Technological breakthroughs to expect next year

Technology is progressing at a breakneck pace, with new innovations revolutionizing the market every year. In turn, progress in this sector means significant breakthroughs in every part of our society, whether that’s medicine, business or entertainment. This forward march of innovation shows no signs of slowing down, with even more advances lingering on the horizon for 2024. In this article, we’ll parse out the top tech trends expected to shake up the way we live.

Quantum and edge computing

One of the biggest hindrances to technological progression in recent years has been the sheer speed of the hardware needed to process and analyze huge amounts of data. Quantum computing could help us achieve the breakthrough needed to leap over this blockade and reach new heights of processing speed. Quantum computers can handle complex calculations at mind-boggling speeds, meaning fields that rely on crunching huge amounts of data in short times will fly in the future. These include cryptography, drug discovery and logistics optimization. It can also mean bolstering encryption for security measures.

Edge computing is another newcomer set to be a game-changer. It works – rather than upgrading to expensive technology – by processing data closer to the source (at the network’s edge) to reduce latency and increase processing time by huge margins.

Metaverse and extended reality (XR)

What seemed like science fiction only a decade ago is now an integral, accessible part of our daily lives. Extended reality, a catch-all term that refers to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR), is being employed extensively in social media, entertainment and training programs, and the applications are only set to increase as the technology becomes more streamlined. Many readers might have experienced the Pokémon Go hype, where AR overlays avatars into reality via a phone screen, or might own a virtual reality headset, allowing them to access communal VR games.

The metaverse is one of the most innovative applications of VR, with an entire computer-generated, three-dimensional world in which users represented by avatars can interact. This platform is set to bring a whole new level to social media and gaming, where players, just by the use of a virtual reality headset, can immerse themselves in social environments, gaming worlds or even live casinos.

AI and machine learning evolution

Nothing has made such a groundbreaking change to the landscape of modern technology as artificial intelligence and the support of evolving machine learning. This year is set to bring even more innovations and increases in the efficiency and intelligence of both technologies, developing more elaborate models with more sophisticated algorithms and enhanced predictive capabilities. AI and machine learning will become more deeply integrated into even more industries, whether they be healthcare, finance or gambling. AI will revolutionize the decision-making process and turn operations optimization into a breeze. AI also has functionality in tailoring advertising and platform algorithms to customers, enhancing entertainment and shopping experiences.

Mobile gaming and 5G advancements

Mobile gaming has become the hot topic in entertainment, and it’s only set to burn brighter in 2024. Integrating groundbreaking progress in graphical hardware and software interfaces, gaming on mobile is approaching the same level of quality we expect from our desktop gaming. Improving mobile technology has brought better graphics, smoother gameplay and enhanced user interfaces.

The improvements aren’t limited to devices themselves, either. Most mobile gameplay – especially MMOs and online casinos – relies on internet connectivity. Advancements in 5G and network connectivity herald a revolution in the world of live casino, where players can jump into live blackjack games with a live dealer. With the increasing coverage of 5G internationally, people worldwide will be able to have unfettered access to the internet – and all the knowledge and education that comes with it.


As technology improves, our need for development in regulatory technologies and cybersecurity does too. Digital assets become more vulnerable than ever with each new innovation, but thankfully, the cybersecurity field is also progressing leaps and bounds. AI-driven threat detection is anticipated to react to security threats in digital activity before they can even manifest as an issue, halting hackers and fraudsters in their tracks.

To prevent unauthenticated access to accounts and servers, new biometric authentication will take face and fingerprint locks even further, tying our sensitive data directly to our unique biological traits such as voices and retinas. Geolocation tracking already flags unauthorized intrusions from unexpected locations. Together, this host of new innovations, expected to move into the spotlight in the new year, will make huge strides in keeping our data safe.

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