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Logitech G332 Gaming Headset Review

We have already tested the G935 and the G432 for you. To complete the new Logitech series, the G635 and G332 are still missing. The more expensive G635 is the same as the G935. The only difference is that the wireless function is not integrated. So let’s take care of the Logitech G332 gaming headset here. The cheapest of the four new Logitech headsets.

Design and Workmanship

The design is just always just compared to the G432 gaming headset hardly changed. The only difference has the biggest effect at the same time. Instead of the usual Logitech blue, a strong red was chosen.

Despite the somewhat lower price, the quality of the workmanship and the components used did not suffer.

Logitech G332

Technical Details

Driver 50 mm
Frequency 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Weight 280g (without cable)
Material Plastic
Modularization Folding microphone
Compatibility PC, PS4 (Pro), Xbox One (S and X), Switch, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet
Price € 35.90 *

Wearing Comfort

The wearing comfort of the G332 is very good due to the low weight of 280g (without cable). The lateral contact pressure is not so high that it becomes uncomfortable. This is also no problem for spectacle wearers. So nothing stands in the way of a long gaming session with the headset.


The sound of the affordable Logitech headset is the biggest difference here. Compared to the slightly more expensive G432, it is not possible to make further settings using the Logitech G Hub software. Effects such as DTS Headphone:X 2.0 or surround sound are not needed. This is the biggest weak point of the headset. The sound is not bad and you get a very clear sound, but in a direct comparison you can hear a clear difference. If you use a very good sound card, the difference is smaller.

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Not only the general design corresponds to that of the G432, but also the microphone. The cardioid unidirectional microphone is located at the end of a boom. This gives the impression of being rigid, but can be adapted to your own needs. The recording also has a very strong background noise. But you can get an idea of the quality in the video itself.

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Conclusion on Logitech G332 Gaming Headset Review

The Price: € 35.90 * expensive Logitech headset is of very good quality and will be sufficient for many long gaming sessions. The design is a nice change. The only problem is the non-existent software support and the resulting worse sound. If you want to use the headset on your PC and don’t have a good sound card, take a closer look at the G432. If you don’t have any problems with a slightly worse sound, you will get a good and high-quality headset.

Logitech G332

Value for Money

High quality, but no software to improve the sound.

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