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Lian Li Uni Fan TL LED test – Performance update of the popular SL Infinity fans

Lian Li has been in the PC industry for almost 25 years and has made a name for itself in the field of cases and cooling components. Two new fans have now been introduced, although the differences between them are minimal. The TL series should either work with performance and silence, or impress with an LCD, which is mounted on the fans. In this test, we will focus on the Uni Fan TL LED, which is very similar to the Lian Li Uni Fan SL Infinity. We are curious to see what the update has to offer compared to its predecessor and whether it is also worth the price.

Technical data

Model Lian Li Uni Fan TL LED
Dimensions 124 x 120 x 28 mm
Bearing type Fluid dynamic bearing
Rotating voltage 12VDC
Revolutions 0, 200-2600 rpm
Airflow 96.1 CFM
Static pressure 3.97 mmH20
Max. Volume level 33 db(A)
Connection Daisy chain
Colors Black, White
Price € 109.38 *


  • Classic packaging
  • First look inside

Lian Li’s black and blue packaging is also retained here. Here too, a first look inside is provided directly on the front. This is accompanied by the model name and the color. On the sides, we see brief explanations of the Uni Fans’ structure and the dimensions. The back shows the contents of the packaging, the technical data and a list of the most important features. A small picture of the fan and the controller is also included.

Scope of delivery of the Lian Li Uni Fans TL LED

  • Everything included

Like their predecessors, the new Uni Fans are available as a single or three-pack. If you opt for the three-pack, you will also receive the controller for connection with L-Connect 3. We take a look at what else is included in the three-pack here:

  • 3x Uni Fan TL 120 mm
  • 1x Uni Fan Controller cable
  • 1x extension cable
  • 1x Sata power cable
  • 1x plastic cover
  • 1x fan and LED TL controller
  • 1x Magnetic adhesive pad
  • 12x fan screws

As usual, everything we need to operate the fans is included (apart from the Phillips screwdriver).

Build quality of the Lian Li Uni Fans TL LED

  • High quality workmanship
  • High weight
  • Changes to the predecessor

The first thing you notice when lifting the fans is their weight. All edges are fully rubberized to dampen vibrations. The fan blades are made of LCP and have been enlarged. Instead of seven, there are now nine. These look just as high-quality as those of the Uni Fan SL INF and should promise quiet operation. On the side, we once again have the popular Infinity Mirror, which has been very well received on the market. Lian Li has taken advantage of this and adopted the design so that it can also be used very well with existing Uni Fans, as long as the missing LEDs in the rotor blades do not interfere. This time there is no infinity effect in the center of the fan, but a copper shielding of the bearing. In terms of design, we liked the hubs of the predecessors better, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t like it.

As usual, the fans here are of the highest quality. You can tell that “premium quality” was always a priority in the development of this new series, which is also reflected in the experiences and reviews of end users.

What has changed? First of all, we noticed that the screw holes are covered with rubber. You can pull them out with your fingernail and put them back in again. Another change is the RGB arrangements. With the SL INF fans, there was a small gap between the lights between two connected fans. Here it is now an almost uninterrupted line, both on the fan side and on the side. This makes a big difference in terms of design. It looks much tidier and quasi “bigger” because it now looks almost like a single component. Otherwise, there are no major visual differences.

The Uni Fans TL with rainbow effect. The smooth transitions to the next fan are very impressive!

RBB lighting of the Lian Li Uni Fans TL LED

  • L-Connect 3
  • Optimized flow transition

As usual, the fans can be adapted to the current Lian Li models via L-Connect 3. There are plenty of RGB effects available here, from the classic “Rainbow” to “Meteor”. The individual lighting units can also be configured individually here, so that you can try out and enjoy a wide variety of combinations. A total of 26 LEDs per fan ensure flowing effects. The brightness and speed of the individual programs can also be adjusted in the software. We find it a pity that the effects we preset are only activated after starting the software, so that the factory-set effects run first.

Performance of the Lian Li Uni Fans TL LED

  • Strong cooling performance
  • Quiet operation

The new TL series from Lian Li is said to be more powerful and quieter than its predecessor. We tested this by first installing three SL Infinity fans on a Lian Li Galahad II Trinity AiO and running Prime95 for 15 minutes under full CPU load. Then we did the same with the Uni Fans TL. The test configuration looks like this:

Results were as follows:

Lian Li SL INF Lian Li TL
50% fan speed (100% CPU utilization) 55° 53°
100% fan speed(100% CPU utilization) 50° 49°
50% fan speed (idle) 22° 21°
100% fan speed (idle) 20° 20°

The new TL series from Lian Li just managed to outperform the SL INF. The difference was already noticeable in terms of noise development. The TL series was really convincing here, even if you can still hear enough of it at 100% fan speed. We rate this point slightly higher than the better cooling performance.

Conclusion on Lian Li Uni Fans TL LED

With the Uni Fan series, Lian Li has used daisy chaining to ensure that significantly fewer cables are required to operate multiple fans. The TL series offers either improved performance or a small LCD display in the center of the fan. The performance scores particularly well in terms of noise, which has been reduced once again compared to its predecessors (which already offered excellent performance). The cooling performance has also improved somewhat, but not too much. The design of the RGB lighting units has been made even more visually appealing. The transitions between the fans mounted next to each other are barely noticeable, creating a flowing effect.

Lian Li Uni Fan TL LED

Value for money


Solid fans with an extremely attractive design. The daisy chain method also ensures cable savings. If you want quiet and powerful, this series is for you!

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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