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3D printing and Easter: Unique ideas for decorative and functional objects

Every year, the Easter bunny appears on your doorstep and often brings gifts that you may accept with pleasure out of politeness, but then stow away in a dark corner as soon as the visitor has gone. And with a bit of bad luck, that’s exactly where your Easter presents end up. So why not create gifts, decorations and other assorted items that will last for years and can at least be reused every Easter weekend? After all, the world has moved on and Easter decorations can now be pretty and functional at the same time. We show you a selection of models that skillfully combine 3D printing and Easter.

It’s all a question of the printer

3D printing is a ground-breaking technology that allows you to create three-dimensional objects layer by layer from different materials. In filament printing, also known as fused deposition modeling (FDM), a plastic filament is heated and extruded through a nozzle to build objects. This method is popular due to its cost-effectiveness and the wide range of filaments available, but it can reach its limits with very small objects with fine details.

In contrast, resin printing, also known as stereolithography (SLA), uses liquid resin that is cured by light. This gives you an impressive level of detail, but at higher material and equipment costs.

You can usually print our Easter decorations effortlessly with both technologies. FDM is ideal for larger, less detailed pieces, while SLA is perfect for small, intricate objects. Whichever method you choose, both give you the opportunity to add unique, self-designed accents to your Easter celebrations without having to purchase another type of printer.

Decorative objects for the Easter season

Let’s start our collection with decorative objects that are as easy to print as possible. For example, you can gain a little experience and deepen your knowledge of materials and processing. For some objects, it is also advisable to test them extensively before the final presentation at the Easter brunch. Especially when it comes to egg cups, for example, which are filled with hot eggs.

Egg cups with a modern look

A modern egg cup, optimized for 3D printing, combines functionality with contemporary design. It has been specially designed so that you can print it without additional support structures, allowing for a quick and uncomplicated printing process. The recommendation to use matte colored PLA underlines the aesthetic appeal of this object, while the snug fit size ensures that no scaling is required – simply print and enjoy without your egg falling inside or not fitting properly. Ideal for the modern Easter table, the egg cup also stands out with its unusual handle and is a practical and stylish companion for your breakfast egg.

Mit dem Eierbecher von Factorian Designs präsentierst du dein Frühstücksei garantiert mit Stil. Quelle: FACTORIANDESIGNS von Cults3D
With the egg cup from Factorian Designs, you are guaranteed to present your breakfast egg in style. Source: FACTORIANDESIGNS by Cults3D


Easter dragon & egg

Mogan is a detailed designed, articulated dragon that not only contributes to Easter decoration with its 3D printed egg, but also exudes technical sophistication. The term “articulated” in this context means that the object has freely movable limbs without you having to laboriously assemble them from individual parts – an innovation in 3D printing. This two-piece set not only demonstrates how sophisticated designs can be realized even with smaller 3D printers, but also reinvents the traditional Easter motif and breathes a certain fantasy vibe into your Easter decorations. All you need is a precisely calibrated printer and a little imagination and patience when painting.

Drache & Ei in einem Abwasch, äh, Druck. Quelle: BOTTEGA3D von Cults3D
Dragon & egg in one wash, er, print. Source: BOTTEGA3D from Cults3D


Bunny planter for succulents (and other plants)

The bunny succulent pot is an adorable addition for anyone who wants to add a touch of nature (and a little plastic) to their Easter decorations. This 3D-printed bunny-shaped plant pot is not only a cute eye-catcher for the Easter table, but is also very practical for small succulents or your indoor herb garden. Place it on the windowsill to catch the spring sunshine or make it the centerpiece of your Easter brunch. The pot is robust and lightweight, so you can easily move it around depending on where you want to display your green friends. The best thing about it? Despite the material, it is a sustainable object that you can use year after year.

