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SilentiumPC Navis F240 – Plain AiO water cooling that knows how to convince

SilentiumPC is a PC hardware manufacturer that was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2007. The company’s main focus in the development of their products is on the most affordable, yet well-equipped components with a solid build quality. The focus is mainly on cases and cooling products such as CPU coolers, fans and AiO water cooling systems.

In April, the manufacturer unveiled a new AiO water cooler called Navis F240. As it can be guessed, the watercooling features a 240 radiator. Like many other products from SilentiumPC, this cooling solution has been developed in cooperation with company Synergy Cooling. The main features include the modified pump block design, the powerful as well as durable fans and a strong but adjustable pump. In addition, the mounting system offers high compatibility with all current sockets. Optionally, SilentiumPC also offers a version with ARGB fans.

Price-wise, the Navis F240 in the version without ARGB ranks at Price not available *. The variant with the ARGB fans currently retails for € 107.90 *. Find out if the SilentiumPC Navis F240 can hold its own against the multitude of competitors in this price range in this review.

SilentiumPC Navis F240: Technical Details

Cooler Specifications

Dimensions (with fan) 275 x 120 x 54 mm (W x H x D)
Weight (with fan) 1135 g
Material Copper (radiator bottom), aluminum (fins)
Cooling capacity.
Compatibility AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2
Compatibility Intel 115x, 1700, 2011,2011-3, 2066 (Square-ILM)
Price Price not available *
Pump with ceramic bearings, sleeved and swivel hoses

Fan Specifications

Fan name SilentiumPC Fluctus 120 PWM
Dimensions 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm
Weight 134 g
Speed 300 – 1800 rpm
Volume N/A
Supply volume N/A
Air pressure
Special features Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)

Pump Specifications

Dimensions 90 x 48.5 x 95 mm (W x H x D)
Pump rotation speed 1600 – 2600 rpm
Bottom plate
Hose length 300 mm
Tube diameter
Special features Ceramic bearings

Packaging & Scope of delivery

The SilentiumPC Navis F240 comes in a large cardboard box, designed in the typical colors of the manufacturer. Thus, the packaging is predominantly white and printed with light blue and black accents. Besides some product pictures and a listing of the key features, the packaging also contains all the technical specifications of the AiO water cooler. All information is written in English only.

Unpacking the contents of the box, we find the radiator-pump combination with pre-assembled fans placed in a simple block on cardboard. In addition, the radiator and pump have been wrapped in a plastic film to prevent scratches on the painted components. In a small bag you can also find all the mounting accessories (screws, backplate, spacers, brackets, thermal paste) as well as the assembly instructions. This describes all assembly steps with pictures and text.

Design & Workmanship

Regardless of the variant, the radiator, hoses and the pump block are kept visually very simple. Thus, the manufacturer, in favor of a lower price, does without all RGB effects or digital displays. This also applies to the version with ARGB fans. The radiator, which is made of aluminum, is completely painted black and 29 millimeters thick. This value is slightly above the average of many commercially available compact water cooling systems.

The water hoses are about 360 millimeters long, encased in a fine black sleeve, and end at the pump block at two movable joints. Their mobility allows both the pump block and the radiator to be placed in different positions in the case. Compared to other solutions, however, the mobility is quite limited here. The connection between the hose and the radiator or pump is secured by simple heat shrink tubing or wire coils.

The pump block itself is encased in a black plastic and is also plain in design. Only the manufacturer’s logo is printed on the top. In addition, the pump cover is made of brushed aluminum and to enhance the general look. The pump with ceramic bearings built into the block rotates with a maximum of 2600 rpm, is supplied with power via a SATA connector and connected to the motherboard via a 4-pin PWM connector. Heat is transferred from the CPU’s heatspreader to the pump block via a large copper plate.

The included Fluctus PWM fans are made of black plastic and have a speed range between 300 and 1800 rpm. The fans are connected to the motherboard via a 4-pin header. The accessories also include a PWM splitter, which can be used to connect both fans to a motherboard header. Furthermore, the fans have small rubber buffers at the corners, which should prevent the transmission of vibrations.

SilentiumPC Navis F240 assembly

For the review, we use a test system in an open case. This allows us to exclude interference factors such as heat buildup in the case. The test system consists of the following components:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Gigabyte B450 Aorus M
  • G.Skill Aegis 32GB DDR4-3200
  • Corsair MP510 1TB
  • Gainward Phoenix GS RTX 260 SUPER 8GB
  • be quiet! system power 9 500W

The compact water cooling system comes with a detailed installation manual. In this manual, all the main installation steps are explained well and understandably with text and pictures. Therefore, the installation of the water cooling on our test system with AM4 socket was done quickly. First, the radiator including the fans had to be connected to the case. Since the CPU block also only has a fixed mounting frame for all sockets, it does not have to be prepared further.

