4 Best RPGs (Role-Playing Games) for Android 2022

Recently, role-playing games, or RPGs, have dominated the gaming world. It’s a type of game where gamers play the role of characters in a fictional environment.  

It’s fun and unique gameplay has encouraged millions of gamers to try these games at least once. RPGs are also renowned in several domains, including the betting industry. So, yes, gamblers have something else to try out instead of interpreting the NFL week 11 odds.

Jokes apart, RPG games are also available for Android devices. Here are the top 4 best RPG games to try out for Android users:

Fantasy Football

The best RPG game to play (especially if you are a football enthusiast) on your Android device is Fantasy football. It’s a game where players form an imaginary team of real-time football players and play as per the real statistical performance of the player.

Fantasy football’s popularity is justified by the recognition of NFL games. Although it started off as a simple recreational activity, Fantasy football has come a long way, and now it has become a huge business across the online world.

Just as virtual reality has become the new generation for Live Escape games, fantasy football is ruling the football games industry.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a sci-fi RPG game set in the Star Wars world. The game is based about four thousand years before Galactic Empire, where the Judi Knights and Sith are battling against each other. It has hundreds of characters, skills, Jedi power scores, and side quests for power-packed gameplay.

You can adventure through several iconic Star Wars locations, including Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk and Tatooine. All in all, it’s a must-try!


Eternium is an outstanding RPG game created with the passion of old-school gamers. In this game, you can kill bad guys, access loot for collection, and check out ruins and dungeons for a fun experience. It also has a long storyline and intuitive controls, plus you can play it offline too. Eternium is one of the top-rated RPG games on the App store, with 4.5+ ratings.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an award-winning open-ended farming RPG game with exclusive features. You can transform your overgrown fields into dynamic farms. Besides, you can raise animals, breed them, and grow seasonal crops to ensure the best farm customization of all time! Put simply, it’s a fun-induced game that isn’t worth missing.

That’s all! Have you played any of these RPG games yet? If not, they are a must-try. Play them and see for yourself!

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