are also available here in an extended form. In the Tronsmart app, for example, you can select single-color continuous lighting without flashing, which does not work at the touch of a button. Last but not least, the Tronsmart Bang can also be switched off via the app without having to go to it.

One omission in my opinion is the lack of control or overview of music tracks on USB sticks or SD cards. Without this function, the use of these storage media remains more of a gimmick. You can only select which medium is to be played, but not what is to be played from this medium.

It should also be noted that the app has been automatically translated without being checked by native speakers. For example, the equalizer with optimization for “rock” music was translated as “rock”.

Processing quality

  • Very robust finish
  • Without surface coating, there is no possibility of paint damage
  • Good battery life with power bank function via USB

The casing of the Tronsmart Bang proved to be very solid in the test. The casing is made of matt black plastic, which is resistant to bending and feels good to the touch. No creaking or creaking, but clean corners without sharp edges. As with the Tronsmart Bang Max, the front grille is now made of a robust textile mesh, which also prevents scratches to the paintwork.

The cover on the back of the Tronsmart Bang protects the connections and is very thick to be really safe from moisture. Nevertheless, this cover is relatively easy to pull on and then stays on the side. So you don’t lose this cover.

The Tronsmart Bang battery life test shows that the battery here is not quite as generously dimensioned as in the Tronsmart Bang Max or – at least relatively speaking – the Bang SE. I’m guessing that the capacity is similar to the SE model, but it is more economical with 2/3 of the power consumption and the regular Tronsmart Bang therefore offers around 2/3 of the runtime, both according to the specifications and according to our test. At a humane volume, however, this is still around 15 hours, which is enough for an entire evening of partying on a full charge, even with lighting and a higher volume. A smartphone can also be connected via the USB port to charge it. This is particularly important if this is the Bluetooth source and provides the music for the evening.

The other Tronsmart Bang models I have tested so far had a longer battery life. Incidentally, when the last 10% is reached, an occasional ping alerts you that the battery is running low.

Weather resistance

  • Loss of sound when wet
  • Even heavy rain is survived without damage

One of the main points advertised for the Tronsmart Bang is its outdoor capability with weather protection. Its sister models have already scored reliably in this area, but this model was not spared from the practical test.

A note at the beginning: As soon as it starts to rain, you should make sure that the cover for the connections on the back is closed. Otherwise, the weather protection is not complete.

Tronsmart Bang im kräftigen Regen
Storm Zoltan generously supported the test with a good rainfall

So off into the rain with it: In contrast to the Tronsmart Bang Max, the water doesn’t roll off the textile fabric so nicely, but is rather absorbed. The sound also reacted a little more sensitively than previously tested Tronsmart models. The sound became a little duller relatively quickly and the bass started to crack. In short: no longer a really enjoyable sound experience. BUT: The music continued to play and the device survived the heavy rain. And the sound problems only lasted as long as the Tronsmart Bang was really wet. A quick wipe with a dry cloth solved the problems.

Nasser Tronsmart Bang im Regen steht auf einem nassen Boden
Also a little strange: the light distribution when wet

The moisture also seemed to have an effect on the light scattering, because instead of the constant scattering across the milky-white strip at the front, the LEDs shone out at certain points. This also improved over time. However, the drying process took a little longer.

Nasser Boden reflektiert Beleuchtung vom Tronsmart Bang im Regen
The Tronsmart Bang survived the test in the rain without any permanent damage

Overall, the Tronsmart survived the weather without any damage, but the sound was no longer fun in the rain. But honestly: how many parties are held in the rain? However, if it does come on or it splashes at a pool party, you can be sure that the Tronsmart Bang won’t be damaged.

A microphone?

  • Not really good recording quality
  • Phone calls are possible, but not optimal

With the Bluetooth connection, it is not only possible to listen to music, but a microphone is also built in, for example to answer phone calls or to control smartphones with a voice assistant.

Okay… if you receive a call and want to answer it, then you should be in the immediate vicinity of the Tronsmart Bang, otherwise the other party will not be able to hear you very well. According to the practical test, the intelligibility via telephone compression is a little better than in this Bluetooth recording, but it’s still not great. However, this is a problem with many Bluetooth speakers. Speakers and the recording function are virtually “forcibly” integrated.

But speaking of phones: If you are planning a party, you should make sure that you use a source for the music that is not regularly called or whose sound is disturbed by constant messages.


The Tronsmart Bang is a good Bluetooth speaker and offers a number of features: Good portability, app control, alternative audio sources, power bank function, lighting and weather protection. The sound is also balanced and can reproduce both high and low volumes well. Added to this is the reasonable price – the overall concept is right. Overall, it looks like the most balanced model in the Tronsmart portfolio and is therefore highly recommended.

However, with restrictions: Its more expensive sister model, the Tronsmart Bang Max, is much larger, but handles higher volumes even better (albeit quieter ones worse), ticks less when it rains and also has a better battery life to offer. The Tronsmart Bang SE offers better battery life, better portability thanks to the additional carrying strap and lower weight, but sounds significantly less bassy. So you have to weigh up which area of application you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for. The Tronsmart Bang is the good all-rounder; the Tronsmart Bang Max is the model for the big parties.

If you’re having trouble deciding, the medium-sized Tronsmart Bang model tested here is the safest way to go and, apart from the slightly shorter battery life, I like it the best of the Tronsmarts I’ve had in my hands so far.

Tronsmart Bang Test Gold Award

Tronsmart Bang (NEW)

Sound quality
Value for money


The new version of the Tronsmart Bang offers the most well-rounded practicality of the range and has only a few weak points.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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The Tronsmart Bang range consists of different weatherproof Bluetooth speakers. The smallest model is the Bang SE, above it is the Bang Mini, followed by the regular Bang tested here and at the top end is the Bang Max. The original version of the Tronsmart Bang has been around for a while, but now there … (Weiterlesen...)

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