Bluetti Easter promotion: Powerstations and PV panels on SALE

Bluetti has a few attractive offers for you for Easter. The expert for high-performance mobile storage solutions is not hiding any eggs, but is offering attractive discounts in its own online shop. From April 6 to April 16, you can save here on both power stations and solar modules. We present you a few little helpers, which can possibly be used on your next camping trip, the trip with the camper or as a domestic emergency power solution.

Bluetti EB3A

When it comes to small-format mobile energy storage, the Bluetti EB3A is among the best you can get on the market. It’s not without reason that the little power dwarf picked up a Gold Award in our test. It is primarily the compact form factor that stands out here. After all, there aren’t many energy storage devices that you can comfortably stuff into your hiking backpack. A flyweight of 4.6 kg also prevents back pain. Despite its small size, the power station offers many different ports for charging your electronic devices. A real highlight is the Qi charging surface on the top. Here, for example, you can wirelessly charge your smartphone with the necessary energy.

Image: Bluetti

The easily recognizable display provides you with the most important information during use and is located right next to a practical light. However, if you don’t want to stand up, you can simply use the in-house Bluetti app for that. With a total of 268 Wh, the compact storage offers a very good capacity that you would not expect at first glance. The output power is also a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A continuous power of 600 Watts and a peak power of 1,200 Watts is possible here. Thanks to its LiFePO4 battery technology, the power station scores with durability and promises maximum safety in use. During the Easter promotion, Bluetti is offering the Powerstation for 299.00 euros instead of 399.00 euros.

Bluetti EB70

If the battery power of the EB3A is not strong enough for you, it may be worth taking a look at the larger EB70. With 716 Wh, it offers more than twice as much battery capacity as its smaller sibling. Nevertheless, it is ideally suited for mobile use. While it won’t fit in your backpack, it scores as the perfect companion for your next camping trip with the van. A practical carrying handle allows you to carry the 9.7 kg light energy provider comfortably to the next location. So he is either power supplier of your notebook for mobile work or takes care of the energy of your sound system in the evening, when you put the barbecue in operation.

Bild: Bluetti

Once again, LiFePO4 technology is used, which Bluetti says should provide over 2,500 charge cycles. That means sustainability and safety. The many different ports also include a Qi charging surface with a maximum output power of 15 watts. With an output power of 1,000 watts permanently, you can also easily operate power-hungry devices with the power station. Of course, the clearly arranged display and the practical light are also part of the package. As part of the Easter promotion, you can save a lot on the medium-sized power station. Instead of the usual price of 799.00 euros, Blutetti only charges 699.00 euros.

Bluetti AC200 Max

Even a number larger is the AC200 Max. Here, the weight of 28.1 kg already makes it clear that this power station is not suitable for mobile use. Instead, the energy storage with a full battery capacity of 2048 Wh feels most comfortable in your own four walls or your van. If you do have to lift it up, two practical carrying handles on the sides will help. If the size of the installed LiFePO4 battery is not enough for you, you can upgrade here on top of that. Up to two additional battery modules are possible thanks to the modular design. Together with the B300 battery modules, up to 8,192 Wh are possible. In terms of output power, the AC200 Max is a real powerhouse. Thus, 2,200 watts of constant power are said to be possible. A powerful sine wave inverter ensures the corresponding stability of the power transmission.

Image: Bluetti

This can even handle a peak load of up to 4,800 watts under certain circumstances. In terms of connectivity, the AC200 Max already outshines its two smaller siblings due to its sheer size. Not only do you get four Schuko sockets, with which you should be able to operate power-hungry devices like a refrigerator for 15 to 28 hours. On top of that, you get two Qi charging surfaces. If you are traveling with your loved one in the van, you will certainly welcome this. After all, two smartphones can be charged wirelessly at the same time. You can also get the upgraded and expandable power plant at a lower price during the Easter sale. Bluetti only charges 2,198.00 euros here instead of 2,399.00 euros. There is even more savings potential if you secure the bundle with the matching PV200 photovoltaic system. This costs with the Easter action namely no longer 2,898.99 euros, but only 2,198.00 euros.

Bluetti EP500 Pro

With the EP500 Pro you get yourself an uncompromising emergency power solution in your own four walls. For its large-format power storage unit, the manufacturer relies on a gigantic 5,100 Wh battery, which in turn relies on LiFePO4 battery technology. Thanks to the modern battery technology, the large storage unit is said to still have a capacity of 80 percent even after more than 3,500 charging cycles. The built-in PSW inverter promises a constant output of 3,000 watts. With a weight of about 76 kg, the EP500 Pro is of course anything but light. Bluetti has installed practical casters so that you can still flexibly determine the power plant’s place of use. This way, the EP500 Pro can be easily moved around your premises. The large-format power storage unit can really score points if a power outage should ever occur.

Image: Bluetti

Finally, the EP500 Pro offers an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This can be especially important for electronic devices like your refrigerator or alarm system. After all, if a sudden power outage occurs, these two devices will also fail. This can lead not only to spoiled food, but also to less burglar-proofing of your home. Thanks to the EP500 Pro’s UPS feature, this doesn’t even happen. If the power storage unit registers that your power grid has a problem, it quickly steps in as a power supply. Otherwise, you benefit from a high level of operating convenience thanks to the practical app remote control and an integrated smart touchscreen. During the Easter promotion, Bluetti is also offering its largest energy storage unit at an economy price. Instead of 5,699.00 euros, it costs only 5,499.00 euros during the promotional period.

Solar panels and other power stations on offer

In addition to the above power stations, Bluetti also offers many others at bargain prices. To charge them independently of a classic household outlet, you can easily use a suitable solar panel. Fortunately, the energy expert also has many of these models on offer at a lower price as part of its promotion. For example, you can secure the popular PV120 for 351.49 euros instead of 369.99 euros. You can save even more on the large PV420. This costs only 949.05 euros instead of 1,099.00 euros. This way Bluetti supports you to produce your personal green electricity on your own.

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