These Tips Can Help Extend the Battery Life of Your Mobile Phone

When you unpack a new mobile phone, you’re excited about the new features and higher technical standards, and long-lasting battery. Reduced battery life is often the strongest reason for buying or leasing a new phone. By following some practical tips, you can optimize the battery life of your mobile device in everyday life. This means you won’t be annoyed by the short battery life and won’t have to carry the charging cable around you. In addition to tips for extending the lifespan of your mobile phone battery, you can also find a 50 Euros No Deposit Bonus here.

Tip 1: Keep Only Necessary Apps Open and Remove Power-hungry Apps

Like with a PC or laptop, the number of open apps directly affects the battery performance. Activating additional services, such as location service, also consumes battery power. Therefore, close unnecessary apps before putting your phone aside. Regularly check the programs you have installed and see if you need them. Under the battery section in your phone’s settings, you can see which app consumes how much battery power. Identify the power-hungry ones and find alternatives to them if possible. Since there are also programs that consume less battery power in the background than when reloading, it’s worth checking the installed apps and their battery usage individually.

Tip 2: Disable Location Services

Location services are not only present in Google Maps or other navigation programs. Almost every service app asks for permission to activate location detection during installation. The negative side effect is that each “yes” leads to an additional query of the application. If you’ve used your phone as a navigation device while driving, you’ve probably noticed how quickly the battery drains. Therefore, make sure to have a charger with you so you can charge your battery while driving if necessary. Otherwise, use a classic navigation device such as TomTom.

Tip 3: Use Night Mode

The display’s brightness can be easily adjusted to your needs via your phone’s settings. Night mode adjusts all functions of the phone to reduce stress. The color schemes of the programs change, and the display brightness is dimmed for the duration of the night mode. Take advantage of this feature and use night mode even during the day.

Tip 4: Make a Conscious Decision for or Against Meta Company Apps

It’s an open secret that not only the Facebook app but also Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp challenge data usage and battery. Therefore, users of older phones often have to weigh up whether to use one or the other Meta app. Fortunately, the services can be quickly loaded via a mobile web browser. Also, Lite versions of these and other battery-intensive apps such as Skype can be found.

Tip 5: Properly Charge Your Mobile Phone Battery

When exactly do you charge your mobile phone? There are users who almost completely discharge it to a few percent. Other users get nervous when only a third of the battery life is displayed. Studies show that a mobile phone should be charged best when it reaches a remaining battery level of 20 percent. It should be noted that the device should not be charged until the battery level reaches 100 percent. When the mobile phone battery has already reached a charge of around 80 percent, it can be removed from the charging cable and used on the go. Properly charging your mobile phone battery also involves the charging cable. If the mobile phone is charged for a few minutes, a fast charging cable can even positively affect the battery’s lifespan. In addition, it should be ensured that a mobile phone does not remain on the charging cable for too long after being fully charged. This can demonstrably reduce the maximum possible battery life.

Tip 6: Deactivating Unused or Battery-intensive Phone Features

This tip refers to services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC. Because these services constantly search for new access points or other devices, the battery usage is very high once activated. It also helps to consider the apps being used. For example, if you have ever played Candy Crush, you have probably noticed the vibration effects. Setting the ringtone to vibrate or using silent mode can lead to significant battery consumption. If you can’t live without certain apps, you still have the option of setting longer intervals between updates.

Conclusion: Improve Battery Life and Reduce Battery Wear!

A mobile phone has the task of reliably supporting you at all times. Whether you want to inquire about the well-being of your family members, agree to meet with your friends, or briefly communicate with a colleague. The mobile phone suggests in its variety of functions that you can use its services and be reachable everywhere. Thanks to a sufficiently charged mobile phone battery, you are always on the safe side. If you follow our tips, you will be able to use your phone longer than average.

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