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Corsair K70 MAX in review: Outstanding keyboard with customizable switches

Corsair’s excellent K70 model series is getting a new addition, and it has a lot going for it. In addition to an improved palm rest and an even higher-quality finish, the new model scores with magnetic-mechanical switches whose release point can be adjusted. SteelSeries, which already offers something similar with the Apex Pro (TKL), obviously served as a model. How well this works for Corsair is clarified in our Corsair K70 MAX review.


Key switch type Corsair MGX; customizable (0.4 mm – 3.6 mm)
Switch types Linear
Switch interchangeable no
Material Aluminum
Dimensions (L x W x H) 442 mm x 166 mm x 39.2 mm
Weight 1395 grams
Onboard memory 8 MB; 50 profiles
Cable connector USB type-C
Rollover technology N-Key Rollover
Key Caps PBT Double-Shot
Operating Modes Typing; Gaming
Features Replaceable keycaps
Colors Black
Price UVP: 229,99 Euro

Corsair K70 MAX review: design and build

  • Playful, high-quality design
  • Excellent build quality
  • comfortable palm rest

Admittedly: At first glance, the new Corsair K70 MAX in review looks confusingly similar to its sibling in the form of the K70 RGB Pro (our review). At least when it comes to the aluminum frame with its high-quality anodized finish or the gray keycaps with their light gray lettering.

However, we can see some differences at a second glance. For example, the upper bar, which once again has three hotkey buttons on the left and the mute button and robust volume wheel on the right, no longer has a brushed aluminum look, but is much more playful with white and black triangles.

Corsair also relies on a full-size layout including a number pad for the MAX. Above the numeric keypad are four additional media control buttons, which we already know from the Pro. The manufacturer has installed the USB-C port in the center of the upper side, and there are generous rubberized feet at the bottom as well as two optional fold-out feet that allow two angles. A star-shaped cable routing rounds off the overall picture harmoniously.

On the other hand, the included wrist-rest is another big and welcome innovation. The flat and hard plastic model now gives way to a pleasantly soft and thick counterpart made of memory foam on the K70 MAX, which magnetically holds onto the keyboard and feels excellent. Design and workmanship are once again excellent.

All in all, the K70 MAX weighs a whopping 1,395 grams and measures 442 mm x 166 mm x 39.2 mm. Surprisingly, this makes it minimally lighter and also smaller than the RGB Pro.

Practical test and typing feel of the Corsair K70 MAX

  • High-quality, easy-grip keycaps
  • Customizable dual-assignment switches
  • Very loud; (subjectively) unpleasant sound

The Corsair K70 MAX comes up with particularly robust and durable PBT double-shot keycaps. They score with a pleasantly grippy surface and come with a thickness of 1.5 millimeters, which makes them particularly robust.

The manufacturer includes a keycap puller in the scope of delivery, just like a blank and escape key in an alternative design. So, if you don’t like it quite as dark or gray, you can simply exchange the keycaps.

The most important innovation, however, is undoubtedly the switches. Corsair uses the specially developed “Corsair MGX Switches” for the first time. These are magnetic-mechanical switches, which offer the special feature that their trigger point can be adjusted exactly to the decimal place.

The adjustment is made via the accompanying software in 0.1 mm steps, between 0.4 mm and 3.6 mm, and that for each key individually and separately. This is quite exciting in gaming, for example, especially since two different actions can be set for one keystroke thanks to “dual-point actuation”. Sprinting and walking slowly with one and the same key: no problem.

For comparison: The OmniPoint 2.0 key switches from SteelSeries allow an adjustment between 0.2 mm and 3.8 mm. In practice, however, you don’t really notice a difference between the solution of both manufacturers.

The magnetic-mechanical switches are linear, so they trigger quickly and extremely precisely with 45g of force without noticeable resistance. Apart from that, the keyboard scores with a feature set that should convince even the most demanding professional gamers.

In addition to full key rollover with 100% anti-ghosting, a USB sample rate of up to 8,000 Hz, a 20-layer and fully customizable RGB illumination and an 8 MB onboard memory that can store up to 50 profiles are offered. Macros can of course be created as well as completely new key assignments.

Basically, I like the typing feel of the Corsair K70 MAX very much. Especially in combination with the high-quality and soft palm rest, it makes for pleasant typing even on long workdays. But also in gaming mode, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Flawless.

What I don’t like so much – but that’s simply a matter of taste – is the dampening and the associated typing noise. This quickly becomes apparent especially with the space bar, which emits a high-pitched, quite unpleasant “grinding” noise.

As I said, this is a matter of taste, but I’m used to much quieter and more pleasant sounding keyboards in the meantime.

Software connection: Corsair iCUE

As always, Corsair’s own iCUE solution is used as the accompanying software. It offers, for example, the option of saving key assignment and RGB lighting either in conjunction with the software or hardware-side directly on the keyboard.

There are several options to choose from, so that everyone can let off steam and is guaranteed to find what he or she needs. Not only can individual effects be selected for the lighting, these can be individualized down to the smallest detail.

In the options you can, for example, deactivate Alt+Tab or Alt+F4 and turn off the Windows key, while in the device settings you can check for a firmware update, adjust the polling rate and increase or decrease the brightness. All in all, a clear and very powerful software.

Corsair K70 MAX review: conclusion

Let’s keep it short: The Corsair K70 MAX plays on the same high level as the other keyboards of the K70 model series. This means that the design, build quality and range of functions are beyond reproach. With the difference that everything here is just a little bit better than before.

The new option that comes with the customizable magnetic-mechanical switches should convince especially demanding gamers. Whether you need this is up to you – if not, there are other equally good options from Corsair.

The palm rest, which really improves comfort thanks to soft memory foam, also deserves great praise. What disqualifies the Corsair K70 MAX for me personally, however, is the typing noise and its volume. The keyboard is definitely not a quiet typist.

For those who don’t mind, the Corsair K70 MAX is an excellent, robust and incredibly customizable (wired) gaming keyboard.

Corsair K70 MAX Review: Platinum Award

Corsair K70 MAX

Value for money


The Corsair K70 MAX is an excellent and excellently crafted gaming keyboard with customizable magnetic-mechanical switches, but very loud typing noise.

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Corsair’s excellent K70 model series is getting a new addition, and it has a lot going for it. In addition to an improved palm rest and an even higher-quality finish, the new model scores with magnetic-mechanical switches whose release point can be adjusted. SteelSeries, which already offers something similar with the Apex Pro (TKL), obviously … (Weiterlesen...)

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