5.6 GHz – MSI Sets New DDR4 World Record

The Taiwanese company MSI has managed to achieve a new DDR4 speed record with the MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC. The overclocker known under the name “Toppc” has achieved a clock frequency of over 5.6 GHz with the MSI DDR4 boost technology. The memory modules used come from Kingston, the processor is from the current ninth Intel Core Generation. However, it will be some time before similarly high clock rates are also achieved in normal systems. The world record was achieved through the use of a special cooling system that uses liquid nitrogen.

In addition to the exclusive MSI DDR4 boost technology, the compact ITX mainboard also features Dr. Mos and DigitAll-Power technologies to further enhance the system’s performance. In combination with the Core Boost technology, the MSI motherboard can get the maximum performance out of current Intel processors and DDR4 RAM modules.

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