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Comfortable Gaming: Gamewarez Alpha Gaming Beanbag tested

You gamble a lot, you sit a lot. That’s why I gambled a lot and sat a lot to write this review. Namely, I have tried a specimen of the Alpha Series. The manufacturer Gamewarez makes some promises concerning the beanbag. Which of these promises the Alpha Series can keep is explained in more detail in the following test report.

Simple Design

Right at the beginning, the simple design of the Alpha Series stands out. The beanbags are monochrome and have no special features except for a small pocket on the side. Definitely positive, however, is the water-repellent polyester surface, which promotes the durability of the beanbag at least on an aesthetic level. Even stains can be easily removed and the Alpha Series is – at least according to the manufacturer, I didn’t test it myself for obvious reasons – flame retardant. The beanbag is extremely light and can be carried around easily, at least in terms of weight. Its format is a bit unwieldy, but that’s a little in the nature of things.

Because the Alpha Series is stable, water-repellent and dirt-resistant, it is also ideal for sitting outside. More about that later.

But the bag itself is – at least in my eyes – a bit too small to be really useful for me, but it’s perfect for storing smaller items like mobile phones, maybe even handheld consoles. Game covers usually fit in well.

Another positive aspect is that the filling of the Alpha Series can be easily renewed or refilled.

Stable Seat

A beanbag should adapt to the body shape. A point that the Alpha Series fulfils without letting the user sink completely. Even after sitting on it for hours, the Alpha Series will not become uncomfortable.

It should be mentioned, however, that the Alpha Series is more suitable for consoles than for PC players. Of course, this is not a point of criticism, just a comment. Due to the seat height (about 20-30 centimeters), a beanbag is of course not suitable for sitting at a desk, which makes it difficult to use the mouse and keyboard. For handheld consoles or controllers, however, the beanbag is ideal.

Of course, the Alpha Series is not limited to gaming. Even though it is marketed that way, it’s not like there are any special features that make gaming more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a point of criticism, gamers are the target group and that’s what marketing looks like. What I’m getting at is that with the Alpha Series you can play video games as well as watch movies, read a book or whatever you can do from a seat that doesn’t require you to sit upright on a surface.

Outdoor Use

Before someone looks out the window and asks: Yes, I sat in the garden in this weather and gambled. I probably brought with me a cold and knowledge regarding the outdoor suitability of the Alpha Series.

Despite a light drizzle and anything but a clean surface, the beanbag is still undamaged and all stains on the underside can be easily removed. If I didn’t know better, I would assume that my Alpha Series never saw the outside world. And this although the beanbag is certainly meant for a lot, but not for sitting in the mud in December in wet cold weather.

The only thing that really caused me problems when removing was hair, especially that of my cat. The Alpha Series doesn’t attract them directly like other surfaces, but when they are there, they are there.

Conclusion of the Gamewarez Alpha Gaming Beanbag Review

The Alpha Series delivers on the promises the manufacturer makes, at least those I’ve been able to test. Of course I can’t say anything about longevity after several weeks and that with flammability is just such a thing. The tests I’ve done can’t even begin to simulate what effects have been used for years.

The Alpha Series with € 69.90 * is completely ok in terms of price-performance ratio. Even though I could not test longevity, the beanbag does not give the impression that it will soon fall apart. He’s no must-have, though. If you are looking for a beanbag, you should consider it, whether you are a gamer or not.

Gamewarez Alpha Gaming Beanbag

Value for Money

Comfortable beanbag, suitable for hours of sitting, both indoors and outdoors

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