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Toshiba X300 5 TB Internal SATA Hard Drive in Review

With the Toshiba X300, Toshiba offers a powerful SATA hard drive with up to 6 TB of storage capacity. The models are available with 4 TB, 5 TB or 6 TB. We looked at the middle model, with 5 TB.


The Toshiba X300 has a rotational speed of 7,200 rpm. This gives them a speed advantage over the slower, but also quieter and more energy-efficient models.

With its large 128 MB cache, the Toshiba X300 can achieve a high speed for an HDD. Unfortunately, the hard disk is quite loud compared to other 7,200 RPM HDDs.

HD Tune Pro 5.50

CrystalDiskMark (read)

CrystalDiskMark (write)

ATTO Disk Benchmark (write)

ATTO Disk Benchmark (read)


The Toshiba X300 is suitable as a data storage device because it offers a very reasonable price of currently (08.04.2017) 30.20 euros per terabyte.

In addition, the X300 5 TB scores with lower power consumption. Unfortunately, however, it is quite loud and there are certainly HDD hard disks that can transfer a few megabytes more per second. If that doesn’t bother you, the Tosbiha X300 series provides you with a solid hard drive for your data collection.

Toshiba X300 5 TB

Noise Level
Power Consumption
Value for Money


The Toshiba X300 is affordable and needs little power. However, it is also noisy and slower than the competition. It is therefore perfect as a data grave.

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