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Apps with which you can earn money

Everything is becoming more and more expensive. As a result, many people are now routinely cutting back on unnecessary expenses. However, inflation can be managed not only by cutting expenses, but also by increasing your own income. For this reason, the question of apps that can be used to earn money comes up again and again. We present the best money-making apps and name their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Earn money with survey apps

One of the most popular ways to earn money via an app is to take part in surveys. Various providers offer the opportunity to receive small amounts of money for participating in market research surveys. It should be noted that relatively sensitive data is sometimes requested. It is therefore worth checking the reliability of the various apps carefully.

Google’s survey app(Android & iOS)

Google has its own survey app. After entering your personal data, you will receive regular invitations to surveys whose target group you belong to. Experience shows that you can expect to receive such an invitation about once a week. However, the earnings are limited: Up to 80 cents per survey are possible, usually around half that amount. The amount of remuneration depends on the length of the survey. But the way it works is simple. All you have to do is answer a few questions. The time required is therefore rather low. Another positive aspect is the connection to Google: payouts are guaranteed by the company.

Mingle(Android & iOS)

The survey app Mingle works in a very similar way. Here, too, you first have to enter your personal data so that it can check which surveys you are eligible for. You can then access a pool of selected surveys, which can usually be answered within a few minutes. The fee for Mingle is also in the cent range. The advantage, however, is that it is one of the largest and most established apps in this field. A payout is possible from an amount of 20 euros.

Swagbucks(Android & iOS)

Swagbucks also offers the opportunity to earn money with surveys. In terms of functionality, the app is no different from Google’s offering or Mingle. However, it also offers several other ways to earn money via the app. In this respect, it is a multifunctional offer. Product tests and cashback are also possible with Swagbucks. A payout is possible with Swagbucks from an amount of five euros.

Earn money with microjob apps

Microjob apps are another way to earn money. Here, users have to complete small tasks for which they are paid. The operating principle is simple: companies or private individuals post simple jobs that can be carried out by users. The tasks range from taking photos of products in the supermarket to testing apps. In many cases, the tasks have a regional focus – for example, you have to go to the local supermarket and check the product range, check the Wi-Fi at the nearest train station or take photos of places of interest in your city. Payment depends on the effort involved and is usually in the single to slightly double-digit euro range, which is significantly higher than in survey apps.

Streetspotr(Android & iOS)

Streetspotr is probably the best-known microjob app in Germany. It is designed to do small local jobs. This means that when you use Streetspotr, you have to leave your own four walls. The basic idea is that you can earn money on the go. However, this is not really realistic; you usually have to travel instead – after all, you won’t be walking to a remote supermarket or the most famous church in your city every day. Nevertheless, Streetspotr can be worthwhile. For example, you can combine activity with earning money. The pay is usually between ten and 15 euros.

AppJobber(Android & iOS)

If you live in a big city, AppJobber could also be of interest to you. It works in the same way as Streetspotr. However, experience has shown that the tasks are slightly different. With AppJobber, for example, you will often find jobs where you have to check advertising or do mystery shopping. The range of jobs on offer is particularly good in larger cities. Up to twenty small jobs per day can be dusted off here. The pay is similar to that of Streetspotr.

Earn money with product testing apps

The third major option is to test products and get paid for it. Most of the tests relate to gaming apps. Ultimately, this means that – in most cases – you get paid for playing mobile games. Sounds attractive? Then read on, because there are also numerous apps that you can earn money with!

Testerheld(Android & iOS)

Testerheld is one of the best-known apps for product tests in German-speaking countries. This is probably mainly due to the wide range of products on offer here. Not only online games can be tested, but also various websites, apps and even physical products that are sent to you if you apply for a corresponding work order. The remuneration at Testerheld is comparatively low. You can expect to pay low single-digit euro amounts per test. The time required varies considerably from job to job. & iOS)

The app is even more popular. Websites and apps can be tested here. The payment per order is on average a little higher than with Testerheld. also promises an abundance of assignments: After registration, 50 assignments are said to be available, which can be processed directly. The advantages and disadvantages otherwise correspond to those of Testerheld: The time required can sometimes be quite high, so that the assignments are hardly worthwhile. Other work orders, on the other hand, require little effort, which makes them attractive. It is therefore worth checking carefully. In addition, can score points with a level system. The more jobs you successfully complete, the higher your level increases until you finally become a premium tester. As you climb up the levels and ultimately reach premium status, you gain access to increasingly well-paid test assignments.

Earn money with sales via apps

Flea market apps offer users the opportunity to sell used items such as clothes, CDs, books and much more. The way it works is very simple: you create a profile, upload photos and descriptions of the items you want to sell and set a price. Other users can then contact you and buy the items you are offering. This allows you to clear out your home and earn money at the same time – without having to spend your early mornings at semi-serious flea markets.

Vinted(Android & iOS)

Vinted is probably the most popular app for selling second-hand clothes. Here, well-maintained items of clothing that are currently in fashion can sometimes fetch horrendous sums of money. Accessories can also be sold via Vinted, formerly known as Kleiderkreisel. The app is reputable, frequently used and scores points for its intuitive usability. Prices can be negotiated individually on request.

Classifieds(Android & iOS)

Kleinanzeigen, formerly eBay-Kleinanzeigen, is the best-known classifieds app in Germany. Here you can sell everything from second-hand clothes and books to paintings, cars and houses. If you want to get rid of some junk and turn those things collecting dust in your basement that you hardly recognize into cash, classified ads are the right place for you. The operating principle is the same as described above.

Conclusion: Apps with which you can earn money

In conclusion, it can be said that there are numerous very different apps that you can use to earn money. This means that you have a wide choice and can choose between surveys, product and app tests, microjobs or selling used items that you want to get rid of anyway. It’s hard to earn a decent monthly salary with apps, but in most cases it’s enough for a little extra income. The important thing, and this applies to all money-making apps, is that you consider the cost-benefit ratio for each job. If half an hour’s work is required for a penny, your time is probably better invested elsewhere. If you calculate well here, however, it may be worth taking a look at the various money-making apps.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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