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The best gaming chairs for women: Stereotype, Ahoy?

The best gaming chairs for women? Do they even exist? We have once looked into this matter and found that this division is served rather less. Instead, we believe that, as a rule, all gaming chairs are of course equally suitable for female gamers and gamers.

Stereotypes high on the agenda?

The gaming scene has long been dominated by male representatives, and to a certain extent, this is still the case today. It’s no wonder, then, that established brands are often linked to developing products exclusively for this division. However, this image is far outdated, as most manufacturers are well aware that female gamers also turn to gaming gear and merchandise. So the image that is being painted is more in the minds of the buying public. After all, cooking pots for men or tools for women are also rather the exception. But since the female clientele is often associated with bright colors, glitter and additional accessories, we decided to present gaming chairs for the female stereotype, true to the motto: It’s pink, it glitters, I want it! present. Whether customiser or finished product, we found that some manufacturers have a hidden gem or two in their range.

Quality before optics

Of course, it’s always important to keep an eye not only on looks, but especially on quality. After all, you don’t want to end up having to buy twice and instead want to enjoy your gaming chair for a long time. Bright color variations, cool gadgets and unusual designs are simply not enough if the quality is not up to par. We’d be happy to give you some useful information in advance on how to recognize good gaming chairs:

  1. The most important criterion of a gaming chair is the ergonomic design. Granted, this has less to do with the product quality per se, however, this feature supports your posture and thus contributes significantly to the seating quality.
  2. Look for a high-quality material mix. This is crucial for the parameters of durability and stability. This is not merely a high-quality cover and its processing meant, but especially the load-bearing components, such as star cross, gas spring, framework & Co.
  3. For the longest possible lasting seating comfort, it is important that the upholstery is made of high-density foam. Otherwise, you run the risk of quickly having to take a seat on a flat surface.

Of course, there are many more criteria that define the quality of a gaming chair. We’ve already written our own detailed article about that checklist: Gaming chair problems and how to avoid them in advance.

You should always be aware, as a rule, the cheaper a model is, the more sacrifices you have to make. Do not save at the wrong end. What we want to say, pay attention especially to the elementary things like ergonomic properties and stability factors.

But enough of the theory, now let’s get to our recommendations: Gaming chairs for women – some with stereotypical features.

Models: gaming chairs for women

At this point, we would like to emphasize once again that most of the gaming chairs presented below lean on the stereotype of women and should be viewed with a grain of irony. We do not advocate pigeonholing 😉

1. Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series (D.Va Edition)

Divas gambling? The TITAN Evo 2022 Series from Secretlab (MSRP €519.00) most recently helped itself to one of Blizzard’s most famous Overwatch heroines. For those who have not yet made acquaintance with the game character: D.Va is a professional gamer and also a pilot of a bunnyhop robot. The D.Va special edition (RRP € 549.00) is also designed in the pink style of the lively superheroine. On the front and back of the backrest, below the Secretlab lettering, there is also the D.Va logo complete with pugnacious bunny head. The chair is equipped with 4D armrests and a class 4 gas spring, the latter of which can withstand loads of up to 130 kg, according to the manufacturer. However, since the gaming chair is available in three different sizes (Small / Regular / XL), it can be assumed that the load limit varies depending on the model. Currently, the ergonomically shaped seat is available in 6 other colors in addition to the D.Va version, and despite the futuristic naming, it is also available right now.

Specifications of the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series (Regular):

  • Available in 3 sizes (Small / Regular / XL)
  • Seating surface 470 mm x 490 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 165°
  • Loads up to 130 kg / class 4 gas spring
  • 4D armrests
  • Available in 6 colors + D.Va special edition

2. Nitro Concepts S300 in Nebula Purple

The Nitro Concepts S300 (MSRP €269.90) is quite the underdog in terms of design. It doesn’t impress with comprehensively glittering fabric, wiggling plush ears or the logo of a well-known game character. Instead, the Nitro Concepts S300 convinces with a smooth color transition and exceptionally simple design. Borrowing from the manufacturer’s signature design, the gaming chair is reminiscent of a modified racer’s cabin with enough room to relax or go all out. As with most of our featured chairs, this model features a Class 4 gas pressure spring that allows for a maximum load of up to 135 kg, according to the manufacturer. The 3D armrests skillfully complete the look along with the color and pattern variants in which the chair is available.

