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The right cell phone holder: Here’s what you should look out for

Smartphones have expanded the usefulness of classic cell phones many times over. After all, they can no longer be used just for making calls and sending text messages. Thanks to Internet connectivity and built-in GPS, the daily companion can also act as a practical navigator. This is not only very welcome in the car, but also on the bike handlebars. After all, you can always keep an eye on everything without risking an accident. Today, we want to take a closer look at the topic of cell phone mounts. We will not only show you what you should look for when buying. On top of that, we’ll introduce you to various models.

Mobile phone mount for the car

If you are looking for a suitable cell phone holder for the car, you will quickly discover that there are different concepts here. The differences here usually concern the holding mechanism. On the one hand, there are mounts that hold on the inside of your windshield with the help of mere suction. You should make sure that a vacuum is created between the suction cup and the windshield. Whether this is the case can usually be found in the product information. Only if there really is a vacuum can you be sure that the holder will survive a hilly stretch of road without falling into the driver’s lap. A very similar principle is also relied on models that you attach to the armature of the interior.

A mount with a suction cup can often be attached to both the windshield and the dashboard. (Image: Eono)

Here you again build up a vacuum so that the mount holds tight to the dashboard. Therefore, you should again make sure that the vacuum principle is actually used. Then again, there is also the type of cell phone mount that is clamped into the air vents for attachment. Here you should again keep in mind that you actually buy the right clip for your car ventilation. Otherwise, the smartphone may suddenly fall off. The type of cell phone holder that uses a magnetic mechanism is quite new. Especially since Apple equipped the back of its iPhones with MagSafe with practical magnets, this market is booming. Once you have decided on a particular type of cell phone cradle, you still need to think about the range of functions.

Some mounts can even charge your smartphone simultaneously. Here you can see a mount available on Amazon that charges wirelessly via MagSafe. (Image: Gloplum)

For example, there are models that not only hold your smartphone in place. They can also supply it with power and charge the battery. When looking for the right holder, be sure to check customer reviews. Especially large marketplaces like Amazon are littered with fake reviews for smaller gadgets like a cell phone cradle. This is where reading up helps. Once your choice is made, you should again use the right position for installation. Make sure the smartphone doesn’t restrict your view through the windshield. Otherwise, it will pose a safety risk. After the detailed theory, we will show you a few exciting models once below.

Mobile phone mount with suction cup

One of the most common methods to attach the smartphone in the car is probably the use of a suction cup. Here you attach the device either to the windshield or but to the dashboard of your vehicle. This has advantages but also disadvantages. We have to praise the fact that the mounts can be installed and removed without any problems and, above all, without leaving any residue. This provides an extra portion of flexibility. After all, unlike vent mounts, you are not tied to a certain position. However, some models suffer from stability problems. For example, they may not fit tightly enough. This can not only cause damage to the smartphone. On top of that, it can distract the driver. It is therefore all the more important that you always attach a cell phone holder with suction cup properly.

Clean the area thoroughly and dry it with a microfiber cloth. Now press the suction cup firmly on and jiggle the holder a bit as a test. As a low-budget tip, we would like to recommend the model from Eono. The “house brand” of Amazon has here at an extremely low price of 9.99 euros a promising cell phone holder for your windshield on offer. The model from VANMASS is a bit higher quality, but with a price of 22.99 euros it is also considerably more expensive. Both can alternatively be attached to your faucet thanks to the suction cup principle. On top of that, you can even install it in your ventilation. This makes it a real all-rounder among the holders.

Mobile phone holder ventilation

The principle of a cell phone holder for your ventilation is completely different. Here, no suction cup is used. Instead, you attach the posture to the air vents. Of course, this also has advantages and disadvantages. The big advantage is certainly that a mount for the ventilation usually doesn’t suddenly fall off once it’s been well attached. After all, it is hooked to the cross struts of the ventilation. On top of that, the mounts are often much smaller than comparable systems with suction cups. This makes sense, since no extension is needed here as a connection to the dashboard or windshield. In addition, a cell phone mount for the air vent usually offers a better view of the road. On the other hand, the decisive disadvantage is the significantly lower flexibility of these models. Since they are designed for mounting in air vents, they can only be attached here. There is no free choice of space here.

The first model we have selected for you comes from the UGREEN company. It is suitable for almost any smartphone thanks to its adjustable frame. With a price of 15.99 euros, the mount comes at a low cost on top of that. Those who own an iPhone 12 or newer, on the other hand, should take a look at the numerous MagSafe mounts that are now available on the market. The models from the manufacturer YOSH definitely fall into the category “small but nice”. The compact mount uses the magnetic ring on the back of the iPhone and holds the smartphone firmly in place. As soon as you get out of the car, you can remove your iPhone quickly and easily. Conversely, it can be attached in no time at all when you get in. You can get the holder from YOSH at Amazon for a very fair price of 19.99 euros.

Mobile phone mount for the bike

Thanks to navigation and entertainment features, many cyclists now also use a cell phone mount on the handlebars of their bike. Here it depends once again more on the stability and reliability of the system. If you ride over rough terrain or asphalt, crashes of your smartphone can have much more serious consequences than in the car. Therefore, you should not save money and test it thoroughly. One system that promises a secure hold is QUAD LOCK.

Handy Halterung

Here you attach a holding mechanism to the handlebars and place your smartphone in a corresponding sleeve that forms the counterpart. To attach the smartphone, you now only have to screw the device into the holder. To remove the smartphone, you operate the corresponding lever and it can be released again. QUAD LOCK meanwhile scores with many accessories. Prices for the complete set for iPhones or the Samsung Galaxy S series start at 59.99 euros.

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Smartphones have expanded the usefulness of classic cell phones many times over. After all, they can no longer be used just for making calls and sending text messages. Thanks to Internet connectivity and built-in GPS, the daily companion can also act as a practical navigator. This is not only very welcome in the car, but … (Weiterlesen...)

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