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Xilence XPF120.ARGB test – The entry-level class of RGB fans

Xilence is the cheaper brand of Listan GmbH, to which be quiet! also belongs, for example. Here you can find PC components from many areas, such as air and water coolers, power supply units, housings and fans. This inexpensive brand is also divided into different classes. Where the cheapest class comes with the label “Performance C”, and the highest class is labeled “Performance X”, the fan in the Xilence XPF120.ARGB test is in the brand’s “Performance A” middle class. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from this entry-level RGB fan class.


Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Speed 500 – 1500 RPM
Cable length 40 cm
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Weight approx. 130 g
Volume flow 119 m³/h
Warranty period 2 years
Price € 8.77 * (black)
€ 8.26 * (white)

Packaging and scope of delivery

  • Packaging design is not overloaded
  • Box is small and not padded
  • Case screws and radiator screws included in the scope of delivery

The packaging of the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is cleanly designed and not too overloaded. A black frame with a white area for labeling forms the basic framework for the packaging design. The fan is indicated on the front in a drawing style and the specifications are summarized on the back.

Ultimately, this box is very compact and unpadded, so that the fan may get a little stuck when it is pulled out. Apart from this, there is also a bag of fan screws in the scope of delivery. Interestingly, not only the usual case fan screws can be found here. Black chrome-plated radiator screws are also included, which can also be used in the front of some cases.

With these additional screws, the small scope of delivery is still larger than expected in this price range.


  • Simple RGB design
  • Eye-catching Xilence logo
  • Unspectacularly labeled back

The Xilence XPF120.ARGB – here in the black version – are kept quite simple. A matt black frame without any eye-catching details is combined with milky white fan blades that are able to diffuse the light from the LEDs in the middle of the fan. The fan blades can therefore be RGB illuminated. A sticker with the Xilence logo, the silver cross, sits in the middle of the front.

The rear of the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is also kept quite stress-free. The middle area is labeled, as with most fans, so that this 120 mm fan does not offer any design splendor from behind. However, the fan blades also diffuse the light to the rear, so that the lighting can also be seen in this direction.

On the positive side: The LEDs do not shine annoyingly out to the sides – not even from the critical viewing angle from diagonally behind. Even significantly more expensive fans, such as the Noiseblocker NB-eLoop X, have more problems with this.


  • Simple frame design
  • Fan blades are well made, but the distance to the frame is quite large
  • Long, thin cables

Joa, the workmanship of the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is unspectacular. The frame looks generic and has almost no special features. Only the rubber contact surfaces give the frame a touch of quality. It has to be said that the frame is reasonably torsion-resistant – another plus point. The fan blades also appear clean in terms of workmanship and have no unclean edges or burrs. However, the logo on the Xilence XPF120.ARGB in the test is not completely centered in the middle of the fan, but wobbles around a little when you turn the fan.

In addition, the fan blades keep a fairly large distance from the frame, which reduces problems caused by wear or manufacturing tolerances, but will cost a little performance. This is because built-up pressure could escape at the sides or there is simply less surface area to generate pressure.

The distance between the fan blades and the frame is not huge, but certainly relevant.

The cables are quite well dimensioned with a length of 40 cm, but do not have a sheathing. Although this is at the expense of robustness, it offers advantages in terms of simple and inconspicuous routing, as the cables can be tied closer together or hidden.

All in all, a very unspectacular finish, but one that won’t cause any problems in practical use.

Xilence XPF120.ARGB performance test

  • Test as case fan, radiator fan and on the air cooler
  • Explanation of the test setups

Fans can usually be used in three scenarios to move air: as case fans, on water cooling radiators or on air coolers. Even though the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is advertised as a case fan according to the packaging, we test it in each of the three areas.

The particularly thick radiator of an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 AIO is used, which cools an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and is loaded with Cinebench R23.

Durchlauf in Cinebench R23
The processor cooler is heated up by a high load in Cinebench R23 until the temperature is measured after 10 minutes

The case for the case fan test is the DeepCool CH510 Mesh Digital and all other fans, i.e. those on the CPU cooler and in the graphics card, are set to a constant speed. This prevents automatic functions from influencing the result. A 3DMark stress test is run as a load.

The DeepCool AK400 is used as the air cooler, which cools an AMD Ryzen 5 3600X. Cinebench is also used for the load here.

The temperatures are measured after approx. 10 minutes when temperature saturation is reached and nothing more happens.