Corner data for the Nitro Concepts S30:

  • Seating surface 400 mm x 560 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 135 °
  • Loadable up to 135 kg / Class 4 gas spring
  • 3D armrests
  • Available in 8 colors and 2 patterns

3. Gamechanger CUSTOM Gaming Chair

If none of the models presented here appeals to you, or if you simply have your own personal creation in mind, you can always fall back on the Gamechanger. With the online configurator on the website of the same name, women can put together their own chair to their heart’s content without a lot of prior knowledge or technical gimmicks. Of course, the gaming chair still has to be screwed together in the end. In return, however, the gamer can call an absolutely unique piece her own. Both the technical and the design specifications of the Gamechanger chair include a number of options, such as separate upholstery, a certain material or your own color combinations. For example, how about a pretty variation with fluffy fabric cover in the color hot pink? The Gamechanger is also suitable for small women, because the smallest available size is designed for up to 169 cm tall. In addition, both logos and patches can be completely self-designed and uploaded. A real Gamechanger just!

Corner data to the Gamechanger:

  • Seating surface can be individually fixed
  • Tilt angle of the backrest in 5 angle positions fixable
  • loadable up to 200 kg / Class 4 gas spring (example: XL variant)
  • 4D armrests
  • available in 15+ basic colors

4. AutoFull Bunny Gaming Chair

Among the recommendations of the best gaming chairs for women, this representative should not be missing. If the Bunny gaming chair from AutoFull (MSRP €345.51) doesn’t serve every woman’s heart’s desire, then we don’t know what will 😉 It is pink, has interchangeable bunny ears and even a small puschel on the back of the backrest! Of course, you can buy the bunny offshoot only in one color: Namely, in pale pink with white accents. How could it be otherwise? Unfortunately, the armrests can only be adjusted in 2 dimensions. However, the manufacturer relies on an ergonomic design (including lumbar and neck cushions) and the associated relaxed seating feeling. The gaming chair is equipped with a class 4 gas pressure spring and can support up to 136 kg. It also comes with plenty of extras – even armrest socks are included. With this chair, there’s really nothing standing in the way of being a princess now, is there?

Corner data of the AutoFull Pink Gaming chair:

  • Seating area 390 mm x 490 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 155°
  • Loads up to 136 kg / class 4 gas spring
  • 2D armrests
  • Available in 1 color

5. ONE Gaming Chair Pro (Pink)

After a particularly eye-catching scoop, we now return to a more dignified version. The Gaming Chair Pro from ONE (MSRP €229.99) is not only characterized by its ergonomic design and a high-quality mix of materials, but is also a real colorful eye-catcher. The proportions of the colors pink and black are well coordinated. The scope of delivery includes an adjustable lumbar support and a neck pillow, which round off the entire look in a trendy way. The gaming throne is equipped with 3D armrests and a class 4 gas spring, which, according to the manufacturer, allows for a maximum load of 130 kg. Of course, the Gaming Chair Pro is also available in other color combinations, such as black and white – maybe one or the other likes it a bit more plain 😉 In addition, the model is also available with LED lighting.

Are you interested in gaming chairs with LED lighting? Maybe you’ll take a look at Inclusive: Gaming chairs with LED lighting at a glance – here you’ll find more recommendations.

Characteristics of the ONE Gaming Chair Pro:

  • Seating surface 390 mm x 500 mm (W/D)
  • Inclination angle of the backrest continuously adjustable
  • Loads up to 130 kg / Class 4 gas spring
  • 3D armrests
  • Available in 6 different color combinations

6. DXRacer Racer P-Series PG08 (black-pink)

Plain, plain, DXRacer Racer P-Series PG08 in black-pink (MSRP 299,00 €)! Who the previous models were a little too gaudy, we can warmly recommend this model. The PG08 model of the P-series of DXRacer convinces namely especially by its rather sparingly set color accents, because sometimes less is simply more. Even the sturdy aluminum star cross matches the rest of the chair’s look. According to DXRacer, the gaming chair is best suited for slim and averagely tall people with a weight between 60 and 90 kg and a height of up to 1.85 m. The armrests made of sturdy plastic can be moved in three directions. The model convinces all along the line and is for us the price / performance winner of this list.

Corner data on the DXRacer Racer P-Series PG08:

  • Seat area 370 mm x 460 mm (W/D)
  • Inclination angle of the backrest adjustable up to 135 °
  • Best suited for people up to 90 kg / gas spring class 4
  • 3D armrests
  • Available in 6 colors

7. Indy Gaming Racing Chair in Milk Pink

Now comes something suitable for very squeamish minds and wallets. The Gaming Racing Chair from Indy (MSRP €139.99) comes in an almost pastel milky pink with white accents and black armrests and swivel. With the infinitely adjustable tilt angle of the backrest, nothing stands in the way of either gambling or relaxing. According to the manufacturer, the Class 4 gas pressure spring can even support loads of up to 150 kg. The only drawback: the armrests are fixed to the chair and can thus only be moved forward or backward according to the gaming chair’s tilt angle. Nevertheless, the charm of this princess throne is clearly shown by its playful design. Be aware, however, that you will have to accept compromises in terms of quality at this price.

