Alienware presents impressive 38 inch monitor

As part of a presentation, Alienware introduced a giant gaming monitor. The subsidiary of Dell doesn’t want to score only with its sheer size. Furthermore, the curved “Alienware 38” offers a WQHD+ panel, and support for Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate.

Three new monitors were introduced

The Alienware 38 is one of three upcoming monitors that Alienware has introduced. The AW3821DW might be however the most exciting device of the three new additions. That is not least because it concerns with the Alienware 38 no Upgrade of an already existing monitor, but a completely new product. The 38 inch monitor will impress many gamers. This is not least due to the extensive features. Because the Alienware 38 is not only big. In addition to the nearly 38-inch IPS panel, it offers WQHD+ resolution and support for VESA DisplayHDR 600, and gamers will also be pleased with the support for Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate. Unfortunately, Alienware still keeps a low profile regarding technical details. But the company has already revealed a few features.

A dream for every gamer

The few information, which Alienware could be elicited, will let above all Gamer to prick up its ears. That begins already with the resolution. With 3,840 x 1600 pixels the Alienware 38 should come along crisply sharply. Thanks to the IPS panel, stable viewing angles and a realistic color display are almost certain. The Alienware 38 is supposed to be “lightning fast” according to the manufacturer. We don’t know yet what exactly means “lightning fast” in the eyes of gaming experts. Alienware didn’t comment on a refresh rate. However, the Dell subsidiary has betrayed that the upcoming giant monitor will support Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate. From this, conclusions can be drawn about some technical details. Thus, we can assume a minimum refresh rate of 144 Hz. In terms of brightness, the minimum is thus 1000 Nits. The certification of VESA DisplayHDR 600 should provide for impressive contrasts.

The Alienware 38 comes in a typical futuristic design.

Price and availability

The design of the Alienware 38 looks great. This starts with the typical Alienware futuristic design and ends with the almost frameless display. When the large gaming monitor will be released, we don’t know yet. Alienware has also not yet commented on the price. However, we will probably have to expect a four-digit EIA here. What is known so far sounds quite exciting. In the course of September Alienware would like to comment on further details. We will keep you up to date.

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