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Trust GXT 960 Graphin – The ultralight eye-catcher in test

With the GXT 960 Graphin, Trust has moved into the ultra-light segment, where the Graphin really stands out. At 74 grams, it may not be among the lightest, but thanks to RGB lighting it is certainly one of the most beautiful gaming mice in honeycomb design.

Technical details

Product Trust GXT 960 Graphin Ultra-lightweight
Length x width x height 126 mm x 63 mm x 40 mm
Weight 74 g without cable (106 g total)
Sensor Optical
DPI 200 – 10.000
Keys 6 (programmable)
Max. polling rate 100 Hz
Connection USB cable (1.8 m)
Price € 14.99 *

Scope of delivery

The package really doesn’t contain much, besides the mouse itself, the warranty conditions in various languages are included. An instruction manual is not included, but in our opinion it is not needed.

Workmanship and design

The plastic housing is in noble matt black. The mouse lies well in the hand and the thumb keys are easy to reach. The honeycomb design saves a lot of weight, so the GXT 960 comes with a slim 74 gram. The Trust GXT logo printed underneath the thumb keys looks very simple and inconspicuous at this point, which we like very much. When the mouse is switched on, the RGB lighting shimmers through the honeycombs and makes it a real eye-catcher. The sensor feels very precise and thanks to the glide pads the mouse can be moved easily on the mouse pad. The braided cable makes a very valuable impression and after some pulling and bending the stubborn coils could be smoothed out.

The workmanship leaves a lot to be desired in some small areas. What is immediately noticeable is that the mouse buttons look a bit loose and can be moved minimally to the left and right. However, we didn’t experience any disadvantages. Furthermore, there was some glue left on our test object, which could be removed with some effort. In view of the price and the really excellent lighting, the workmanship is rather pushed into the background.


The overlay of the software is very clearly arranged. On the left side you find the individual keys, which can be assigned individually. For gamers, the multimedia functions or the possibility to store a key combination are probably more interesting.

On the right side you can see four tabs. The first one is the DPI setting, in which a resolution of 200 to 10,000 DPI can be set. In which DPI level you are at the moment, the mouse shows you by glowing twice in the DPI assigned color, a really nice feature, which you already know from other manufacturers.

In the second tab you can adjust the illumination. Besides effects like Rainbow Wave or Breathing you can also adjust single static colors.

In the third and fourth tab you can adjust mouse sensitivity, scrolling speed and polling rate.

All settings can be saved in any number of profiles and recalled with a single click.


The absolute recommendation for RGB-enthusiasts, what you get here for about 40 Euro is really remarkable. An ultra-light gaming mouse with unique lighting. If you can overlook the small negative spots during workmanship, you will definitely be happy with this mouse.

Trust GXT 960 Graphin

Value for money


The perfect mouse for RGB enthusiasts, but with small weaknesses in workmanship.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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