Ein Oster-Blumentopf, den du wegen seines putzigen Aussehens genau genommen das ganze Jahr über nutzen kannst. Quelle: POLYDRAW3D von Cults3D
An Easter flower pot that you can actually use all year round because of its cute appearance. Source: POLYDRAW3D by Cults3D


Easter bunny joint figure

The movable Easter bunny is a technical gem for every 3D printing fan. This “print-in-place” model allows all the limbs to move freely immediately after the printing process, without you having to laboriously rework them beforehand. Simply loosening the joints is enough to make the Easter bunny move. With this special design, the printed individual parts support each other so that no further support structures are required. This not only saves material, but also simplifies and speeds up the printing process. With careful prior calibration and adherence to the recommended settings, such as an infill density of 15-20% and the use of three walls with a 0.4 mm nozzle, this charming bunny can be printed in no time at all.

Was passt besser zum Osterfest als ein voll beweglicher Osterhase aus dem 3D-Drucker? Quelle: MATMIRE_MAKES von Cults3D
What could be better for Easter than a fully mobile Easter bunny from the 3D printer? Source: MATMIRE_MAKES from Cults3D


Flexible Easter dragon with eggs

Another creature of the dragon species, but in this case a little bigger and even with several eggs – this Easter dragon is also a fully articulated 3D printed model that combines fantasy and Easter customs relatively skillfully in one object. With the playful details of Easter eggs, bunny ears and a chicken feather comb, this dragon is a fantastic addition to any Easter decoration. It is designed to work without support materials and also comes with little Easter dragon eggs. Whether printed on a square, straight or rectangular layout, the Easter dragon, adapted for FDM and resin printers, offers an exciting printing experience and a (hopefully) enchanting result either way.

Wenn er nicht gerade seine eigenen Eier bewacht, kann er ebenso deine Frühstückseier vor Fressfeinden schützen - oder dank seiner Form alle Blicke auf sich ziehen. Quelle: CINDERWING3D von Cults3D
When he’s not guarding his own eggs, he can also protect your breakfast eggs from predators – or attract everyone’s attention thanks to his shape. Source: CINDERWING3D from Cults3D


3D printing and Easter: Egg Star

Imagine the dark side has taken over Easter – with the Egg Star, a playful Easter version of the infamous Death Star. This 3D-printed container is the perfect secret hiding place for your Easter candy or other small gifts. Designed in three parts – top, bottom and thread – you can use the Egg Star to celebrate your Easter morning in the most creative and intergalactic way possible. The object can also be optionally presented on a matching stand. This model is recommended for a 0.4 mm nozzle, with a layer height of 0.2 mm, and can be printed without supports so that you don’t have to laboriously rework the result.

Komm auf die dunkle Seite, wir haben Eier. Und dank des gefährlichen Erscheinungsbilds ist der Inhalt bestens geschützt. Quelle: C47 von Cults3D
Come to the dark side, we have eggs. And thanks to the dangerous appearance, the contents are well protected. Source: C47 by Cults3D


Flexible Easter ear hairband

The flexible bunny ears are available as a three-piece set and offer a simple and playful way to enrich Easter in the most humorous way possible. Conveniently, you can make several of them at once so that you can make everyone at your Easter brunch happy. The individual parts fit together seamlessly thanks to precise design and printing, so you don’t need to use glue. Each segment is precisely fitted to create a stable yet flexible shape that you can assemble effortlessly. With these bunny ears as an adorable accessory, you will not only express your originality, but perhaps enrich the Easter celebration in a very humorous way.

Mit beweglichen Hasenohren wird jeder öde Osterbrunch zum spaßigen Event für Groß und Klein. Quelle: KITOIMPRESION3D von Cults3D
With movable bunny ears, every dull Easter brunch becomes a fun event for young and old. Source: KITOIMPRESION3D by Cults3D


Rotatable egg cups

Admittedly, the usefulness of this object is definitely debatable, as the eggs are so close together that your guests can grab any of them. However, the cogwheel design and, above all, the functional part of the egg cup is a humorous way to encourage interaction between everyone present. Would the other person like the egg in the blue cup? Just turn it. The eggs are still a little too hot and need a cool breeze? Just turn them faster. The rotating egg holder holds each egg securely between colorful gears, which together form a colorful wheel. If the center gear is a little loose, it can be attached to the base with a little glue – remember to place the ring and the turntable first. If, on the other hand, the connection is too tight, a little sandpaper will help to remove material from the central axis of the base part and optimize the fit.

