Compact water cooling with Peltier element: Cooler Master ML360SZ

Normally water cooling systems with Peltier element are very massive. The new AIO water cooling ML360SZ can score points here, due to its compact design and other improvements compared to other solutions.

Intelligent power regulation

With the MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero, Cooler Master presents a compact water cooling system for high-end processors. It has a Peltier element embedded between pump unit and copper coldplate. With a heavily overclocked CPU, the cooling with its additional thermoelectric cooling function (TEC) and intelligent power regulation keeps the CPU within an optimal temperature window. Despite the Peltier element, the ML360 is neither bulky nor has condensation problems, unlike previous solutions. The AIO water cooling combines a performance advantage due to technology with an authentic and easy-to-use overall package. In cooperation with Intel and Cooler Master, the concept of the TEC-based MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero was developed, which allows operation below ambient temperatures. This results in a higher cooling performance of the ML360. Thus, the requirements of gamers and other users can be better met and the full potential of the processors can be used.

In the center of the cooling is the water block

The large water block with the TEC element measures 89 mm x 79 mm x 86.7 mm and is the center of the AIO cooling system. It actively cools the copper coldplate as contact surface to the CPU, which has direct contact to the hot surface of the water chamber. Overheating is thus excluded and even at full capacity the additional cooling capacity can be called up. With the control board of the water block the power of the Peltier element is controlled in real time. The element works dynamically and according to demand, depending on the processor load, and saves energy even in times of low load. In a separate case between the water block and the radiator, a pump operates with a much higher water flow rate. The pump has a size of 57.3 x 57.3 x 92.2 mm and the 360 mm radiator slim 394 x 119.6 x 27.2 mm.

To avoid condensation moisture, Cooler Master has adopted a multi-layer approach. The copper coldplate provides a clean transfer of CPU waste heat while reducing excessive temperature fluctuations. Sensors record the values of temperature and humidity so that the TEC element can adapt to the environment. In addition, the optimized water block with an airtight insulation frame separates the area of the processor with the coldplate from the rest of the system. This provides effective protection against condensation moisture. The frame is pre-installed and guarantees a quick and easy installation of the water cooling.

The SF120 fan with a 4-pin connector and a PWM control provides cooling of the water circuit and the radiator. The fan operates in a speed range between 650 and 1900 revolutions per minute.

Smart software

With Intel® Cryo Cooling Technology, the user gets real-time monitoring and can adjust the parameters and the Peltier element according to his own wishes. In order to use the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360SZ, a current processor from Intel of the 10th Core Generation with free multiplier (K-Series) and a compatible mainboard with Z490 chipset and current BIOS is required.

Availability and price

The new AIO water-cooling system MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero from Cooler Master is now available. The price for the cooling system is 349.99 Euro.

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