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Corsair HS70 Bluetooth: But please with cable!

Peripheral expert Corsair has once again expanded its headset lineup. The HS70 Bluetooth is supposed to close the gap between the HS75 and the HS70 Pro Wireless as a hybrid model with multi-platform compatibility. Accordingly, we will definitely see a familiar design. We will still see what is under the hood.

Hybrid model means in the case of the Corsair HS70 the possibility to connect the headset via Bluetooth as well as USB or 3.5 mm jack. Wireless and cable can also be connected at the same time. A long battery life also guarantees long gaming fun.

We put the HS70 Bluetooth through its paces in the test lab. What came out of it, we reveal in a detailed review.

Technical data

Driver 50 mm neodymium
Frequency range 20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity (headphones) 109 dB (+/- 3 dB)
Impedance 32 ohms
Audio Stereo
Microphone type Unidirectional, with noise reduction
Frequency range (microphone) 100 – 10,000 Hz
Sensitivity (microphone) -40 dB (+/- 3 dB)
Impedance (microphone) 2.0 ohms
Connectors Bluetooth 5.0, USB, 3.5mm
Range (Bluetooth) Circa 9 m
Cable lengths 1.5 m (3.5 mm), 1.8 m (USB)
Battery life Up to 30 hours
Compatibility Smartphone, Tablet, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Weight 352 g
Colors Black
Price € 166.09 *

Packaging contents

The HS70 Bluetooth comes in the usual yellow and black Corsair packaging. So externally, it makes a high-quality impression even before unpacking – as you can always expect from the US manufacturer.

The contents include the headphones and microphone, the USB cable that fits into a Type-C port, the 3.5 mm stereo cable with jack plug, as well as the manual and warranty card. The latter is valid for a full two years. But knowing Corsair, the HS70 will be a faithful and sturdy companion for longer than that – no matter how wild the gaming sessions will be.

Design & Materials

What is immediately noticeable after unboxing is that the HS70 is absolutely smooth and monochromatic. By that, we mean that seams in the temple have been omitted and no other accents – neither haptic nor visual – are visible. Only the grille on the earbuds, which is typical for Corsair headsets, stands out. But that and the logo in the center are also black. The matte color gives the HS70 a high-quality look.

However, if you adjust the headband, the end of the headband holder reveals itself in the typical Corsair yellow; but more color is really not to be found on the HS70. But the sound of good headsets should be colorful, not necessarily the exterior. We like the plain black.

The latter components are, of course, also made of lightweight but very sturdy aluminum in the HS70 Bluetooth. This already fulfills point one of two in terms of long wearing comfort in a headset: a generally light weight. In order to fulfill point two, good padding is essential. Here, Corsair goes back to the tried and true and uses memory foam for the earpieces, which fits perfectly around the ear cup in any head shape. In addition, the headband has also received extensive padding so that the head can feel comfort from above for hours on end. All padded elements are covered with synthetic leather.

It is also noticeable that there are no cables to be seen at all. They were again skillfully hidden by the high-quality material in the HS70.

To make the HS70 particularly effective, the right earphone has been embellished with a mute button and a volume control. Furthermore, the connections for USB, jack and the microphone are also found on the same earpiece. The microphone is removable and has the same shape as its HS predecessors. It is kept very slim and is absolutely flexible.

Externally, the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth looks anything but a gaming headset due to its matte black finish. Thus, in our opinion, it also does best in the office or without a microphone as headphones for on the go. Thanks to the many connection options, the HS70 knows no limits of use. In addition, the high-quality materials, which is noticeable in every component of the headset, are particularly convincing.

Connection options & compatibility

Speaking of connection options: The Corsair HS70 Bluetooth can be used just not only, as its name suggests, via wireless connection. Rather, it offers the possibility to be connected to end devices via two additional ways. The headset has a USB Type-C port and a 3.5 mm jack port. Thus, the HS70 can be used with a wide range of devices. These include smartphones, tablets, PC and laptops, the Xbox Series X, Series S and One, as well as PS5, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. This makes it the first gaming headset from Corsair to bring multiple connection types.

Moreover, these can also be used simultaneously. For example, if the game sound comes from a PS5 via jack, the HS70 can be connected to a cell phone via Bluetooth at the same time to listen to music, be reachable by phone or be connected to VoIP chats. The same works via USB: instead of 3.5 mm, the headset is simply connected to the PC.

We have tested the multi-platform connectivity extensively and can confirm that it does not cause any loss of audio or quality. Successfully implemented by Corsair! However, Corsair still has to put up with a bit of criticism here, as both connection cables are fabric-sheathed, but not well insulated, so you can hear every movement rustle.

Drivers and sound quality

A custom 50-millimeter neodymium audio driver provides the top-notch sound. While they don’t offer surround, an extensive soundscape is still provided, ensuring that you don’t miss even a single step your opponent takes.

However, the HS70 enables a 360° audio experience in combination with Windows Sonic. Of course, this only works in conjunction with a Windows computer.

With or without Sonic, you get a decent sound quality played on your ears, but it doesn’t offer anything special. Corsair has other headsets in its portfolio for this. The HS70 is primarily about multiple connectivity in a mid-range model. Therefore, the HS70 Bluetooth is also “already” available for 110 euros.

The latest Corsair family member also scores another plus point with its battery. It offers 30 hours of gaming fun without having to be recharged once. This definitely makes it a gaming headset that lets you sit in front of a screen for a long time. Only the bladder and stomach need a break then.


So that one is also perfectly understandable in every chat and phone call, the HS70 Bluetooth was equipped with a unidirectional microphone. It automatically reduces ambient noise and, as expected, has been Discord-certified.

The microphone provides well intelligible recordings without background noise or feedback, but again, it only plays in the mid-range. We have heard much better recordings here. However, you can listen to the microphone yourself in our video review:

Click here to display content from youtu.be

Compatible with iCUE

To further optimize the sound experience, the HS70 Bluetooth can be individually controlled with Corsair’s iCUE software. Using an equalizer and audio presets, the sound can be tailored entirely to the ears of the individual wearer. In addition, the filtering of ambient noise and the microphone volume can also be adjusted.


In summary, with the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth you get an all-rounder when it comes to compatibility with multiple platforms. Externally, it is kept simple in matte black, which gives the headset a classy look. In terms of sound, you get the usual Corsair quality that is worth listening to, but the cables could be better insulated.

In our eyes, it is a good gap filler between the dedicated HS70 Pro Wireless and HS75. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t have the highest demands on sound, the HS70 is a top headset. We were especially impressed by the very good implementation of multi-platform compatibility. If you are willing to spend even more, you will also find this in some SteelSeries headsets. The Arctis 9 Wireless, for example, offers better overall performance, but also costs almost twice as much.

Corsair HS70 Bluetooth

Wearing comfort
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


The HS70 Bluetooth from Corsair can not only be connected wirelessly, but also via 3.5 mm or USB with PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or PC. This allows you to chat via VoIP on your smartphone and listen to game sound at the same time. High-quality materials and a good sound quality round off the HS70 to a mid-range all-rounder.

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