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Harmony in perfection? Logitech G703 Lightspeed + Logitech G PowerPlay in test

Logitech is one of the largest manufacturers on the peripheral market – and has always convinced with qualitative and well-designed products. Today we are testing another gaming mouse for you – the Logitech G703. This is a direct upgrade to the G403, which I used daily for ages.

The G703 wants to convince with some upgrades – the wireless functionality is clearly in the foreground – but beyond that, smaller adjustments have been made: new surface material, the HERO sensor (like the G403 Refresh), improved switches for the primary buttons, PowerPlay compatibility.

PowerPlay? Never heard of it? Never mind, we have tested that for you as well. This is Logitech’s mouse pad that charges the wireless mouse while in use. Unlike other solutions that have a QI charging pad integrated on the side of the mouse pad, here the mouse is fully charged across the entire mouse pad. Sounds like the perfect harmony – a wireless mouse that is permanently charged. But can the duo also convince in everyday use? We tested it for you.


Logitech G703

Dimensions (L x W x H) 124 x 68 x 43 mm
Weight 95 g (10 g optional weight included)
Number of keys 6
Sensor Logitech HERO 25K
Resolution 100 – 25600 DPI
Max. Acceleration > 40 G
Max. Gewschindigkeit > 400 IPS
Polling rate 1000 Hz
Battery runtime Up to 35 h, up to 60 h without illumination
Other Features PowerPlay compatible, LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting, rubberized grips, mechanical switches
Warranty 2 years
Price € 63.90 *

Logitech PowerPlay

Dimensions (L x W x H) 321 x 344 x 43 mm
Height of the control module 10 mm
Thickness of the loading surface 2 mm
Thickness of the fabric mouse pad 2 mm
Thickness of the plastic mouse pad 2 mm
Cable length (power/charging cable) 1.83 m
Connection USB-A (PC) – Micro USB (mouse)
Surface Fabric or hard plastic, changeable
Special features Integrated receiver for mouse, shape for right-handed users only
Guarantee 2 year
Price € 94.98 *

Scope of delivery, workmanship, design

The Logitech G703 reaches us in a beautiful black and blue cardboard box. In addition to the mouse, there is an extra weight, a manual, a charging cable, the wireless receiver and a Logitech sticker in the box – so everything is included to get started right away. Renewable gliding feet would have been nice, but are never needed in most cases.

Those who might be familiar with the Logitech G403 won’t be surprised by the shape. The mouse is in the upper midfield with a length of 12.4 cm and should be able to be held properly with almost all hands in all grip types. However, it should be noted here that the mouse is ergonomically made for the right hand.

The mouse is made of a black, rather matte, slightly rough plastic – so it sits securely in your hand and won’t slip out of your hand in the heat of the moment. The sides of the mouse are rubberized, and the feel in the hand is very convincing.

Both the scroll wheel and the palm rest of the mouse have discreet RGB LEDs. Thus, the Logitech G logo shines on the back part of the mouse, while a thin LED line can be seen on the scroll wheel in the front.

The primary and thumb buttons are pleasant to press and give a nice click. Additionally, there is a DPI button and the scroll wheel – so we come to six buttons in total. If required, these can of course be completely customized on the software side – whereby the standard assignment has not prevailed without reason.

Below the mouse we find an on/off switch, the base for an optional weight, and of course the sensor and glide pads. So there is nothing surprising to see here.

Wireless at last! Test in everyday use

Anyone who has already held a wireless mouse in their hands knows – this means freedom! Especially in heated and fast games you have no resistance, you don’t get stuck even on a full desk and you can play without any problems.

Using the mouse is simple – you connect the cable including the receiver, turn on the mouse and you’re ready to go. No further configuration is necessary. If you want to customize the mouse further, you can download the in-house software “G Hub”, which can also be used without problems after installation.

We find the charging cable particularly praiseworthy. Yes, it is micro-USB, but this is equipped with special wings so that inserting the cable is child’s play. If the mouse runs out of power, you unplug the dongle, plug in the cable, and you’re ready to go – in reality, it doesn’t take 10 seconds.

The Logitech Hero 25K is the flagship sensor of the company. It is convincing in theory as well as in practice. Accurate tracking, both in slow and very fast movements, a low lift-off distance, stable DPI – what more could you want?

