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Gardening 2.0: The best tech helpers for your spring garden

Springtime is garden time! And numerous exciting and useful gadgets impressively prove that gardening and everything associated with it doesn’t have to be boring. With the right technology, gardening not only becomes more efficient, but also really fun. Whether you’re a plant lover or a tech-savvy garden enthusiast, the best tech helpers for your spring garden will make your spring garden a real highlight both indoors and outdoors.

Smart lawn mowers with GPS navigation

The Husqvarna Automower is not only the premium lawn mower among the smart garden helpers, but should definitely not be missing from the list of “The best tech helpers for your spring garden”. The advanced system works completely autonomously and takes care of all the lawn maintenance for you. In addition to the mower itself, the scope of delivery includes a charging station and boundary wire, which you can use to define the mowing area. Thanks to high-precision GPS navigation, the Automower recognizes the set boundaries and systematically mows the lawn in strips. The powerful brushless electric motor is not only extremely quiet, but also operates completely emission-free. The lithium-ion battery provides up to 270 minutes of battery life per charge. When the battery runs low, the device automatically finds its way back to the charging station.

You also have extensive control and customization options via the intuitive smartphone app. Mowing times, cutting height and mowing intervals can be set individually. In the event of rain, the Automower can be paused with a single click. The app also provides status updates and makes it possible to direct the mower to a specific area if required. A virtual garden layout in the app makes control even easier. The Husqvarna Automower is the smart and convenient solution for a perfectly manicured lawn all year round, without having to reach for a mower, trimmer or secateurs.

Husqvarna Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 Mährobote*
Husqvarna Husqvarna Automower Aspire R4 Mähroboter für Rasenflächen bis 400m², App-gesteuert und für Enge Passagen optimiert
 Price: € 973.19 Jetzt bei Amazon ansehen!*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

The best tech helpers for your spring garden: Automatic irrigation system with app control

The Gardena Smart Water Control System is a smart garden helper that helps you with watering and irrigation. This fully automatic watering system can be easily integrated into your garden and ensures that your plants receive the optimum amount of water at all times. The heart of the system is the Smart Water Control base station, which connects wirelessly to the Gardena watering valves and nozzles. You can use the associated app to create individual watering schedules and determine when which areas of the garden should be watered.

The range of the wireless connection is up to 30 meters, and even up to 60 meters when using the Gardena repeater (yes, these are not only available for your WLAN). The system is therefore also ideal for larger gardens. The irrigation components are simply embedded in the ground and connected with a hose. However, 24 watering valves is the limit. If you want to water more plants, you will need another system, which you can easily connect to the existing one.

The smart system even takes the current weather data into account and adjusts the watering accordingly. If it is raining or rain is forecast, watering is automatically paused. During dry periods, the watering intervals are increased. The sensors in the irrigation components also detect whether the soil is sufficiently moist and stop watering early if this is the case. This ensures that water and resources are used efficiently. With Smart Water Control, you always have your garden irrigation fully under control – without the hassle of manual watering.

Don’t get left out in the rain: Digital weather stations with outdoor sensors

The Netatmo weather station is the perfect everyday helper for hobby gardeners and anyone who always wants to be up to date with the current weather conditions during their outdoor activities. The compact outdoor module measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and precipitation with high precision. The stylish indoor module with LC display shows all weather data at a glance. The free Netatmo app for iOS and Android also gives you access to professional weather data, radar displays and weather forecasts at any time.

Thanks to the intelligent software, the weather station automatically detects whether it is raining, snowing or hailing. The rain measurement is accurate to within 0.2 mm. The outdoor temperature and humidity are updated wirelessly every 5 minutes. The indoor air quality can also be monitored with optional sensors.

The Netatmo weather station is the ideal addition to your ultra-modern smart garden. The precise weather data can be used to determine ideal time windows for watering or gardening. Thanks to the clear app connection, you can always keep an eye on all relevant information, whether at home or on the move.

For budding cyborgs: Powerful cordless garden shears

With the battery-powered EasyPrune from Bosch, you have a practical garden helper at hand. Thanks to the small but powerful lithium-ion battery, the compact device fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to operate with just one hand. Despite its low weight, the sharp, precision-ground blade bites through branches up to 25 mm in diameter with ease.

A special highlight is the powerful gear system in combination with the precise cutting head. This allows you to reach even difficult growth angles and narrow areas in the wood with ease. The integrated anti-jamming function also prevents the blades from jamming. After use, the EasyPrune needs to be charged at the socket. Within around 60 minutes, the battery is fully recharged and ready for the next gardening job.

Thanks to their low weight and convenient one-handed operation, these cordless garden shears are ideal for effortless maintenance of your greenery. Whether bushes, shrubs or hedges – you can reach every corner with ease and without much effort.

Smart gardening for the lazy part-time gardener

Growing herbs and small vegetable plants conveniently on the windowsill or in the living room is child’s play with the Click & Grow Smart Garden. This innovative indoor gardening system is the ideal solution for hobby gardeners with limited space or without their own garden. For example, you can use the tool to easily cultivate your own herb garden on the balcony or directly in the kitchen.

The smart device consists of an elegant plastic container with integrated, energy-saving LED lighting and automatic watering. The special, nutritious plant soil and a germination set with seeds for up to 9 different types of herbs and vegetables are included. Simply start the preconfigured growth programs at the touch of a button and you’re ready to go!

A water tank with level indicator and programmable lighting ensure optimum growing conditions – completely automatically and without any action on your part. An app on your smartphone allows you to keep an overview and receive useful planting and harvesting tips. After harvesting, the capsules are recyclable and you can plant new seeds.

