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The right chair at the right price? SPC Gear SR300F V2

Nowadays one can sit 8 hours on the PC at the company and afterwards sit down at home also again for relaxation at the computer. Whoever has ever had an uncomfortable chair there, appreciates good chairs and that is also the reason why there are so many companies that offer chairs. If the chair should also look like something, then gaming chairs come into the program. Today we will take a closer look at the SPC Gear SR300F V2 RD to see if it not only looks good but is also comfortable.

Scope of delivery and construction

Before we take a closer look at the chair, of course we have to assemble it first. Even here, the carelessness of a manufacturer is often hidden, since you often need three or even four hands to build a gaming chair. Once you get the 20 kg package and open it up, you will notice that the parts are stacked very well together. If you now have some space, you can remove all parts from the package and assemble the chair with the manual.

All screws and also the cross screw Allen key, with which all screws can be tightened, are in an extra packaging, so that everything can be taken out together. In the first two steps, the rolls are placed on the base and the gas spring including the cover is positioned in the middle. Afterwards it is recommended to fix the cushions to the backrest. To do this, it is best to put the backrest on its side and connect the click fasteners in this way. By the way, the pillow is only equipped with a Velcro fastener.

In the fourth step, the backrest is screwed onto the seat. Here the precise work of the manufacturer pays off, because you can put the backrest between the metal struts and then it will not tip over. Thus one must carry out only fine work and find the correct position, in order to tighten the screws. So you definitely don’t need a third hand and you can easily assemble the chair on your own. In the fifth step, the covers for the metal struts are fixed, screwed tight with a screw, and with a black cover the screw hole becomes almost invisible. Here too, the manufacturer has done a precise job.

In order to connect the base with the seat, the mechanism is attached to the underside with four screws. In addition, the 2D armrests are also screwed on here. Here you can set your own preferences, as the armrests can be screwed a good 2 centimeters further out. Afterwards, you can also loosen the screws again if you want the armrests to sit a little further inwards. Last but not least, the upper part is placed on the gas pressure spring and the chair is ready to be assembled.

Frame construction: metal
Material of cover: fabric
Weight: 19.5 kg
Seat: width: inside: 360 mm, outside: 560 mm
depth: 480 mm
thickness: 100 mm
Backrest: width: inside: 340 mm, outside: 550 mm
height: 930 mm
thickness: 80 mm
Armrests: 2D, height: min: 270 mm, max: 340 mm
Ergonomics: backrest tiltable, height adjustable, lumbar and neck cushion
Gas spring: class 4, 175 mm
Maximum load: 120 kg
Price (MSRP): 164,99 €

Design and workmanship

Now the chair can be seen in its full glory for the first time and it looks really good. Personally, I think the combination of red and black is very cool, and the SR300F V2 RD is a very cool combination. The logo also fits perfectly into this color combination. The SPC-Gear logo is generally already red-white and fits perfectly into the design. The complete logo including lettering is located on the neck cushion, while only the logo itself is visible on the backrest. On the back of the backrest, however, the logo and the lettering are also applied again.

Even during the construction we noticed that SPC Gear has given this chair a lot of thought, and that the workmanship will not ruin it. As mentioned above, the chair was very easy to assemble and so the holes were positioned appropriately. But the parts themselves are also of very good quality. The seat, the backrest and both cushions are completely covered with fabric and feel just great. There is no thread that sticks out. Even if with fine lines, like in the logo, here and there smaller distances can be seen. But to find such, you have to take a close look at the chair.

Seating comfort and ergonomics

Of course it is always an advantage if the chair looks good, but it is mainly the seating comfort that counts. We have already mentioned the mesh material, which simply feels good and not only when you touch it with your hand. You sit really well in the chair and you don’t have to be afraid of sticking to the chair because the fabric is breathable. So even hot summer days can come. In addition, the two cushions are pleasantly soft and really nestle against the body, so you can make yourself really comfortable. If you like to lean back and relax, you can tilt the backrest backwards by up to 170 degrees, even without the chair tipping over. Even those who like to bounce back and forth a little in their chair will not be disappointed here. The chair can be tilted up to 18 degrees and the resistance can be adjusted using the control on the underside. However, when we sit at our tables, the arm position is often important.

For this reason, SPC Gear has installed 2D armrests that can be adjusted in height. Although they are not covered with fabric, they are shaped so that you can comfortably rest your hands in your lap with a controller in your hand. Although, as mentioned during the assembly, the distance between the armrests can be adjusted a bit, we would have wished for 3D armrests.

What is also a bit disturbing are the chair’s rollers. If you want to move the chair just a little bit, you have to apply a lot of force so that the chair does not just move along the rollers. A little less resistance when turning the castors would certainly have helped here, but that is also why the chair is very robust.  All in all, the SR300F from SPC Gear is still very comfortable and can easily survive heated battles on hot days.

Conclusion of the SR300F V2 review

Let’s summarize what else we would have liked to see. The 2D armrests are sufficient for the time being, but another adjustment option into a third dimension would be a feature to think about for the next chair. In addition, the rotation resistance of the castors seems to be a bit high, even though this should rarely be a problem in use.

Especially since the chair is very convincing simply because of its ergonomics and seating comfort. The mesh material is really pleasant and so sweating and sticking as far as the chair is concerned is a thing of the past. Also the very well thought-out construction and the quality and workmanship are simply great, so that we can recommend this chair with a clear conscience. From us you can get the Platinum-Award here.

SPC Gear SR300F V2 RD

Seating comfort
Stability & workmanship
Value for money


The chair is easy to assemble and very comfortable even over longer periods of time. Only the armrests would have deserved an extra dimension.

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