Für alle Drehteller-Fans und Mechanik-Begeisterten sind die rotierenden Eierbecher auf jeden Fall einen Druck wert. Quelle: DIGITANG3D von Cults3D
For all turntable fans and mechanics enthusiasts, the rotating egg cups are definitely worth a squeeze. Source: DIGITANG3D by Cults3D


Easter egg dispenser

The Easter bunny egg dispenser is your perfect companion for the Easter season. Not only is it a fun dispenser, but it’s also a decorative element that’s easy to print. With a hinged head, you can fill mini chocolate Easter eggs into an internal channel from which they can be removed individually. Thanks to a clever holding device at the bottom, the eggs do not simply roll through, but are dispensed individually. The standard size of the dispenser is 150mm x 105mm x 35mm, designed for eggs up to 28mm x 22mm. You have the option of scaling the dispenser if you want to use larger eggs. Check the size of your eggs before printing to ensure they roll smoothly in the channel. When inserting the eggs, you should make sure that the channel is free of pressure residue and as smooth as possible to minimize resistance. This egg machine is deliberately designed to work with different printers and software. For all those whose printers have a smaller installation space, there is a two-part version that works just as well.

Deko und funktionales Objekt in einem, der Schokoladenei-Spender lässt sich einfach befüllen und gibt der Reihe nach Ei für Ei aus. Quelle: muzz64 von Thingiverse.com
A decorative and functional object in one, the chocolate egg dispenser is easy to fill and dispenses one egg at a time. Source: muzz64 from Thingiverse.com


Easter cookie cutter

You’ve probably often asked yourself why baking cookies is only an issue at Christmas. With these Easter-themed cookie cutters, you no longer need any excuses and can keep on baking in spring. Simply prepare the dough of your choice, roll it out, cut out the cookies and pop them in the oven. A little tip: If the dough is too sticky, dip the cookie cutter in flour before use. The object can of course be scaled as desired, and you can also make several cookie sizes in this way – and of course decorate them later.

Kekse backen ist nur was für Weihnachten? Mit diesem dekorativen Ausstecher dauert die Keks-Saison bis Ostern an. Quelle: OogiMe von Thingiverse.com
Baking cookies is only for Christmas? With this decorative cookie cutter, the cookie season lasts until Easter. Source: OogiMe from Thingiverse.com


3D printing and Easter, combined with technology: egg-painting robot Sphere-O-bot

The Sphere-O-Bot is a drawing machine that gets creative on spheres and eggs. You can use it to create your own works of art on unusual surfaces such as eggs with a little DIY skill and programming. The stepper motors used and the servo motor for the pen guide ensure precise drawings. The Sphere-O-Bot is controlled with Inkscape and the corresponding extension – almost like a printer. However, you not only need parts from your 3D printer, but also a number of other components, such as motors, cables and an Arduino. You will also need some tools for assembly, USB cables, a power supply and the program code, which you can download directly from the developer. Once you have completed the somewhat more demanding construction, you can now easily create all kinds of drawings and patterns on your Easter eggs.

3D-Druck für Fortgeschrittene - mit dem Sphere-O-Bot kannst du nach dem Zusammenbau deine eigenen Ostereier mit Stiften verzieren lassen. Quelle: jjrobots.com
3D printing for advanced users – with the Sphere-O-Bot you can have your own Easter eggs decorated with pens after assembly. Source: jjrobots.com


Easter cat eggs

The Easter cat containers are not only cute eye-catchers, but also practical hiding places for all kinds of treats. These charming kittens in bright colors (depending on the filament used) and with playful faces are hollow inside and are just waiting to be filled with sweet treats. Whether on the breakfast table or as a hidden surprise in the garden, they bring joy and are a fresh alternative to traditional Easter nests.