The Click & Grow Smart Garden opens up a completely new, uncomplicated way of modern gardening. Fresh herbs for your dishes or crunchy vegetables are always to hand all year round.

The best tech helpers for your spring garden: solar-powered garden lights 2.0

The hype surrounding solar-powered garden lights is slowly but surely dying down. Nevertheless, this candidate deserves a place on our list. Setting lighting accents and saving energy at the same time – this is made possible by the smart garden lights from Philips Hue. The lights in the Lily outdoor collection combine modern style with sustainable technology. As they are completely wireless and powered by a built-in solar panel, they can be easily placed anywhere in your garden, patio or front garden.

The energy-saving LED lights produce an atmospheric, warm white light and create a cozy atmosphere on warm summer evenings. Using the Hue app, you can conveniently control the lights via smartphone or voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Various light scenarios such as gentle light changes or dynamic light shows can also be set individually.

Thanks to the connection to the Hue system, you can also seamlessly integrate the Lily lights into existing Hue setups and create entire lighting choreographies for your smart home.

Effective protective barrier against insects

An untroubled garden experience without annoying mosquitoes and insects? No problem with the Thermacell insect repellent system! This innovative solution creates a comfortable protection zone outdoors that reliably protects you from the stinging pests.

At its heart is a compact device containing a special butane cartridge and an immersion solution with synthetic fragrances. When activated, the system begins to vaporize this highly effective mixture, creating a protective radius of over 20 square metres. Insects such as mosquitoes, flies and horseflies are effectively kept away.

With a runtime of up to 12 hours per cartridge, you can enjoy the insect-free zone all evening and all night long. The Thermacell system is therefore the ideal solution for relaxed barbecues, cozy get-togethers or other outdoor activities – without the constant buzzing and pestering.

Thermacell Thermacell MR-BP Backpacker Mückenschu*
Thermacell Thermacell MR-BP Backpacker Mückenschutz (Abwehrmittel)
 Price: € 51.86 (€ 51.86 / stück) Jetzt bei Amazon ansehen!*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

Your own little composting plant

Turning kitchen and food waste into valuable compost for your garden in an efficient and environmentally friendly way – the FoodCycler makes this a breeze. This innovative appliance is a smart solution for composting directly at home. The compact FoodCycler works fully automatically and composts your leftovers in just 5 hours. There are no odors and the surrounding air remains clean. The patented technology first dries and shreds the waste before it is quickly and hygienically converted into compost using heat and ventilation.

The great thing about this is that the end result is a dry, compact granulate that takes up around 90% less volume than conventional compost. It is perfect for use as a natural fertilizer for your flowers, vegetable garden or English lawn.

The FoodCycler drum can hold up to 2 liters of waste per cycle. You can monitor the progress via the display and will be notified when the finished compost can be removed.

YHUEGH Elektrischer Küchenkomposter, 3-Liter-Lebe*
YHUEGH Elektrischer Küchenkomposter, 3-Liter-Lebensmittelkompostbehälter, Smart Food Cycler für den Innenbereich, automatische Kompostiermaschine für den Hausgebrauch, Umwandlung von Abfällen in Kompost
 Price: € 974.60 Jetzt bei Amazon ansehen!*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

Smart mini greenhouse

The iDOO hydroponic growing system is a smart mini-greenhouse for growing herbs, salads and small vegetable plants at home. The compact system consists of a transparent housing with integrated, height-adjustable LED lighting and a hydroponic system for supplying nutrients.

Factors such as light intensity, lighting duration and watering cycles can be easily controlled via the touch control panel and adapted to the respective plant requirements. Thanks to the energy-saving LED lights and the efficient water system, the plants grow quickly and healthily.

With a footprint of 34×27 cm, the growing system is ideal for growing fresh herbs, salads or microgreens on the windowsill or worktop. The stylish, transparent design also makes it a decorative eye-catcher. Thanks to the automated functions, the maintenance effort is manageable so that even novice gardeners can easily grow delicious organic vegetables themselves.

iDOO iDOO WiFi Hydroponisches Anzuchtsystem, Smart*
iDOO iDOO WiFi Hydroponisches Anzuchtsystem, Smart Garden mit LED-Pflanzenlampe, Ventilator, Automatisch Timer, Indoor Kräutergarten Kit, Höhenverstellbar Hydrokultur für den Innenbereich, 12 Hülsen
 Price: € 159.98 Jetzt bei Amazon ansehen!*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

The best tech helpers for your spring garden: a better overview with the digital garden planner

With the Gardenize app, you always have a smart, digital garden planner at your fingertips. This intuitive application for iOS and Android is the ideal helper to bring structure to your bedding and planting projects.

In the app, you simply create a virtual twin of your real garden. You can recreate it down to the smallest detail using drag-and-drop or by drawing in the areas and beds. You then enter the vegetable, fruit and flower varieties planted in each area.

Gardenize then provides you with valuable information such as harvest times, pest control or necessary care work for your plants. Thanks to the reminder function, you won’t miss any important dates. You can also save your own notes and photos in the app to document your progress.

The integrated plant database with descriptions and expert tips on over 190,000 varieties is particularly practical. This means you are also well advised when buying new seeds or cuttings.

Smarter garden saves the spade: The best technology helpers for your spring garden

The modern garden is becoming smarter and more connected. Innovative technology gadgets make gardening much easier and open up all kinds of new possibilities. Whether fully automatic lawn mowers, intelligent irrigation systems or digital garden plans – the solutions presented here make life much easier for amateur gardeners.

The garden of the future is smart, connected and simply more fun! The best technology helpers for your spring garden ensure that you can put your feet up and watch your tools take care of your garden at the touch of a button or fully automatically. This leaves you more time to enjoy your green oasis instead of laboriously tending to it.

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