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Edifier G5000 review: Chic gaming speakers with rich sound

Manufacturer Edifier stands for high-quality speakers at a fair price. Already at the beginning of the year, the noble bookshelf speakers R1700BT convinced in our test. But the manufacturer also has a few variants in its portfolio for gamers. Among them is a fancy 2.0 sound system with RGB lighting and DSP chip. Our Edifier G5000 test clarifies what the speakers have up their sleeve.

Technical data

Dimensions (H x W x D) 285 mm x 190 mm x 222 mm
Weight 8.8 kg
Frequency range 70 – 40,000 Hz
Noise ratio: > 85 dB(A)
Noise power: < 25 dB(A)
Power: 88 watts
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 (codec: SBC, aptX, aptX HD), AUX, USB-A, optical
Price: € 249.99 *

Edifier G5000 review: the scope of delivery

The Edifier G5000 reach us in a large, but quite unimpressive cardboard box. The box weighs just under 10 kilograms, which already hints at how big the speakers turn out to be.

The two individually packed speakers are securely packed inside. In addition to the manual and several stickers, there are several cables. Among them are the two cables needed for operation in the form of the power and speaker connection cable.

They are complemented by cables needed for the different modes of operation. A USB Type-B to USB-A cable, a 3.5mm jack cable and even an optical cable cover all eventualities.

Design and finish

  • Futuristic, modern look
  • Customizable RGB lighting in predefined effects
  • Good build quality, test model with scratches

Compared to the rather classic and simple shelf speakers of the manufacturer, the Edifier G5000 come visually much more futuristic and present themselves trimmed for gaming use. This is also indicated by the illuminated gaming lettering on both sides of the speakers.

The speakers weigh around nine kilograms (without cables) and measure around 285 mm x 190 mm x 222 mm (height x width x depth). You should therefore have a larger desk to be able to operate the massive speakers.

Nevertheless, the design looks quite simple and not too playful at all. Of course, you can counteract that with the optional RGB lighting, which extends over the gaming lettering and a light strip around the silver outer frame of the speakers.

When it comes to the choice of materials, Edifier relies on a full eleven layers of wooden boards and exteriors made of high-quality aluminum. Nevertheless, the workmanship of our test model is not completely convincing, because a few unsightly scratches on the aluminum frame can already be seen after unpacking. Otherwise, the system feels very high-quality and robust.

Edifier G5000 Processing
Except for a few unsightly scratches on our test model, the processing turns out to be of high quality.

Controls and ports

  • Button operation via speaker
  • Three different sound modes

You’ll find all of the Edifier G5000’s controls and ports on the left speaker, while the right only has a connection port on the back. On the top left side sits the control panel, which is composed of two sections and a volume rocker in between.

All in all, the speakers are operated with only two buttons, but they have several functions. On the left is the power button, which you press and hold to turn the 2.0 system on and off – which is confirmed by a futuristic sound.

Press once to switch between input sources: USB audio, Bluetooth, AUX, optical and COAX. Corresponding connection options can also be found on the back of the left speaker.

The right multi-function button is responsible for the sound mode (music, movie and gaming). If you press the button twice, you can switch between the eleven RGB lighting modes, and if you hold the button down, you can turn the lighting on or off. The controls are precise, latency-free, and don’t feel cluttered at all.

Edifier G5000
Of course, RGB lighting is a must for gaming speakers. 11 effects are available to choose from.

Practical and sound test

  • Fast pairing via Bluetooth with convincing range
  • High-resolution Bluetooth codecs

In practice, the Edifier G5000 sound system is quick and easy to use. Simply connect both speakers with the included cable, plug them into power, and you’re virtually ready to go.

Via Bluetooth, the speakers are immediately recognized by smartphone, tablet or even notebook and are ready for use. Bluetooth 5.0 is used as the version here, which ensures a high range of around 10 meters to the audio source – even through thick walls.

Edifier G5000
Dedicated tweeters and midrange drivers provide very good frequency differentiation.

Accordingly, the 2.0 system does without a dedicated subwoofer. However, you can still influence the bass because the bass reflex tubes are located on the back. If you position the speakers close to a wall, the bass intensity increases noticeably. If you want less bass, simply turn the speakers slightly into the room.

