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Gamewarez Gaming Beanbag Review

Comfortable and ergonomic chairs or bean bags are basic equipment for die-hard PC players. Console players, on the other hand, have so far largely foregone this comfort, which not only benefits the game enjoyment but also their own health.

Sitting on the couch, on the bed or even on the floor while playing promotes bad posture and often leads to back pain and other health problems caused by these bad postures. Not to mention the fact that it will probably rob the player of the enjoyment of his leisure activities in the long run.

Also aesthetically, the previous seats of the console players were rather less appealing. Gamewarez now tackles these problems with a beanbag specially produced for console players. This is intended to solve all the above problems in the twinkling of an eye by providing an ergonomic, maximum comfortable and aesthetically valuable alternative to the disused couch.

As the equipment naturally takes up a lot of space, it should blend in harmoniously with the living environment and not attract unpleasant attention. Gamewarez takes these demands into account by also taking fashion aspects into account when designing the beanbags.

The design of the beanbag is absolutely simple. This ensures maximum adaptability to the player’s environment. A simple black beanbag, which only has a small coloured line, will hardly be able to counteract an interior optically. It blends more inconspicuously into almost any imaginable environment.

Of course the beanbag should not be fashionable but comfortable. Gamewarez therefore focuses on ergonomic aspects – the beanbag should adapt to the posture of its user and thus promote a healthy back posture. Inside the beanbag there are dust-free EPS beads. These ensure that the beanbag adapts to the body structure of the person sitting on it and forms a stable backrest.

The Promise of Ergonomics

In principle, the beanbag convinces above all by its flexibility. With a weight of less than 5 kg, it is easy to transport and can be placed anywhere. Also the individual adaptability, which is guaranteed by the special material, is to be emphasized positively. However, what is noticeable negatively in the test are the rather short dimensions of the backrest. It is difficult for tall people to place their upper body on the beanbag. So for her, he’s not particularly ergnomic. In order to accommodate the upper body and at the same time put down the head, a less natural body position is inevitable – ergonomics look different.

However, smaller people should have no problems placing their entire bodies on the sack. For them, the promise of an ergonomic beanbag that promotes a healthy posture can be regarded as fulfilled.

A Lot of Space for Accessories

The Gamewarez beanbag has several sewn-on pockets that can be adapted to individual needs with the help of a Velcro fastener. Due to the adjustability of the sewn-on pockets, a wide variety of objects can be accommodated in these. In addition to the remote control, drinks or a headset used for playing can also be stored in the pockets of the beanbag. For the headset on the other side, however, there is also a separate holder with Velcro fastener.

The material from which the beanbag is made is consistently high quality. The inner side is completely PVC-coated, while the usable surface of the bag is made of polyester. Thanks to the material used, the beanbag is very robust, flame-retardant and easy to clean – in short: it is absolutely easy to clean and causes no problems whatsoever.

Six variants

So far, the inclined user can choose from five different variants of the beanbag. The majority of the bag is colored black in each case. The different versions differ only by a coloured stripe placed at the edge. Here the user has the choice between the colours blue, red, pink, green and silver grey. In addition, there is a variant available in which the exterior is not made of polyester but of artificial leather. In this case the stripe is kept in red.

The design can therefore in any case be described as simple and “timeless”. The sack is neither extravagant nor conspicuous in any other sense. It is absolutely simple and blends into almost any living environment, which is a clear advantage.

In terms of dimensions, the beanbag is kept quite small. It measures just 95 x 90 x 65 centimetres. This has the advantage that it takes up very little space compared to similar chairs or bags. Even in a smaller room there would be a place for the beanbag. But also the disadvantage of the unsuitability for larger persons results from the rather limited measurements of the seat bag.

The price of the bag produced in Germany is € 119.90 *. It can therefore be assigned to the upper price range.


The Gamewarez beanbag is made of high-quality material and is well processed. However, he only meets his own demands to a limited extent. Thus, he cannot guarantee the promised ergonomics for every group of people. Large people may therefore have to wait for the next generation with a higher backrest. In terms of design, the bag remains pale, but does not attract any negative attention. All in all it is an absolutely solid product.

Gamewarez Beanbag (Cosmic Lightning)


Gaming time!

The Gamewarez beanbag offers a very high quality, but the low backrest does not guarantee good ergonomics for everyone.

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