Mit diesen putzigen Osterkatzen stiehlst du jedem Hasen die Show. Quelle: Tomo_designs von Thingiverse.com
You’ll steal the show with these cute Easter cats. Source: Tomo_designs from Thingiverse.com


Egg painting station

Have you ever tried to paint an egg by hand? Because of the shape and the fact that you only have two hands, it’s often not that easy. The egg painting station has been designed to make painting Easter eggs even more fun for your children. The colors are placed in the yellow ‘yolk pots’ and then you can get started with the brush. As a rule, the model should be suitable for medium-sized eggs, but can also be made smaller and larger as required. And if necessary, you can use a piece of foam rubber or folded kitchen roll between the holder and the egg to ensure a better hold. After printing, some reworking and fine-tuning may be necessary, especially with the feathers, but then nothing can stand in the way of a creative painting session with your kids.

Sieht aus wie ein zerbrochenes ei, hilft aber dir und deinen Kids beim Anmalen von Ostereiern, inklusive kleinen Gefäßen für die Farben. Quelle: francfalco von Thingiverse.com
Looks like a broken egg, but helps you and your kids to paint Easter eggs, including small containers for the colors. Source: francfalco from Thingiverse.com


Easter bunny warrior

Perhaps not so suitable for Easter brunch, but definitely an exciting change for your DnD evening at the Easter weekend: With the Easter bunny figure in shiny breastplate with round shield and sword, you can not only take on egg and chocolate thieves, but also add a good dose of humor to your party. Collect a whole army of these brave bunnies if necessary to ensure that every hidden egg remains safe and the Easter fun remains undisturbed! You can of course extend the adventure by starting a creative painting session with your group so that everyone gets their very own bunny warrior.

Mit diesem Osterhasen-Krieger hast du in deiner DnD-Runde die perfekte Antwort auf die Feiertage. Quelle: BriteMinis von Thingiverse.com
With this Easter bunny warrior, you have the perfect answer to the holidays in your DnD round. Source: BriteMinis from Thingiverse.com


Easter egg birdhouse

Objects made from PLA filament are not only suitable for indoor use, but can also be safely used outdoors, for example in the form of a birdhouse. Decorated with plenty of eggs in good Easter style, of course. This charmingly playful, three-part model is suspended from a sturdy branch (at least that’s what is implied) and more or less blends in with its surroundings. You can of course use colored rainbow filament if you’d like an eye-catcher in your garden. With its detailed trunk as a base and the colorful roof that offers protection from the elements, the little house is a cozy retreat for feathered friends. Just don’t forget to hang it up as high as possible so that the food actually reaches the birds.

Nicht jedes Vogelhaus muss sich unauffällig in die Landschaft einfügen. Dieses Exemplar schreit förmlich nach Aufmerksamkeit und ist der Hingucker in deinem Garten. Quelle: Stratation Design von MyMiniFactory.com
Not every birdhouse has to blend inconspicuously into the landscape. This one literally screams for attention and is the eye-catcher in your garden. Source: Stratation Design from MyMiniFactory.com


Cogwheel egg

Easter meets engineering with this colorful gear egg! A clever design that combines the traditional Easter egg look with functional gears brings movement to Easter. Each segment of this egg has interlocking gears that can be turned. The object is therefore not only a visual eye-catcher, but also invites you to play thanks to its function. The egg is divided into several parts, which you have to print individually. This not only makes printing easier, but also saves you tedious reworking when assembling. The cogwheel egg is definitely a must-have for every hobby engineer and technology enthusiast and should not be missing from any Easter basket.

