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Seasonic Connect – Really the “one clean solution”?

Who does not know the problem? You have just finished setting up your PC or connected another hard disk and now you have to reattach the rear panel. If only there weren’t the many cables that you first have to squeeze together to finally screw in the screws. If this happens to you every time, the Seasonic Connect might be just right for you. With the two-part power supply concept, a part of the power electronics is separated from the actual power supply, which should make cable routing much easier. Whether Seasonic has achieved this, we have tested for you.

Scope of delivery

Besides the power supply and the Connect, all things needed for mounting, like screws and magnets, are included. Altogether, besides the mainboard cable, there are also two CPU cables with two times four pins each, as well as four PCIe cables with eight or six pins each. To connect further components, there are three SATA cables with once four plugs and twice two plugs, as well as a Molex cable with three plugs and Molex-to-SATA adapter, so that a lot of peripherals can also be supplied with power. In addition, a power supply tester is also included in the scope of delivery, with which you can test the power supply right at the beginning.

scope of delivery

However, this does not yet cover the scope of delivery, since for optimized cable management, twelve cable ties and five Velcro cable ties are also included. This allows the cables to be easily grouped together. If you want to show what works in your PC, you can also use the badge for the case. Last but not least, six magnets as well as twelve anti-slip pads are included, with which the Connect can be placed in the case.

Technical details

Unfortunately, we can’t test the technical data of the power supply itself and therefore can’t evaluate it, but Seasonic is not one of the most popular power supply manufacturers for nothing.

Name SSR-750FA
80PLUS gold
Power supply dimensions 140 mm (L) x 150 mm (W) x 86 mm (H)
Connect dimensions 65 mm (L) x 21 mm (W) x 330 mm (H)
Fan 135 mm
Modularity full modular
Power output 750 W

The installation

Before starting the installation, the power supply unit can be checked for function with the supplied power supply unit tester. For this purpose the Connect is connected to the power supply unit. Then the power cable for the mainboard is plugged into the Connect and the power supply tester is plugged on the actual mainboard side. Thereby the power circuits are closed suitably. If you now connect the power supply to the power socket and switch it on, the Seasonic lettering should glow blue during normal operation. This way you can make sure that the function is working properly before the first installation without much effort.

In our test we use the Crystal 680X case from Corsair, which is equipped with two chambers and actually offers enough space for cable management. However, since not only the standard components are built in, but also a total of eight RGB housing fans, which each require a cable for both the fan control and the RGB control, as well as four RGB LED strips, which also want to be connected, things are getting tight here as well. Although Corsair offers RGB control in the case, the connections are far from sufficient, so that in addition to an additional fan controller, a total of three LED controllers must be integrated. So some cables fly through the case and although a fully modular power supply is already installed, there is no sign of good cable management.

Corsair 680X

So get up on the table and get in with the Seasonic Connect One Clean Solution. After the removal of the old power supply has already cost some nerves when untangling the cables, the Connect starts with questions. Where exactly can the Connect really be attached. The attempt to leave the factory glued RGB control in place did not work, but this opens up further possibilities later on. The Connect is simply attached with the magnets via the mainboard cutout and is immediately fixed. The actual power supply can then be easily connected to the Connect and mounted in the case.

With the subsequent wiring of the mainboard, CPU and graphics card, we notice that Seasonic has really thought in detail about the positioning of the connectors. The connectors are not only simply placed on the right side, but also at the right height, so that the cabling can be done by anyone who can plug in a connector. And yes, the plugs themselves are built so that you can’t mix them up or plug them in the wrong way. Well, even though the cable management looks so much “clean”, we’re not through yet.

Now we have to find a way to connect the fans to the controllers for speed and color and supply these controllers with power. The only problem here was the length of the fan cables, in combination with the placement. After some back and forth, the fans are connected and now we have to provide the power supply. Again, there is a direct connection on the “CPU connector side”, which allows us to connect the hard disk and several controllers. And because it just looks better, we used a second cable and connected it on the opposite side of the connector to supply power to the last controller as well.

Especially in comparison to before we can state the following:

  1. Think about how many RGB fans and RGB strips you want to have and
  2. there is no easier way to organize your cable management than with the Seasonic Connect. However, there are a few things you have to consider.

The disadvantages

The attentive reader has already discovered two different housing examples at the very top of the first page. One is the Inter-tech X908 Infini2 and the used Corsair 680X. The reason is very simple: The Seasonic Connect itself has a height of 21 mm and requires at least 28 millimeters in depth. This means that you have to have this space available at least behind the mainboard tray. Unfortunately the first case did not have this space.

Inter-tech X908 Infini2

It is also important to be able to accommodate the 65 millimeter width in your case. Although the magnets make it very flexible, the length of the cable between the power supply unit and the connector must be taken into account. Here, if necessary, the space that is already occupied by a pre-installed fan controller must be used.

Another drawback is that the included cables are not sleeved and therefore more vulnerable to damage and less attractive. Also it would have been nice if you could plug the CPU connectors together. Depending on the configuration you have to remove a radiator or CPU cooler or it gets a bit fiddly.


Let’s summarize everything in conclusion: With the Seasonic Connect One Clean Solution, Seasonic has introduced a new type of power supply concept and really hit the mark. Hardly anything is as simple as cable management with this solution. You get a really well thought-out arrangement of the cable connectors in combination with sufficient variety, even with high-end PCs. The modularity here is more than just optimal, even if you are somewhat limited by 750 watts. Especially with the new graphics card generation from Nvidia. For most PCs, however, the performance is completely sufficient.


Only the case itself could be a problem, because of the dimensions of the connector. Not every case offers the required 28 millimeters behind the mainboard tray, so that you either already have the right case or have to buy an additional one. Nevertheless, the Seasonic Connect is really a clean solution for cable management and whoever has the space should definitely consider whether such an upgrade makes sense.

Seasonic Connect One Clean Solution

Scope of delivery


The Seasonic Connect is really a clean and above all a well thought-out solution for cable management, as long as you use the right case.

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