Characteristics of the Indy Gaming Racing Chair:

  • Seating surface 490 mm x 520 mm (w/d)
  • Inclination angle of the backrest continuously adjustable
  • Loads up to 150 kg / gas pressure spring class 4
  • 1D armrests
  • Available in 2 colors

8. Sharkoon ELBRUS 1 in black-pink

The Sharkoon ELBRUS 1 (MSRP €167.50) in the black and pink variant is an absolute eye-catcher when it comes to bright and eye-catching colors. While most of the high-quality fabric cover is black, the striking pink accents provide the finishing touch. The ELBRUS 1 convinces us, albeit with a few drawbacks that are due to the low purchase price. With a maximum load of 120 kg (gas spring class 4) and the stylish seat shell limited to the sides, the gaming chair is especially suitable for women of the straight H-type. The Elbrus 1 is equipped with 2D armrests that can be folded up and down again. Nevertheless, the Sharkoon ELBRUS 1 is also a welcome change, especially for those on a tight budget. And if the lady doesn’t really like the explosive pink after all: there are four other color variants, including poison green.

Corner data of the Sharkoon ELBRUS 1:

  • Seating area 410 mm x 480 mm (W/D)
  • Inclination angle of the backrest continuously adjustable
  • Loadable up to 120 kg / Class 4 gas spring
  • 2D armrests
  • Available in 5 colors

9. AKRacing Core SX Gaming Chair in Lavender

The minimalist racing design of the AKRacing Core SX gaming chair (MSRP €349.00) shouldn’t scare off the female interest community either. Cloaked in a look of lavender and white, the gaming chair brings relaxation to your four walls with the color combination alone. The AKRacing Core SX also looks like an upgraded version of the Nitro Concepts S300 in Nebula Purple. Lumbar support and neck pillow are included and provide that extra measure of relaxation and ergonomics. Features the Core SX gaming chair is equipped with a class 4 gas pressure spring, which according to AKRacing can put away a weight of up to 150 kg. If the lavender dream doesn’t appeal to you, the manufacturer has 5 other colors ready. However, we think that the lavender version best suits the innocent soul of a gamer!

Corner data of the AKRacing Core SX gaming chair:

  • Seating area 394 mm x 495 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest up to 180 ° adjustable
  • Loads up to 150 kg / class 4 gas spring
  • 3D armrests
  • Available in 6 colors

10. Backforce One Plus

Of course, no recommendation list should be without the Backforce One Plus (MSRP €649.00) – even for women! Unfortunately, there is no pink, rose or other pastel colors in the color selection that would round off the racer look a bit. However, the model convinces us so much that the color palette is almost incidental. In other words, the quality is simply right in every respect. In addition, the manufacturer has some cool options ready that can make each armchair unique. For example, you can craft your own patches in the online store and immortalize them with your gamertag or the name of your team as a tribute. Well, immortalize might be a bit of a stretch, because you can change the patches at any time. The same goes for the Gamer Pulse LED, which is located on the back of the backrest. This can also be customized individually. So there are no limits to your imagination here. The robust gaming chair is equipped with a class 4 gas pressure spring and is thus designed for people weighing up to 130 kg, according to the manufacturer. The Backforce One Plus also has a unique selling point in terms of ergonomics. The lumbar support is permanently integrated and located behind the cover, and can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to suit individual needs. The advanced 5D armrests offer a whole new level of comfort and relaxation, whether in the calm before the match, or after an exhilarating victory.

Specifications of the Backforce One Plus:

  • Seating area 530 mm x 435 mm (W/D)
  • Backrest with synchronous mechanism for the plus in ergonomics
  • Loads up to 130 kg (class 4 gas pressure spring)
  • 5D armrests
  • Available in 5 colors & 4 patterns

Gaming chairs for women: A niche with potential?

Many gaming chairs currently on the market are more tailored to male ideals in terms of design. Not infrequently, this is rather robust nature, modeled on motorsports and associated with few bells and whistles. However, there are people, probably women in particular – but we don’t want to exclude men at this point – who attach importance to details and accents. But especially because the proportion of female gamers is constantly increasing, the demand for good equipment in less hard style is also growing. Even if it doesn’t necessarily have to boil down to pink glitter covers exclusively, gaming chairs that are anatomically adapted to women could perhaps hold great potential.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Backforce is known for individuality, quality and Made in Germany and has quickly established itself on the market. The chairs from Gamechanger radiate at least as much individuality and Made in Germany. To what extent the equally young manufacturer can keep up with Backforce in terms of quality remains to be seen. Gamechanger was started … (Weiterlesen...)

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