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Razer Lancehead Review: A Gaming Mouse That Lives up to Its Name

The manufacturer Razer has already proven in the past that they are well versed in high-end cordless mice and are superior to other manufacturers in this field. That’s not surprising, since Razer specializes in peripherals. All of the cordless mice that Razer has introduced to the market so far convinced with their unobtrusive and delay-free scanning and error-free radio transmission to the PC. The same goes for the latest model, the Razer Lancehead. With a price of Price not available * it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s still a good product.

This wireless mouse can be used with both hands and measures 117 mm x 71 mm x 38 mm. The upper side is made of smooth plastic, which is probably more resistant in the long run than many soft-touch materials. The sides are rubberized for grip. Both main keys are equipped with Omron switches and release crisply and with high resistance, which is what the Razer Lancehead wants. The two side keys are positioned symmetrically. The two-way mouse wheel scores with optimum grid and rubber coating.

The Razer Lancehead is around 112 grams heavier than comparable cordless mice. But on the underside, the 2.4 GHz radio receiver fits under a flap so that you can easily transport the mouse. It is rechargeable with a 210 centimeter long cable, which is connected to a micro-USB port. After about one hour the Lancehead from Razer is fully charged and ready for 24 to 27 hours of use with the lights on. What is strange is that according to the software it only loads up to 97 percent, even days later it does not reach 100 percent.

Technical Data of the Razer Lancehead

Product name: Razer Lancehead
Sensitivity 16.000 DPI
Features PI-switch, macro keys, housing illuminated
Connectivity Wireless
Interface USB
Dimensions 7.1 cm x 3.8 cm x 11.7 cm
Weight 112 grams
Sensor type 5G laser, tracking 250 inches per second
keys 9
Lighting Razer Chroma illumination with 16.8 million color options (customizable)
Price Price not available *
Razer Lancehead - Beidhändige Kabellose Gaming Ma
This product is currently unavailable.


The Razer Lancehead is suitable for left and right handed users. Not only the symmetrical shape, but also the two thumb buttons on both sides above the rubber coating of the side panels ensure double-sided operability.

Two DPI switches are positioned behind the mouse wheel, offering five steps in 100 DPI steps. The RGB lighting called Chroma offers five lighting effects that you can use with the Synapse Pro software either for all lighting elements together or for all elements individually. The beta version of the Synapse Pro software will be released soon and allows other settings, such as the

  • Macro programming or
  • Manage the five profiles that can be stored in the OnBoard memory.

The 5G laser sensor is equipped with an ARM-CPU, which allows the adjustment of the lift-off distance as well as the calibration on different surfaces. According to Razer, the Lancehead provides at least 24 hours of fun – with lighting. If that’s not enough for you, you can connect it to your computer with the 2.1 metre USB charging cable and continue using it. This cable can also be used as an extension for the receiver using an adapter included in the scope of delivery. To transport the Lancehead, the 2.4 GHz radio receiver can be conveniently accommodated in a compartment located on the underside.

Ergonomics of the Razer Lancehead

Thanks to the axis-symmetrical designed body you can also enjoy the handy and with 112 grams quite light mouse as a left-hander. The Palm Grip player lets his palm rest on the slightly curved and roughened upper shell, while the Calw Grip player appreciates the sweat-resistant rubber coating of the two sufficiently large grip recesses. No matter which grip style, even longer sessions can be enjoyed without fatigue and comfortably. The position of the side keys, which you can’t release unintentionally, has also been thought through.

All in all the Razer Lancehead provides the accessibility of all keys. Close behind the mouse wheel are the buttons, which are mainly designed as DPI switches. You can reach them comfortably with your index finger without having to bend it too much. The two main switches are also easy to use by Palm Grip players with long fingers, as they have direct and very crisply appealing pressure points. The rubberized scroll wheel scores with its noticeable grating and low idle speed. Likewise, all six additional keys have very good pressure points.

Free scanning

The 5G laser sensor with a sensitivity of 16,000 DPI has already proven itself in the Razer Mamba 2015 and does not disappoint in the Lancehead either. The scanning performance is extremely precise, the Lancehead responds directly and without delay. This may require some practice in the beginning, but then you don’t want to do without 100% control and prompt mouse movements anymore.

With its Lancehead, Razer proves once again that a wireless mouse can hold a candle to its wired colleagues when it comes to scanning performance. The Lancehead always reacts precisely, signal delays do not occur, just like latencies or dropouts due to transmission problems. 180 degree rotations can be performed in a controlled manner. The range of about seven meters is very good.

The software does not provide an option to modify the Angle Shaping. This and the line test with Paint show that Razer deliberately refrains from a path straightening. Gamers can minimize the lift off distance to less than one millimeter and also calibrate different surfaces.

Razer Synapse 3

I’ve been enthusiastic about Razer’s software for quite some time now. Especially the new version, even if it is still in beta, is great. It works flawlessly and offers really everything you could wish for. Both the lighting and macros can be created quickly and easily. Macros can contain not only mouse buttons, but also their absolute or relative position on the monitor. Anything is possible with keyboard input. With Razer Synapse 3 it is now also possible to save the configuration both in the cloud and on the device.

A new profile is automatically created for each newly connected device, but you can also add your own profiles or select another one. Thus it is possible to load the configuration directly from another PC without any problems. It is also possible to link to games, so that another profile is simply loaded when starting a certain game.

Conclusion on the Razer Lancehead

All in all, the Razer Lancehead is quite something to be proud of. She scores above all with her optimal ergonomics, which are independent of grip style and handiness. All keys are easily accessible, yet positioned in such a way that accidental activation is not possible. The 5G laser sensor is very accurate, a rapid detection is given. In wireless mode, the wireless mouse has a range of seven meters.

Furthermore the Razer Lancehead fits exactly with the Razer hardware. And it supports Synapse 3. The price is not exactly cheap with about Price not available *[/atkp_product], but in our opinion it is still appropriate for the outstanding performance and features.

Razer Lancehead

Value for Money

A wireless mouse with gamer focus that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of features and ergonomics.

Razer Lancehead - Beidhändige Kabellose Gaming Ma
This product is currently unavailable.

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