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ASUS TUF GAMING H7 – 7.1 headset for PC and consoles in test

The ASUS TUF series is positioned in the budget market, but still promises a high quality. Besides motherboards, monitors, notebooks, water coolers, power supplies and other components, headsets are also available. Today we are testing the gaming headset H7 for you. In addition to a 7.1 surround function, it promises improved comfort for those who wear glasses and compatibility with PlayStation and XBOX.


Connection USB or 3.5mm jack
Compatibility PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, XBOX ONE
Driver 53 mm, neodymium magnet
Headphone frequency 20 ~ 20000 Hz
Microphone characteristics omnidirectional/unidirectional
Microphone frequency 50 ~ 10000 Hz
Weight 390 g
Price € 119.71 *

Scope of delivery and processing

The headset comes in a clear plastic package. This is, of course, eye-catching – especially for local retailers in electronics stores. The target group with PC and console gamers is of course appropriately addressed.

In the box, we find the microphone, a manual and an extension cable for the AUX plug in addition to the headset. Besides the USB dongle, we thus have the option of connecting the headset directly via AUX. This makes it possible to use it directly via the Playstation controller.

Our version is primarily kept in black with some red accents. The stitching of the headband and the ear cups contain red elements that visually enhance the entire headset.

The headset is equipped with a headband that adjusts to your own head size. The metal bracket above it provides the necessary stability. A “TUF GAMING” lettering, as well as the TUF logo adorn the attachment of the ear cups to the headband. The attachment of these is quite rigid, great possibilities to adjust the headset are not available – only the strap provides for the adjustment. The headset can be worn comfortably with small, but also large heads and feels very light despite weighing 390 grams – the headband helps here as well.

A small adjustment option would still have been very nice – especially at the limits with very small and very large heads, it gets a bit messy, as the ear cups no longer fit ideally to the head.

There is also “TUF” lettering in the ear cup, as well as on the headband.

The band, as well as the ear pads are very soft – even longer gaming sessions are possible without any problems. Due to the fabric covering of the pads, they also don’t get particularly warm – even after a few hours, it remains comfortable. The required cable is routed through the headband – this is visible, but is not noticed when wearing the headset.

There is a small controller on the headset cable – this can be used to mute the microphone and adjust the volume. It also has a clip – with this you can fix the controller, so it won’t interfere in any way.

In summary – the workmanship fits, the wearing comfort is definitely given. From our side, there are no points of criticism here.

Reproduction quality and everyday test

For the primary test, we used the headset on the PC – thus the comparability with other headsets remains better given. The headset does not require any other software to function – however, ASUS’ Armoury Crate software can be used to adjust equalizers, etc. if needed. Interestingly, the controller is recognized as H5 when plugged in – but this doesn’t bother much.

Due to the comfortable fit, the headset can be worn well in everyday life – both when just listening to music, but also when gaming. Although the headset is closed, it does not completely isolate the sound. Thus, it is possible to perceive external noise when no or quiet sounds are played back. However, we cannot confirm the particularly emphasized “glasses comfort” – the glasses are, as with most other headsets, noticeable. If it bothers you with other headsets, you won’t be 100% happy with this headset either.

The general sound is largely unobtrusive – in our eyes, this is quite positive, especially for a gaming headset.

The balance of bass and treble is successful. The basses are present, but they do not drown out everything. The headset is also suitable for music – the trebles and mids are quite clear, and nothing is distorted even in louder songs. Unfortunately, they fall a bit flat in some scenarios, so it can sound a bit tinny or washed out if necessary. For the typical user, however, the headset is more than adequate sound-wise.

The advertised 7.1 feature is controlled via the USB dongle and can thus unfortunately only be used on the PC. The whole sound profile becomes a bit more bass-heavy, but also rounder. Additionally, the perception and location of opponents, e.g. in shooters, has subjectively become more precise and easier.

Recording quality

The headset also scores quite solidly in terms of microphone quality. Of course, you always make sacrifices with a headset – those who want to stream will usually quickly look for a dedicated microphone – but for everyday communication with friends and fellow gamers, this is quite usable. The voice is intelligible and mostly presented properly – communication is secured. We would have hoped for a slightly better microphone in a wired headset of this price category, but you can still work with it.

The removable microphone is nice here. So you can replace it in case of a defect. The flexibility is also great – you can place it in the ideal place depending on the volume and speaking behavior.

To give you a short impression, we have recorded a short test video:

Click here to display content from youtu.be

Use on PS4

Due to the available AUX port, this headset can also be used on the Playstation. Of course – some headsets are usable per PS4 – but here we have the distinct advantage that the controller is mounted directly on the cable with the mute button and volume adjustment. Often, these switches are mounted directly on the controller (or not at all!) – which makes using them on the console a bit cumbersome.

Although you have to do without the virtual 7.1 sound, you can otherwise use the headset without worries. The sound is still solid, only the microphone suffers from a slightly increased background noise compared to the connection with the USB dongle. Nevertheless – the headset also does well on the console!


In summary – the headset makes a solid impression. There are no major weaknesses in terms of both microphone and sound, yet it doesn’t knock our socks off either. It fits neatly into the mid-range price range, but the price could be a bit lower. However, you can’t go wrong with the overall package.

Especially the compatibility and the control options on consoles make the headset interesting in any case, if you want to use a single headset for the PC and the console – most competing products usually position themselves for one of the two categories. For the price called, there tend to be products that represent one of the two options minimally better, but the combination is interesting here.

We give the Silver Award – the headset has completely earned it. Especially if you find the headset on sale, you should definitely consider this in your purchase decision, you will definitely not be unhappy with the headset.


Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


A solid all-rounder headset - if you're looking for a headset to use with both Playstation and PC, you won't go wrong here!

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The ASUS TUF series is positioned in the budget market, but still promises a high quality. Besides motherboards, monitors, notebooks, water coolers, power supplies and other components, headsets are also available. Today we are testing the gaming headset H7 for you. In addition to a 7.1 surround function, it promises improved comfort for those who … (Weiterlesen...)

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