This does not replace a real subwoofer, but it makes a noticeable and audible difference. Thanks to the many connections, for which all cables are already included, you are also well prepared for all possibilities.

Plus points are also awarded for the high-resolution Bluetooth codecs. Compared to the Edifier R1700BT with SBC, the G5000 can even handle high-resolution audio codecs like Qualcomm aptX and even aptX HD, which promise a rich sound even when used wirelessly.

How good do the Edifier G5000s sound?

  • Impressive volume and level stability
  • High-resolution hi-res sound
  • (Low)bass lacks punch

Edifier puts the total power output of its gaming sound system at 88 watts, realized by a 19 mm titanium dome tweeter and one and a 116 mm mid-woofer (per speaker).

Thereby, the Edifier G5000 realize Hi-Res Audio in 24-bit quality with a maximum of 192 kHz. However, the speakers only reach the maximum quality when you connect them via optical cable. A frequency range of 70 Hz to 40,000 Hz is covered, which means that we can hope for detailed and clear mids and trebles.

Edifier Hecate G5000 Sound
Too bad: Hi-Res sound is only available via an optical Toslink cable. Other inputs are limited to 16-bit / 48,000 Hz.

In fact, we liked the sound system very much in terms of sound. However, you shouldn’t expect a real bass miracle. Although the low tones are very detailed and precise, they are noticeably in the background compared to the mids and trebles. Especially the low bass lacks punch, but the mid-bass looks much better.

Personally, I appreciate this mix, especially in the gaming area, since important sound details are better emphasized here. Sonically, the system achieves a convincing warm and spatial presentation with a pleasing mix.

Edifier G5000 Sound
The Edifier G5000 gaming speakers offer detailed, warm sound.

With the addition of dedicated tweeters, the sound system achieves a coherent soundstage, thanks to which you’ll be able to better pick out even small details in games – for example, competitive shooters like Call of Duty: Warzone or Apex Legends. The speakers also excel at locating footsteps and other sonic details.

Edifier G5000: Very loud and distortion-free

I also liked the speakers very much when listening to music. The instruments are excellently separated from each other without details fading into the background. The speakers’ maximum volume and level stability are also impressive.

Around 80 to 90 percent are sufficient to envelop a large room in music without unpleasant distortions. The G5000 only distorts audibly above the 90 percent mark, but only very few people will use this volume anyway – especially when used on a PC or desk.

Edifier G5000
Sound-wise, the speakers cut a good figure. However, a customization is unfortunately not possible.

Measured against the relatively high price, however, I miss a few features and options that can be found in many other gaming speakers. For example, the RGB lighting is not controllable and fine-tuning the sound is not offered either. Although the Edifier G5000 has three sound modes, they are too similar. The manufacturer does not offer a software-side adjustment or an equalizer.

Edifier G5000 review: conclusion

With the Edifier G5000 gaming speaker system, the manufacturer once again delivers a well-rounded and coherent overall package. I especially liked the multitude of connection options and the simple operation in the test.

The speaker’s design is certainly a matter of taste, but the build quality did not completely convince me. Although I simply attribute the scratches to our test model. The speakers do quite a bit right in terms of sound and convince with an excellent three-dimensionality, harmonious and warm trebles as well as mids and an enormous maximum volume.

However, the bass might be too much in the background for many gamers. It is also a pity that the full quality cannot be achieved via USB. The 2.0 sound speaker system also lacks customizable and synchronizable RGB lighting and the possibility to influence the sound. The price is a bit too high for what is offered.

Nevertheless, if a detailed, high-resolution and clear sound as well as many connectivity options are more important to you than rich bass and you don’t care about the mentioned flaws, you’ll get really very good speakers with the Edifier G5000. Especially if the price drops a bit.

Edifier G5000 Review: Silver Award

Edifier G5000

Design and workmanship
Sound quality
Value for money


Classy gaming speakers with strong, clear and detailed Hi-Res sound, but lacking customization options compared to some rivals.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Manufacturer Edifier stands for high-quality speakers at a fair price. Already at the beginning of the year, the noble bookshelf speakers R1700BT convinced in our test. But the manufacturer also has a few variants in its portfolio for gamers. Among them is a fancy 2.0 sound system with RGB lighting and DSP chip. Our Edifier … (Weiterlesen...)

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