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HyperX Quadcast S review: The all-round talent gets dynamic RGB lighting

HyperX is known for high-quality products in several component categories. This year, however, the brand from Kingston Technology has dedicated itself to fine-tuning the QuadCast standalone microphone, which was launched in 2019. The new QuadCast S version offers a good deal of personal RGB settings, but retains the award-winning design and outstanding features of its predecessor. At that time, it had rightly received the Platinum Award from us.

Accordingly, we are concentrating less on a comparison between the old and new model and more purely on the QuadCast S and its glorious features.

The anticipation in our editorial office was almost uncontrollable when our test object arrived. Our package messenger is used to a lot, but in this case even a Zalando scream seemed harmless. After all, HyperX is known for bombastic sound in headsets and microphones, which the brand provides with only useful extras. And if that’s not enough for you: The QuadCast S can RGB!

We have taken a close look at the condenser microphone for streamers, teachers, lecturers and the like.

Technical data

Art electrolytic capacitor microphone
Polar patterns stereo, omnidirectional, kidney, bidirectional
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz
Sensitivity -36 dB
Impedance (headphone output) 32 Ohm
Frequency range (headphone output) 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz
Cable length 3 m
Connection type USB-C to USB-A
Weight (microphone) 254 g
Weight (bracket and stand) 110 g
Dimension (H x W x D) 25 x 12.9 x 10.3 cm
RGB control HyperX NGENUITY
Price € 8.48 *

Packaging & contents

As soon as the parcel arrives, it is of course opened immediately. A red-and-white cardboard box with a picture of the microphone is displayed. Inside, the QuadCast S is unspectacularly packaged – from our point of view a plus point, since elaborately designed packaging is usually intended to distract from the contents. In this case, however, this is already a highlight, so the robust plastic packaging, which allowed the microphone to travel safely, is absolutely sufficient.

HyperX also included a 3-meter USB cable – type C to type A – and a mounting adapter that helps to attach the microphone to a tripod or telescopic arm. The adapter fits both 3/8 and 5/8″ threads, making it compatible with most tripods and mounts.

The inventory of the Unboxing leaves a positive impression. HyperX has added the bare essentials, which is quite sufficient and lets us jump directly to the test of the QuadCast S without having to check out numerous accessories.

Well designed all around

Externally, the QuadCast S has the same beauty we already noticed in the non-RGB version, which won an iF Industry Forum Design Award in 2019. Although the appearance is always subjective, even when it comes to technology, one can basically say that the microphone stands out from other models in its price range. In any case, the creators have given it a lot of thought and did not only take care of the inner workings and RGB.

The QuadCast S is placed on a metal stand, which holds the microphone freely in the air by a spider, unlike most of the other stands, where the microphone is screwed or plugged onto a stand. The spider is attached directly to the QuadCast, so that no slipping is possible. It can also be attached to a microphone boom, just as you prefer. Both possibilities result in absolute stability, vibration and shock protection, which prevents such background noise.

In addition, a screw on the stand allows the standalone microphone to be tilted back and forth to provide the best orientation for each user and polar pattern.

All components of the QuadCast S are made of black metal, which gives the microphone a particularly high quality note and has made a particularly positive impression on us. Above the volume control, the silver HyperX logo is also emblazoned on the bottom. Apart from that, Kingston did without any external frills in order to give the QuadCast series a noble look. From our point of view this is absolutely successful.

But most impressive is of course the LED paneling, which is responsible for the RGB lighting.

With the QuadCast S, RGB has now also arrived at microphones

16.7 million colors make the QuadCast S a real eye-catcher. Almost half of the microphone is equipped with LEDs behind a black perforated grid. These are capable of displaying numerous dynamic RGB effects and can be controlled individually. So no matter how many people will buy the QuadCast S, everyone will have a unique specimen.

However, only two zones of RGB lighting can be controlled, not individual LEDs. So the focus is on dynamic effects, less fixed color images. This doesn’t bring a minus behind the grade 1, which the QuadCast gets from us for RGB-illumination. Despite the outstanding workmanship and implementation of ideas, HyperX has almost no competition in RGB for microphones, which makes this grade quite easy to achieve. Only Razer has a floor-standing microphone in its Seiren series that displays 8-bit emotes. This cannot be compared to the dynamic RGB display of the QuadCast S. Also the Asus ROG Strix Magnus and the Trust GXT 256 Exxo are not really comparable.

Effects and colors can be controlled exclusively via HyperX NGENUITY; the same software that makes Kingston Technology’s RAM bars, keyboards and headsets shine.

In our eyes, RGB integration into a microphone is not an unnecessary gimmick, but part of a sensible entertainment concept. After all, in most streamers the microphone can be seen in the facecam anyway, which is why an embellishment of that has its charm.

Additional functions round off the concept

Before we get to the most exciting part, the recording quality, let’s take a brief look at one or two features that the HyperX QuadCast S still has.

We are especially pleased that the microphone has a headphone jack, which is especially noticeable when plugged into a PS4 or PS5. After all, otherwise the headphones would have to be connected directly to the controller and the microphone to the console itself. Of course, it is also compatible for PC and MAC. The volume can also be controlled with a knob on the bottom of the microphone. This way you can hear as much as the audience in real time.

The QuadCast S also has integrated pop protection, which makes an often annoying net in front of it unnecessary.

On the top side you can mute the floor microphone. If this is the case, the LEDs also go out. Thus the microphone shows optically, whether it is recording or not. A practical function, we think.

Recording quality & directional characteristics

Let’s get to the core of the story. The QuadCast S comes around the corner with four directional patterns. What sounds like a drawback at first, HyperX has implemented perfectly, that much can be revealed.

A small knob on the back of the microphone allows you to select the characteristics stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional, depending on the intended use. In this order, the QuadCast S is suitable for recording vocals and instruments, podcasts with multiple and conference calls, streaming and single podcasts, and interviews with a partner.

As versatile as the microphone is to use, none of the directional characteristics causes a disadvantage in the recording quality. Which, by the way, is very good and can easily keep up with most models in the price range.

No matter what you want to do with the QuadCast S, every sound is transmitted crystal clear and brings a proper portion of quality and professionalism to a stream, podcast or the like, without having to tweak it in streaming and audio software.

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Accordingly, the QuadCast S is also certified for Discord and Teamspeak and is compatible with all known streaming software.

For whom the QuadCast S is suitable & Price

The QuadCast S was not only designed for streamers on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, but also follows the idea of being accessible to multiple recording modes. Thanks to its four directional characteristics, the microphone can also be used by podcasters, teachers, online lecturers, singers and in video conferences.

Even though 179.99 Euro is not a little money, every cent will be well invested. The services HyperX delivers with the QuadCast S are comprehensive, useful and also innovative in terms of RGB lighting. The latter must be liked, of course, and is nothing more than a gimmick outside a camera. Those who don’t need it can buy even better recording quality for the same money from Rhode.


Already the predecessor could convince us completely. At that time we stated that the QuadCast of HyperX, which was presented for the first time at the CES Las Vegas, does not belong to the world elite, but is at the top of its price range. In short, even the first version in red was a blast; together with the customizable RGB lighting, HyperX went one better and heard its community.

This combination of quality, crystal-clear recording despite selectable characteristics, and the excellent implementation of RGB lighting make the QuadCast S one of the best standalone microphones that has ever gone over our editorial desk. Thus, the S version also receives our Platinum Award; this time even with a busy star!

HyperX Quadcast S

Recording quality
Value for money


If you are looking for a microphone for viewing with quality and an all-round talent, HyperX QuadCast S is the best choice.

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