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Gamewarez Relax Series Bundle – Gaming Seat in Long-term Test

The Relax series by Gamewarez is a mixture of a beanbag and a recliner. We have received the Relax Series bundle from Gamewarez, consisting of an armchair and footrest in the version ‘RX RED’ (black armchair with red seams), and tested it extensively for about two months. Our long-term test shows whether the armchair, which is expensive from 139.90 Euro to a maximum of 149.90 Euro depending on the colour, is worth its price.

The Relax series from Gamewarez is designed to provide console players with the same comfort and good seating characteristics for hours of gambling that PC gamers have been getting from special gaming chairs for a long time.


The beanbag is relatively large at 117 x 57.5 x 57.5 centimetres. In addition, there is the additional footrest, which is not firmly attached to the beanbag.

During the test, the beanbag was mainly tested and found to be very comfortable by an approximately 185 centimetre tall relatively slim man and a 170 centimetre tall also slim woman. Even after long periods of sitting or lying down, the position was still comfortable. Only one very tall test person (over 2 meters) had the impression that the armchair could be a little bigger. All persons of normal height should have a very comfortable armchair with the Relax series.

Overall, the ergonomics lie between a classic beanbag and a recliner. The shape adapts to the body, but not as strong as a beanbag. The basic shape is always kept in shape by the strong seams.

Another positive note is that the headrest is not firmly attached to the armchair, but can be adjusted in height by a flexible holder with Velcro fastener.


The quality of the armchair appears very good after two months of testing with intensive use. The contained EPS beads did not lose their structure and were not compressed.

The package contained information about a refill pack with new EPS beads. After long use, the beanbag can be breathed new life into when the beads have lost their structure. However, in my opinion this is only necessary after a few years.

Also the seams and the fabric look high quality. There are no signs of wear here, although the armchair was occasionally abused by my cats as a scratching tree. Also the Gamewarez beanbag did not have any escaping filling material in contrast to competing products.

Practical Additional Functions

The comfortable and high-quality Relax armchair is complemented by practical additional functions. Next to the headrest there is a holder for headsets and headphones.

There is also a small pocket on both sides of the armchair that is sufficient for controllers, remote controls or snacks as well as drinks.


The Relax Series is currently available in eight versions, which only differ in colour.

The RX Blue, RX Green, RX Pink and RX Red versions are mainly black. Only small accents such as the seams, the patch with the manufacturer logo and the holder for the headset as well as the headrests differ from each other in these models.

The Comougflage version, which is delivered in a classic camouflage pattern, is significantly different in colour. Also here the sides of the furniture are black and the seams orange-red.

The sixth version is the Ice model, with a blue seat and black sides.

The poison green Venom variant combines black side panels with a yellow green design.

The last choice with the name Fire comes in the shining fire red. Also here the sides are black like with the other models.


The Relax Series by Gamewarez is suitable for all full-size console players looking for a comfortable compromise between armchair, sofa and beanbag.

Depending on the version chosen, the beanbag should fit well into the homes of most young people. However, I consider the beanbag to be rather unsuitable for more classical furnishings.

Gamewarez Relax Series

Value for Money

The Gamewarez Relax Series is especially suitable for console players who are looking for a relatively inexpensive armchair with high quality and comfort.

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