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Akko Horizon 5087B Plus Test: The insider tip among keyboards?

The PC peripheral manufacturer Akko has added the Horizon 5087B Plus to its mechanical keyboard portfolio this year. Last year we already tested the Akko Black & Gold 3068B Plus in the 65% layout, so reason enough to take a closer look at Akko’s new keyboard this time as well.

Technical data

Keyboard type TKL – Tenkeyless
Key switch type Akko CS Jelly Black
Switch Technology Mechanical
Key cap profile Cherry
Materials PBT keycaps + ABS frame
Connection options
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Wireless: 2.4 GHz USB dongle
  • Cable: USB Type-C
Cable length 150 cm
Software Akko Cloud Driver
Dimension 360 x 132 x 40 mm
Weight approx. 860 g
Color Blue
Price € 116.99 *

Scope of delivery

  • Additional keycaps for modding included
  • A dust cover can also be found in the box

In addition to the Akko Horizon 5087B Plus itself, the box includes a 1.5-meter USB-C cable for connecting to a PC, as well as a 2.4 GHz dongle for wireless use. Additional keycaps, a keycap puller, a switch puller and the manual can also be found in the box. Cool addition: Since the mechanical keyboard is hidden behind a sleeve, you don’t have to throw it away as packaging material as usual, but can ideally use it as a dust cover to put it over.

Optics & Workmanship

  • Lightweight and compact keyboard
  • Up to three Bluetooth devices can be paired and changed via shortcut
  • Many PC functions usable via FN key

Looking at the appearance, the Akko Horizon 5087B Plus is roughly similar to the Keychron K8 mechanical keyboard. Weight-wise, our 5087B Plus settles at around 860 grams. Due to the compact 80% layout, we are missing the numpad at this point, but this makes the keyboard quite easy to carry around and saves a few centimeters on the desk in particular.

The frame of the Akko Horizon 5087B Plus is made of dark-colored plastic and has a quality feel all around. However, there is a qualitative difference to higher-quality materials, such as brushed aluminum in the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. Three connection options are available for this keyboard. The manufacturer Akko gives us the option to connect the keyboard to the PC via the included USB-C cable, via Bluetooth 5.1 or alternatively via a 2.4 GHz dongle. Furthermore, Windows, macOS and likewise iOS and Android are supported for use. Multimedia keys and other system commands are available at the press of the FN key. For example, we can quickly switch between three paired Bluetooth devices by pressing the FN + E/R/T key.

The Horizon 5087B Plus has a 1000 Hz polling rate with a 1 millisecond response time. We also get n-key rollover support. This means that you can theoretically press every key on the keyboard at the same time and still no ghosting occurs, i.e. every input is recognized correctly. The hot swappable feature also gives us the freedom to replace or better clean the installed Akko CS Jelly Black switches.

RGB lighting & modding

  • Over 20 RGB effects available at the touch of a button
  • Very open keyboard as far as modding is concerned

The RGB lighting on the Akko Horizon 5087B Plus can be configured via the Akko Cloud Driver. Separate options are available to us at this point, so there is something for every taste. If this is too cumbersome for you, you can even access all 20 effects via key combinations at the push of a button. The brightness or animation speed can also be adjusted flexibly via shortcut. The software doesn’t even have to be active in the background for this. However, the maximum brightness of the RGB lighting could be a bit brighter to our taste.

The Akko Horizon 5087B Plus comes with optional yellow keycaps. However, this is by no means the end of the story, as Akko has umpteen keycaps of different color choices in its online store. If you don’t like the yellow keycaps or have had enough of the blue/black mixture, you can buy more keycaps for an additional charge. Further individualization options are definitely given at this point.

Software: Akko Cloud Driver

  • Not required for active keyboard use
  • Features like RGB lighting, macros or shortcuts involved
  • Overall expandable software

The Horizon 5087B Plus can be used comfortably on a PC without separate drivers. Optionally, Akko offers the Akko Cloud Driver software, which provides additional features for the mechanical keyboard. This can be used to flexibly change the key assignments, adjust the RGB lighting or even add or control macros.

To use some options of the Akko Cloud Driver, it is necessary to connect the keyboard to the PC via the USB-C cable. Afterwards, all mentioned features are automatically available via the software’s interface. Unfortunately, the first two attempts to connect the keyboard to the software were unsuccessful. However, a reinstallation of the software with several PC reboots helped to achieve the desired success. During the test period, the mechanical keyboard was occasionally no longer recognized in the driver, so the settings could only be adjusted by restarting the Akko Cloud Driver.

As far as the range of functions is concerned, the adjustment of key combinations is very useful and can help, for example, in video games or software to break down complex processes to one keystroke. Furthermore, the Cloud Driver offers us the possibility to change the key assignments of the Horizon 5087B Plus. If a key is missing from the default layout, but you need it often, you can easily replace it with another key.

Practice & Writing test

  • Precise typing with pleasant feedback
  • Adjustable in three heights
  • Typing is audible, but not at all loud or annoying

Both in terms of feel and haptic perception, the keyboard cuts a very good figure. The keystrokes are enormously precise and provide a pleasant feedback when pressed. The Akko Horizon 5087B Plus comes with the manufacturer’s own Akko CS Jelly Black switches. These have a decent release weight and are factory-lubricated. Additionally, the blue/lilac stabilizers do their job splendidly, so that the larger keys like space or backspace don’t start to wobble at all.

Ergonomically, we have the option on the back to adjust the mechanical keyboard over three heights using feet. However, since the Akko Horizon 5087B Plus is already somewhat elevated in terms of case, we used the flat variant throughout the test. Some users would reach for a palm rest at this point, as long as they are used to a flat keyboard first and foremost.

Sound-wise, the keyboard is audible, but the volume remains in a pleasant range. In order to get a better impression at this point, we have added a short audio in this review:

Conclusion on the Akko Horizon 5087B Plus

The Akko Horizon 5087B Plus is a feature-packed mechanical keyboard on a budget. The keyboard has a sleek and elegant look that immediately catches the eye with the color mix of blue and black. Furthermore, the typing feel is quite pleasant, but alternatively, the tactile switches can be quickly replaced via the HotSwap function. As far as customizing is concerned, Akko opens up a lot of individualization options for the own taste with the Horizon 5087B Plus.

However, the Akko Cloud Driver is technically not completely error-free and also has room for improvement in terms of the translations of some words. Akko could improve this, since the software tarnishes the overall good impression of the keyboard as a peripheral.

All in all, however, the Akko Horizon 5087B Plus is a very successful keyboard with an appealing design, a pleasant typing feel and a functional lighting system. If the manufacturer adds some fine-tuning to the driver, the keyboard will surely be able to inspire many users.

Akko Horizon 5087B Plus

Value for money


The Akko Horizon 5087B Plus can do quite a bit right with a price of around 100€ - many features with a clean typing feel at the same time. However, the software detracts from the good overall impression.

Akko Horizon 5087B Plus price comparison

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The PC peripheral manufacturer Akko has added the Horizon 5087B Plus to its mechanical keyboard portfolio this year. Last year we already tested the Akko Black & Gold 3068B Plus in the 65% layout, so reason enough to take a closer look at Akko’s new keyboard this time as well. Technical data Keyboard type TKL … (Weiterlesen...)

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