Prime Day Deals: Affordable energy products from Jackery

Amazon is launching its Prime Days for the second time this year. Within the scope of these promotion days, which take place on October 10 and 11, numerous branded products are available for purchase at significantly reduced prices. Among the products on offer this time are high-quality power stations and solar generators from Jackery. Below we present you some of the offers, you can find even more in the Amazon shop or on the website of Jackery.

Jackery Explorer – Portable Power Stations

Jackery provides numerous powerful power stations with its Explorer series, which provide a reliable power supply when on the move. They are used for camping trips, garden parties or similar occasions. The series includes six products that are similarly designed and have similar functions. The main differences are the different capacities of the individual power stations, as well as their output power and connection options. As part of the Prime Day deals, three Explorers from Jackery are being offered at significantly reduced prices: the 240, 1000 and 1000 Pro models.

Jackery Explorer 240

The Explorer 240 is Jackery’s smallest portable power station. This device was primarily designed for shorter uses with lower loads – such as running a stereo system or a small cooler when camping. For this purpose, it is equipped with a 240 Wh battery that can be charged from the mains or from the car battery via a car adapter. In addition, it is possible to charge it via a solar panel, which, however, requires appropriate weather conditions.

The Powerstation Explorer 240 is particularly handy.

The available continuous power of the Explorer 240 is 200 watts, the peak load is 400. Thus, it is primarily designed for low-power electrical appliances, electric grills, for example, can not be operated with the box. The range of use is thus narrow – which is also reflected in the price.

The Explorer 240 can also score points with a display that shows the battery status, as well as a large number of ports that enable compatibility with numerous devices. Thus, in addition to two USB ports, there is also a 230-volt socket. In our test, the Powerstation was able to win a silver award.

As part of the Prime Day deals, the 240 version of the Jackery Explorer is on sale for 164.99 euros. The regular price is 299.99 euros. Here to go to the offer.

Jackery Explorer 1000 and 1000 Pro

In addition to the Jackery Explorer 240, the 1000 and 1000 Pro models will also be available. These differ – as already mentioned – primarily by their battery capacity, their output power and their connection options from each other. Both models are significantly more powerful than the already presented power station Explorer 240.

Both the Box 1000 and the 1000 Pro have a battery capacity of 1,002 Wh and last accordingly long. This already makes it clear that they are also quite suitable as companions for longer trips into nature. However, not only the battery is much stronger, the output power is also quite impressive: It is 1,000 watts, and even 2,000 watts are reached at the peak. This means that even more powerful electrical appliances can be operated without any problems.

jackery explorer 1000 pro
The Explorer 1000 Pro’s display shows a particularly large amount of information

The biggest differences between the Explorer 1000 and the Explorer 1000 Pro are in input power and ease of use. The input power of the 1000 Pro is higher, which allows it to charge much faster than the Explorer 1000, and it also has a color display that shows detailed information about the current flow. The Explorer 1000’s display, on the other hand, is black and white and merely gives general information about battery status. The Powerstation 1000 Pro performed outstandingly in our field test.

Both models are ruggedly designed, allow you to charge up to eight devices at once, and can be powered from the mains, car battery, and solar panels. Prices during the discount promotion are €499.00 instead of €1,249 (Explorer 1000) and €909.30 instead of €1,299 (Explorer 1000 Pro), respectively.

Solar generators from Jackery

Jackery refers to combination packages of a power station and a foldable solar panel as solar generators. The manufacturer has many of these on offer. The following solar generators are offered as part of the Prime Day deals:

The solar generator 300 Plus is composed of the power station Explorer 300 Plus as well as the solar panel SolarSaga 40W Mini. Both together are handy and easy to transport – even on hikes and similar trips. When exposed to sunlight, they guarantee a self-sufficient energy supply that is extremely sustainable and enables the use of electronic devices even in remote locations. The Explorer 300 Plus offers a capacity of 288 Wh and an output power of 300 watts with a peak power of 600 watts.

When combined with solar panels, the power station becomes a solar generator.

The other two solar generators offered as part of the Prime Day deals are more powerful. The Solar Generator 500 uses the Explorer 500 Powestation, which is combined with the SolarSaga 100W solar panel. The capacity of the Explorer 500 is 518 Wh, and the output power is 500 watts with a peak of 1000 watts. Thus, in combination with the more powerful solar panel, self-sufficient supply is possible even over a longer period of time.

Even greater are the possibilities offered by the solar generator 1000. This is a combination of the already presented Explorer 1000 power station and two 100W panels. With this, a decent portion of power with a long endurance is possible.

Just as with the power stations, the solar generators also show that different target groups are addressed. While the Solar Generator 300 Plus is primarily suitable for short day trips, a self-sufficient power supply is possible with the Solar Generator 1000 throughout the entire camping vacation – which, however, drives up the price and significantly reduces the handiness of the equipment.

Solar panel SolarSaga 80

However, the solar panels from Jackery can be purchased not only in the combination packages, but also individually – including the solar panel SolarSaga 80, which is UP68-certified and therefore waterproof. It is compatible with all other Jackery products and, with a weight of only five kilograms, is particularly light. It also scores points for its double-sided panel design, which increases conversion efficiency to a strong 25 percent. The panel, which is made of fully tempered glass, is certified by TÜV-Süd. It is offered as part of the Prime Day deals for €149.40 instead of €249..

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Amazon is launching its Prime Days for the second time this year. Within the scope of these promotion days, which take place on October 10 and 11, numerous branded products are available for purchase at significantly reduced prices. Among the products on offer this time are high-quality power stations and solar generators from Jackery. Below … (Weiterlesen...)

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