Für die Mechanik-Begeisterten unter uns bietet das Zahnrad-Ei eine interessante optische und haptische Erfahrung beim Osterbrunch. Quelle: UrbanAtWork von Thingiverse.com
For the mechanics enthusiasts among us, the cogwheel egg offers an interesting visual and tactile experience at Easter brunch. Source: UrbanAtWork from Thingiverse.com


3D printing and Easter: puzzle egg with an inner hiding place

This puzzle egg is not only a decorative highlight, but also a tricky puzzle that will put both your skill and patience to the test. Based on the 6-piece Burr puzzles, the object hides a reward of your choice inside. Move one piece of this puzzle at a time to unlock the egg and bag the loot. The real challenge, however, lies in reassembling it. Puzzle fun and a challenge at Easter brunch? Guaranteed with this thing!

Mit etwas Übung ist das Ei-Versteck mit ein paar Handgriffen geöffnet bzw. wieder verschlossen. Für Unerfahrene kann das aber eine spannende Herausforderung werden. Quelle: DaveMakesStuff von Thingiverse.com
With a little practice, the egg hiding place can be opened and closed again in just a few simple steps. For the inexperienced, however, this can be an exciting challenge. Source: DaveMakesStuff from Thingiverse.com


Floating Easter egg

Do you like things a little more complicated and want to make sure that the Easter brunch Nobel Prize actually goes to you? Then the levitating egg is right up your street. At the heart of this fascinating piece of technology lies a sophisticated interplay of magnetic fields and electronic controls. The base of the levitator houses a precisely controlled electromagnetic coil that enables levitation through the finely tuned attraction and repulsion of a magnet embedded in the egg. The whole thing is controlled by an Arduino microcontroller, which regulates the intensity of the electromagnet so that the egg is held in the air without falling or bouncing upwards.

Making the levitator requires 3D printing of parts such as the base, coil and frame. These are then assembled with electronic components such as LEDs, resistors, capacitors, a transistor and a Hall-effect sensor that detects the exact position of the magnet. The circuit is then mounted on a circuit board, which also provides connections for USB or Bluetooth modules to facilitate programming and fine-tuning of the levitator.

Mit physikalischen Experimenten bringst du Spannung und Spaß in den Alltag. Und mit einem schwebenden Osterei hat der Levitator auch an den Feiertagen eine berechtigte Daseinsgrundlage. Quelle: RxBConcept auf Thingiverse.com
Bring excitement and fun into everyday life with physics experiments. And with a floating Easter egg, the Levitator also has a legitimate reason to exist during the holidays. Source: RxBConcept on Thingiverse.com


Easter countdown

Would you like to be reminded every day how many days until Easter? With the Easter countdown you can do just that. As long as you turn the counter every day. The counter consists of a rabbit and a ball that you can turn on one half. Numbers from 0 to 9 are engraved on it so that you can start the countdown 99 days before Easter. This model is specially designed for FDM printers and requires careful assembly after printing. With a recommended layer height of 0.16 mm, the aim is to create a good balance between print quality and stability. It is better to start printing sooner rather than later, as this can take longer than a day.

Endlich, nur noch 99 Tage bis Ostern! Mit diesem funktionalen Deko-Objekt kannst du den Countdown jeden Tag um 1 reduzieren, sodass du oder deine Kids immer genau wissen, wann endlich die Eiersuche beginnt. Quelle: Stlflix von MyMiniFactory.com
Finally, only 99 days until Easter! With this functional decorative object, you can reduce the countdown by 1 every day so that you or your kids always know exactly when the egg hunt will finally begin. Source: Stlflix from MyMiniFactory.com


3D printing and Easter: Ideas from the nozzle as a welcome change

3D printing offers many unique ways to create individual decorations and innovative gifts during the Easter period. From floating eggs that illustrate the principle of levitation, to tricky puzzles that both entertain and challenge, to countdowns that increase the anticipation of the festivities – 3D printing technology enriches the traditional Easter celebration in a creative and interactive way. Easter is not only a celebration of colors and sweets, but often also a showdown of things that are possible with 3D printing.

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