At the current time, the mouse is relatively “heavy” – however, the holey honeycomb structure is deliberately omitted here. The glide pads feel very good on various mouse pads and everyday use is top notch.

Of course, mice are very subjective – primarily the shape has to please. We find that the mouse is particularly convincing for medium to large hands and flatters them very much in the hand.

Logitech G Hub – management software

To customize the mouse in terms of software, the Logitech G Hub is available. The software shines in a pretty guise, but doesn’t offer any special or particular features – it’s functional, and what it does, it does well.

At first glance, you can see the connected devices, including battery level and current lighting setting. The mouse can now be further configured. The first menu that jumps out at us is the DPI adjustment including different levels, which you can switch through with the DPI button on the mouse itself.

Below you can customize the lighting to your liking, as well as change the key bindings or macros:

That… was it. Basically, it’s not more than you’d expect, but includes the most important options. One small wish or point of criticism – the lift-off distance can often be adjusted in the competition. Here we would wish that we could adjust it here as well.

Logitech G PowerPlay – sensible expansion?

A quick cable change thanks to the wings is nice, but what if you don’t feel like it? Logitech G PowerPlay comes into the picture here and shows that it can also be simpler.

It is a mouse pad that serves as a receiver for the mouse, as well as simultaneously loads the mouse – over the entire mouse pad. PowerPlay is compatible with the Logitech G703, the G903 and the Logitech G Pro X Superlight.

The mouse pad also has subtle RGB accents and connects with the micro USB with wings. The mouse pad’s support is variable, and the scope of delivery includes a fabric attachment and a hard plastic attachment. In addition, a mouse insert that is inserted into the base under the mouse is included.

In everyday use, the mouse pad does very well. The mouse charges slowly, but constantly. To save the battery, the battery level is kept between 85% and 95%.

Pairing with the mouse is very simple – connect the mouse pad, turn on the mouse and you’re ready to go. There’s not much more to say – the mouse pad’s benefits are obvious, and the claims are fulfilled. Wireless mouse? Check. Never have to charge it with a cable again? Check!


The overall picture of the Logitech G703 Lightspeed convinces us. A high-end sensor paired with convincing workmanship, a good feel in the hand and solid software is fun. The response times are great, and the sensor is very accurate.

We especially like the placement on the market – a “normal” mouse. Just in the current time many mice with honeycomb structure for weight reduction are on the market, with the new releases there are less and less “standard mice”. The Logitech G403 was popular for a reason – the shape of the mouse feels good, plus Logitech has gained enough experience to accommodate requests. If you still need a lower weight, you should check out our review of the Logitech G Pro X Superlight – definitely worth a look, too. Especially on offer, the mouse is a wonderful companion. In our test, the G703 achieves the very good Gold Award and has definitely earned it!

The Logitech G PowerPlay, on the other hand, is much harder to rate. Of course – what it advertises and is supposed to do, it fulfills without restrictions. It is also clear that this form of wireless charging did not exist before, Logitech has developed a completely new product. We support that and innovation in the market is always a great thing! Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the fact that the mouse pad costs € 94.98 * (test time: 129€).

This honestly makes you wonder – how much do I mind having to briefly plug in a cable every 35h-60h? All mice that are compatible have little to no issues with battery life. Additionally, we would wish for a larger mouse pad. It is probably the technical limitations here, but even if the mouse pad only charges in one (large) section, this would be a great update. You can also clearly see online that the demand is there – in various online forums users show their modifications with third-party mouse pads.

In summary to the G PowerPlay – check out the product. Do you want permanent wireless charging, the mouse pad size is suitable for you and you have the necessary change at your disposal? Then. Go for it! However, we wouldn’t recommend it unreservedly for everyone – unfortunately, it’s simply too expensive for that. At this point, we give the Silver Award for the overall package to the fresh wind in the market – with the mentioned points as the only limitations.

Logitech G703 Lightspeed

Value for money


An all-around great mouse - wireless, fast, beautiful!

Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED price comparison

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Logitech is one of the largest manufacturers on the peripheral market – and has always convinced with qualitative and well-designed products. Today we are testing another gaming mouse for you – the Logitech G703. This is a direct upgrade to the G403, which I used daily for ages. The G703 wants to convince with some … (Weiterlesen...)

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