Use as a radiator fan

  • Mediocre performance
  • Cheaper than comparably strong competition

The Xilence XPF120.ARGB initially shows a strong performance on the radiator in the test. At a uniform 1100 RPM, it is one of the top performers in terms of performance – impressive for the price! Unfortunately, the noise level is not quite as impressive, as the fans are already clearly audible at this speed.

If you now set all fans to a uniformly low volume at the audible limit, you have to let the Xilence XPF120.ARGB rotate significantly slower, which means that some other fans will pass you by. Accordingly, the fans only end up in the midfield, but still in illustrious company, such as the Noctua NF-P12 redux, the far more expensive Thermaltake SWAFAN EX12 RGB and the Arctic F12.

The Xilence XPF120.ARGB doesn’t stand out at maximum performance either: the performance is okay, but they are not top performers due to the low maximum speed. On the other hand, they are not silent fans and many other fans achieve a lower noise level at a similar performance or more performance at the same noise level.

If you have an AIO with annoyingly loud fans, you can definitely get decent fans with a decent price-performance ratio and acceptable noise levels. But overall, they are not outstanding fans.

Performance as a case fan

  • Not overly high maximum performance
  • Performance of the lower middle class

In a test with a uniform 1100 RPM, the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is in the lower mid-range in terms of performance. So there are certainly some more efficient fans, but if you consider the RGB lighting and the price point, even mediocre performance is not necessarily a problem.

To be honest, it has to be said that the Xilence XPF120.ARGB doesn’t fare any better in the standardized volume test: It continues to be in the lower midfield, where, however, many fans are relatively close to each other. It’s just that the reduced speed to achieve the low noise level noticeably nibbles away at the performance.

Lila leuchtender Xilence XPF120.ARGB 120mm Lüfter
Thanks to the lighting and the low price, the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is also suitable for a fully-equipped case

If you give the fans free rein and let them run at maximum speed, the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is clearly audible. These fans show a below-average performance, but are not weak.

Xilence XPF120.ARGB test on the air cooler

  • There are also better replacement fans for air coolers for the price
  • Sufficient performance, but not very impressive

The test runs better on the air cooler – here the Xilence XPF120.ARGB is in the solid midfield of the 120 mm fans at a uniform 1100 RPM. If you look at which fans are in a similar performance range, it seems all the more impressive, as the Noctua NF-P12 redux or the Corsair SP120 Elite can be found here, for example.

If you now take the volume as a reference and operate all fans at the audible limit, the Xilence XPF120.ARGB drops a little and ends up in the lower mid-range again. It offers comparable performance to the be quiet! Pure Wings 2 (without RGB), the Inter-Tech Argus RS-06 (inexpensive with RGB) or the DeepCool MF120GT (more expensive with RGB). However, the similarly priced Sharkoon SilentStorm 120 RGB and the Arctic P12 PWM PST ARGB offer noticeably better performance on the air cooler at a lower noise level.

If the volume doesn’t matter, however, the Xilence XPF120.ARGB overtakes the Sharkoon in terms of performance at full speed and ends up at about the same performance level as the Arctic fans. However, the Xilence fans are definitely louder.

If you are looking for a removable fan for your air cooler, I would therefore recommend one of the other two models if you don’t want it to be too loud or too expensive.


Overall, the Xilence XPF120.ARGB fans are not impressive in terms of performance. But overall, they are perfectly fine and can be combined well with many other RGB fans with illuminated fan blades, for example, to ensure that a fully equipped case does not cost a fortune. Which brings us to the most important point: the low price.

There are only a few competitors in this low price range and the performance is by no means a disaster.

Are the Xilence XPF120.ARGB fans recommendable? There are certainly better fans, but for the price and the lighting with standard ARGB connector, you can definitely equip a budget system.

Xilence XPF120.ARGB

Noise level
Value for money


The Xilence XPF120.ARGB offers acceptable performance and RGB lighting at a low price.

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Xilence is the cheaper brand of Listan GmbH, to which be quiet! also belongs, for example. Here you can find PC components from many areas, such as air and water coolers, power supply units, housings and fans. This inexpensive brand is also divided into different classes. Where the cheapest class comes with the label „Performance C“, and the highest class is labeled „Performance X“, the fan in the Xilence XPF120.ARGB test is in the brand’s „Performance A“ middle class. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from this entry-level RGB fan class. Specifications Dimensions 120 x 120 … (Weiterlesen...)

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