How to Choose the Right Gaming Monitor

Whatever your level is as a gamer, you need to have the proper hardware. While some may think that only hardcore gamers can benefit from having the best gear, it’s the beginners who stand to benefit the most. The right setup can make gaming more enjoyable while improving your performance, and it all starts with the right monitor. Finding a great monitor can be easier said than done, however, especially with all the options we have available. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right monitor for gaming.

Size and Resolution

You can never go too big with a monitor. If you have enough space and money, we suggest you go with at least a 27” monitor. This will give you plenty of real estate and allow you to enjoy games way above FHD (1,920 X 1,080). These days, many models support resolutions up to 2,560 X 1,440. This is much sharper than FHD, but you have to remember that you need a graphics card that can handle these kinds of resolutions as well.

If you don’t have much space or have a limited budget, know that there are other options out there, but you’ll be limited. You could go with a 24″ monitor, but you won’t be able to go over 1,920 X 1,080 in resolution. If you have deep pockets and extra space, however, you can look at some of the 30″ models out there. You could even go with a curved 34″ model. These have a higher aspect ratio, which offers a much wider field of view and a much more immersive gaming experience.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is another very important feature, but one that many people overlook. Refresh rate is how long it takes for a monitor to completely redraw the screen. This is calculated in Hz, with the standard being around 60Hz. That means that the screen is refreshed 60 times in a minute.

A screen with a high refresh rate will be important if you like games with lots of action and visuals, like most modern online pokies that you have today. If you go with a 60Hz, you might miss a few frames or even suffer some monitor tearing, which is when more than one frame is displayed at the same time. We would suggest that you go with a 120Hz model at least so you don’t miss anything.

Panel Technology

The sort of technology the monitor uses is also very important. Twisted Nematic panels are the most popular among gamers and are so because of their high response rate. But they offer inconsistent performance depending on the angle from which you look at them. Vertical Alignment monitors are great at displaying deep blacks and for colour in general but they are also prone to ghosting, which can hurt your game.

In-Plain Switching panels are usually the best all-around option. They offer the best colour quality and have great grey-scale performance. The only issue is that they’re susceptible to motion artifacts. They also don’t have the same pixel response as Twisted Nematic models.

These are the principal features that you should look for when picking a gaming monitor. If you’re still stumped, speak with an expert and get as many reviews as you can until you find the best model for you.

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