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Logitech G Pro X Headset Review – New Top Model from Logitech

Logitech comes along with a new premium headset and not only takes a new direction in design. In cooperation with a well-known microphone manufacturer, Logitech not only wants to offer a good output sound, but also wants to convince other players or listeners in the stream with a good sound. We have tested the Logitech G Pro X* for you.

Scope of Delivery

The Pro X has everything you could wish for. Two jack cables in different lengths for PC, notebook, console and mobile devices are included in the box, including control unit of course. A USB sound card is also included to individually adjust the sound of the headphones and microphone. The removable microphone is also included in the box. Replacement ear cushions can be exchanged for attached imitation leather ear cushions, but a replacement pair with soft fabric cover is included. There is also a small storage bag for transport.

The enclosed cables also have a good length, almost too long for my workplace. The normal jack cable has a length of 2 meters. If you don’t have a combined jack connector, you also need the splitter. Here I add another 1.2 meters. For users of mobile devices a 1.5 meter long cable is sufficient. All three are sleeved, i.e. covered with fabric.

Technical Details

Name Logitech G Pro X
Frequency 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Diameter driver 50 mm (Hybrid Mesh PRO-G)
Driver technology Neodymium
Impendance, sensitivity 35 Ohm, 91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm
microphone polar pattern Kidney shaped (unidirectional)
Type Electret capacitor
Frequency range 100 Hz – 10 kHz
Weight 320 g (without cable)
Connection USB-A (per DAC), 3.5mm jack (4-pin)
Compatibility PC, PS4 / Pro, XBox One / S / X, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet
Price € 26.90 *

Exteriors & Comfort

For me, Logitech’s headsets have always been in an acceptable range, but the comfort has always been a bit limited. With the Pro X, the impression is directly different. There are no colour accents or lighting – which is lucky. The headset is matt black with eye-catching metal trim on the ear cups. The detachable microphone means the headset can even be worn in public. They look like simple but high-quality headphones.

Also the overall impression of the processing is immediately good. Under the padding in the headband there is a continuous metal bracket, which can be turned and bent without difficulty, but is still very robust. All seams are neatly finished and the ear cushions are also of high quality, this applies to both ear cushions. The supplied fabric pads are also easy to replace. The relatively thick cushions, however, ensure a good sweat around the ears at high temperatures. With the artificial leather upholstery more than with the fabric upholstery.

With 320 grams, good ear pads and the headband, excellent wearing comfort is not a problem. Even after several hours you almost forget that you have a headset on your head. Due to the well padded ear cups, glasses can also be worn relaxed underneath. The Pro X can also be adjusted sufficiently for larger heads.

Compatibility & Sound

A big advantage is the compatibility. The Logitech G Pro X can be connected to a computer via USB or 3.5 mm jack. Of course, consoles, mobile devices or gamepads can only be connected via a jack. The included USB-DAC provides a much wider range of functions. Thanks to the G-Hub software, DTS Headphone:X 2.0 is also supported. The full functionality of Blue!VOICE is also available.

The Logitech G Pro X has its own 50 mm Pro G drivers. The usual frequency range from 20 to 20,000 Hz is covered with an impedance of 35 Ohm. The drivers deliver a great sound via USB-DAC as well as via jack. The highs are often represented poorly to mediocre by such drivers, but for the Logitech G Pro X this is no problem. The bass is powerful, perhaps too much for some users. In general, the headset makes a good impression, everything is easy to understand and has the necessary boom.

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Adjustment Possibilities per G Hub

But thanks to the G Hub, Logitech’s software, in conjunction with the DAC, we can get much more out of the Logitech G Pro X. Connected via USB, everything is completely customizable. Just to mention a few settings: 5-band EQ, EQ for the microphone, high pass filter, compressor and many more. When using the DAC, the DTS Surround mode can also be set with additional options, such as the Super Stereo. This makes it possible to control the spatial areas separately.

Presets can be created and saved for both the sound output and the microphone. This allows you to create your own configuration that you can quickly switch to. In order to be able to adjust the microphone perfectly, a voice recording can be started directly in the software. Especially for streamers/broadcasters this is a helpful extra. Thus a high level can be reached – and this is really the rarity for this price class.

Conclusion of the Logitech G Pro X Review

A high-quality exterior combined with great technology and software. Working with Blue is definitely worthwhile for Logitech. At 129 euros, the Pro X is certainly not the cheapest headset on the market, but it’s more than convincing.

Due to the materials used and the quite simple design in connection with the detachable microphone, the headset can also be worn in everyday life without any problems – almost chic hipster headphones. When it comes to sound, Logitech makes no compromises with its own drivers, which deliver a balanced sound. With DTS Headphones:X 2.0 on the computer, everything gets even better and can even be perfectly adapted to your own preferences via G Hub.

For broadcasters or streamers, the Logitech G Pro X* can also be used. The microphone and the software come from Blue, a well-known manufacturer of recording technology. In the end you put some money on the table, but you get a headset with a lot of bums.

Logitech G Pro X

Sound Quality
Recording Quality
Value for Money

Good headset with reasonable price.

The G Pro X can truly be classified as a high-end product by Logitech and the cooperation with Blue really makes sense!

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