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Toshiba N300: NAS HDD with 6 TB Reviewed

Even though SSDs are becoming increasingly popular, HDDs are still indispensable. As data graves they take up our huge amounts of data, which accumulate nowadays. But more and more often they are not installed in our PCs, but in NAS servers. These have become affordable in the consumer sector in recent years and allow access to their own files from any device in the network, sometimes even mobile via the Internet. In order for access to be possible throughout, the hard disks must meet certain requirements. Otherwise the fun is only of short duration. With the N300 NAS-HDD, Toshiba offers exactly such a model, especially for use in NAS servers. The N300 series is available with 4, 6 or 8 TB. We have the Toshiba N300 NAS-HDD with 6 TB in our test.

It should be noted that the NAS-HDD is only conditionally suitable for use in PCs. It is approved for continuous operation and can be used for everything. However, it is relatively loud, louder than conventional 7,200 rpm hard disks. In addition it has a strong heat development, which does not become however by the intelligent temperature control a problem. However, good ventilation of the NAS enclosure is advantageous to prevent automatic shutdown to protect the NAS-HDD.

Technical Details

Model Toshiba N300 6 TB
Storage capacity nominally 6000 GB
Interface S-ATA 6 Gbit/s
Spindle speed 7200 rpm
Cache 128 MB
Form factor 3.5 inch
work load 180 TB / year
Noise emission 33 dB(a) Idle / 35 dB(a) Load
Dimensions 26 x 147 x 101.6 mm
Weight 770 grams
Special features Vibration sensors
overheating protection
suitable for continuous operation
Guarantee 3 years
Price Product


If you click on the respective benchmarks, they will open in a larger view.

HD Tune Pro 5.50

CrystalDiskMark (read)

CrystalDiskMark (write)

ATTO Disk Benchmark (write)

ATTO Disk Benchmark (read)


The Toshiba N300 NAS hard drive offers good transfer performance for both writing and reading. The promised 210 MB/s are slightly exceeded. Even with random accesses and small files, the hard disk convinces with comparatively high transfer rates. The Toshiba N300 is ideal for use in a NAS server with its overheat and vibration protection, as well as its release for continuous operation. However, due to the volume of the hard disk, this should rather be placed separately. With a 3-year warranty and an annual write performance of 180 TB, any amount of data can be stored on the NAS-HDD. Overall, there is therefore a recommendation for use in the NAS, but not in the PC.

Toshiba N300 6 TB

Power Consumption
Value for Money

Ideal for NAS servers

The Toshiba N300 delivers a comprehensive feature set and delivers more than promised. Only the heat development and the volume are out of line.

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