With an AMD socket, only the front mounting brackets of the retention module have to be removed on the motherboard’s front. The actual backplate remains behind the motherboard and is then equipped with four long spacers on the front. After applying an appropriate amount of thermal paste and removing the protective film, the CPU block can be placed on the stand-offs. The subsequent locking is done via four black thumbscrews or four silver springs to regulate the contact pressure.

The mounting of the cooler was done quickly. The mounting system is solid and well thought out. Due to the metal backplate and the spring-loaded nuts, the construction holds bombproof without the risk of too much contact pressure at the same time. However, screwing the spacers into the backplate was a bit tricky. However, the small open-end wrench from the scope of delivery was able to remedy this. Finally, a few pictures of the finished test system.

Loudness and cooling performance

As pointed out in the previous chapter, we use an AM4 system based on the Ryzen 5 2600 and the Gigabyte B450 Aorus M as our test hardware.

To heat up the processor, it was loaded with Prime95 (Maximum Heat) for 15 minutes. The CPU’s temperature was then read out with the CPUID Hardware Monitor. This test was performed in four different scenarios. The values were then compared with those of the AMD boxed cooler (Wraith Stealth). During the measurements, the room had a temperature of 24°C.

Cooler Operating scenario RPM temperature
AMD Wraith Stealth 50% PWM 1600 rpm 70.5 °C
AMD Wraith Stealth 100% PWM 3000 rpm 72.6 °C
SilentiumPC Navis F240 Fan 50% PWM
Pump 50% PWM
Fan 1200 rpm
Pump 1600 rpm
45.4 °C
SilentiumPC Navis F240 Fan 50% PWM
Pump 100% PWM
Fan 1200 rpm
Pump 2600 rpm
45.0 °C
SilentiumPC Navis F240 Fan 100% PWM
Pump 50% PWM
Fan 2000 rpm
Pump 1600 rpm
42.6 °C
SilentiumPC Navis F240 Fan 100% PWM
Pump 100% PWM
Fan 2000 rpm
Pump 2600 rpm
42.0 °C

Basically, it’s no surprise that the Navis F240 beats the boxed cooler by worlds. If that were not the case, then there would probably be an assembly error or a defect in the product. In general, however, the AiO water cooler does very well with our 65W CPU and remains pleasantly quiet. Due to the low minimum speed of the fans, they can be turned down almost inaudibly when idling. The pump emits a slight humming noise at full speed, which is hardly audible in a closed case. Furthermore, the measurements show that, at least with our CPU, a reduction of the pump speed only has a fairly minor impact on its temperatures. Overall, however, the performance of the Navis F240 offers enough room for stronger processors or corresponding overclocking.

Summary on the SilentiumPC Navis F240

Now let’s get to the conclusion of this review. With the Navis F240, SilentiumPC has come up with an interesting AiO water cooling system. The Navis F240 is cleanly manufactured, comes optionally with or without RGB, offers a very good mounting system and can also convince with an excellent cooling performance. At the same time, the Navis F240 is very quiet when the pump and fan are regulated a bit. The overall result is rounded off by a simple and timeless look, with which the SilentiumPC Navis F240 should fit almost every system.

One of the few negative points in our eyes is the fixed mounting frame on the pump block. Should something break here, then theoretically the entire AiO water cooling system has to be replaced. Furthermore, it doesn’t look quite as appealing when the mounting points for the other sockets are still visible after installation. It is also a bit of a shame that the joints on the CPU block cannot be bent very far. This reduces the compatibility for compact SFF systems.

Finally, there is the price. At Price not available *, the Navis F240 is a bit more expensive than the very popular and very good Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240. Other 240 watercoolers that rely on a standard design from Asetek already start at €20 less. Products from NZXT or Corsair, on the other hand, cost up to €30 more. In general, the SilentiumPC Navis F240 is right in between. In relation to the mentioned advantages and disadvantages, the price seems reasonable to us.

Overall, the SilentiumPC Navis F240 is a good water cooler that doesn’t need to hide from the competition.

SilentiumPC Navis F240

Value for money


The SilentiumPC Navis F240 can convince with a good performance at a low noise level as well as a very good workmanship and an excellent assembly.

SilentiumPC Navis F240
This product is currently unavailable.

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