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AGM Pad P2 test: You can get this much tablet for under 200 euros

AGM regularly proves that good technology doesn’t have to be expensive. In the AGM Pad P2 test, we take a look at the manufacturer’s latest tablet. In view of its promising technical data, this one also appears to be a real price-performance hit.

Technical data

Display 10.95-inch IPS LCD display, 2K resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels, 213 ppi), brightness: 500 cd/m², refresh rate: 90 Hz
Processor MediaTek Helio G99
Camera Main camera: 50 MP camera with LED flash and autofocus
Front camera: 8 MP camera
Communication WiFi 5 (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz), Bluetooth 5.2, LTE (4G)
Speakers 4 speakers (stereo)
Memory 8GB RAM 256 flash memory (max. 2 TB with microSD)
Battery 7.850 mAh
Dimensions and weight 17 x 25.8 x 0.8 cm at 470 g
Operating system Android 14
Price In a bundle with protective cover: € 199.99 *

Scope of delivery

agm pad p2 test

AGM Pad P2 test: design and workmanship

AGM does not make any false experiments when it comes to looks. Instead, the manufacturer has opted for a classic tablet design that differs little or not at all from the mid-range competition. The material mix of glass and metal feels very good and gives the device a high-quality impression. The slim design underlines the low weight of 470 grams.

agm pad p2 test

On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that this is not a flagship device like an iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab S. This is noticeable, for example, in the edges of the screen. These are quite thick, which makes the tablet look a little old-fashioned. However, the price should not be ignored here.

agm pad p2 test

There is a front camera in the display frame, which should enable occasional selfies and video calls. There is also a 3.5 mm jack connection on the bottom right-hand corner. Why AGM opted for a port that runs diagonally to the side is not entirely clear to me. There are also two speakers, the USB-C charging port and the SIM card slot at the bottom.

agm pad p2 test

On the opposite side, there are two more speakers and the on/off button. The volume rocker is located on the right-hand side. Both buttons have very good pressure resistance. If you turn the device over, you can see the main camera and the associated LED flash.

agm pad p2 test

These cause the tablet to tilt heavily on a flat surface. To remedy this, you should therefore use a cover. Fortunately, AGM sent us one for the test. I personally didn’t notice any flaws in the build quality.

agm pad p2 test

The AGM Pad P2 even appears to be surprisingly robust. The manufacturer can boast certification in accordance with the IP68 standard. This shows the experience that AGM has gained in the field of outdoor smartphones.

AGM Pad P2 test: Pretty display

The screen has a 2K resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels). With a size of 11 inches, this results in a solid pixel density of 213 ppi. AGM certainly doesn’t play in the upper class, but I don’t expect it to. In practice, the screen scores with quite good image reproduction. I particularly liked the natural colors.

Only in bright sunlight does the device have a weak point. With a maximum screen brightness of 500 cd/m², the display cannot withstand much direct sunlight, which is why visibility is limited. Anyone who likes to use their tablet outdoors a lot should keep this in mind. However, it should be said that you will have to dig deeper into your pockets if you need more brightness.

agm pad p2 test

The Pad P2 also offers a refresh rate of 90 Hz. This pays off with fast moving images. These do not suffer from any distortions and are displayed in a pleasingly crisp manner. All in all, the screen leaves a good impression on me. Only a little more brightness would have been nice. However, this is an absolute rarity in this price range.

AGM Pad P2 test: solid technology

One thing should be said up front: The AGM Pad P2 is of course no miracle of computing power. Nevertheless, the performance of the inexpensive tablet is quite impressive. At its heart is a Helio G99 from MediaTek. The SoC is supported by 8 GB of RAM. As a user, you have 256 GB of internal memory at your disposal.

If that’s not enough, you can use a microSD card for up to 2 TB of storage. In my benchmark tests, the tablet scored with quite presentable results. The P2 scored a total of 9,414 points in PCmark Work 3.0, 1,185 points in 3DMark Wild Life and 737 points (single core) and 2,049 points (dual core) in Geekbench 6.

And how does this manifest itself in practice? With a pleasantly smooth operation. Whether multitasking, fast app switching or “simple” mobile games. In most cases, everything ran quite smoothly. Of course, you have to put up with the occasional stutter. There was more pronounced stuttering in demanding games. But this is standard in the mid-range.

The Pad 2 has a total of four speakers so that you can enjoy a good soundtrack when watching movies, series and playing games. However, you shouldn’t expect any sound miracles from these. So it’s best to use the jack connection for your headphones. For wireless connections, the AGM Pad P2 offers Bluetooth 5.2 as well as WiFi 5. 4G standard mobile communications are possible.

AGM Pad P2 test: camera only satisfactory

The main camera on the back only appears to have two lenses at first glance. Instead, the second circular element is the LED flash. According to the data sheet, the camera offers an impressive 50 megapixels.

That may sound good at first, but the AGM Pad P2 is a living example of the fact that the megapixel count isn’t everything. You get quite blurred and low-detail results in the pictures, which unfortunately also don’t have any respectable colors to offer.

However, if you don’t set great store by high-quality images, this certainly won’t bother you. After all, taking functional photos is no problem here. The front camera literally leaves a similar impression.

However, this is always sufficient for the occasional selfie. If you want to shoot a video from time to time, you can do so with the AGM Pad P2 with a maximum resolution of 1,080p at 30 frames per second.

AGM Pad P2 test: Battery life

The Pad P2 also performs solidly when it comes to the battery. This means that the mid-range tablet is by no means a marathon runner, but you won’t have to charge it more than once a day. If you use the device normally and not too intensively, you can easily squeeze two days of battery life out of the 7,850 mAh battery.

Sooner or later, however, the battery will definitely run out. Then you have to charge the battery again via the USB-C charging port. A maximum of 18 watts is possible here. Of course, that’s anything but fast. But that is simply a compromise that you have to make in this price range.

The predecessor in the test: AGM PAD P1 test – water and dust no problem?


If you are looking for an inexpensive tablet, the AGM Pad P2 is definitely worth a look. This is because the device is really good in many respects. On the one hand, there is the good workmanship and choice of materials. Secondly, the display really impressed me at this price. IP68 certification ensures durability, while a reliable CPU from MediaTek ensures good performance.

agm pad p2 test

However, given the price of well under 200 euros, you will of course have to make compromises. The camera in particular makes it clear that this is an inexpensive mid-range device. In addition, the charging speed is naturally quite slow given the maximum power of just 18 watts. If that doesn’t bother you, you’re getting a real value-for-money winner here.

agm pad p2 test

AGM Pad P2

Design and workmanship
Value for money


The AGM Pad P2 has weaknesses, but makes up for them with a great price-performance ratio.

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AGM regularly proves that good technology doesn’t have to be expensive. In the AGM Pad P2 test, we take a look at the manufacturer’s latest tablet. In view of its promising technical data, this one also appears to be a real price-performance hit. Technical data Display 10.95-inch IPS LCD display, 2K resolution (1,920 x 1,200 … (Weiterlesen...)

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