Amazon Echo Show 10 with rotatable display and sound

After the new Echo Show 10 was introduced by Amazon, the rush is great. So the online mail order giant enjoys a long list of pre-orders. This is not without reason. What Amazon has presented here sounds really promising.

All around renewed

As we reported Amazon has already made a lot of new things with the fourth generation of its popular Smart Speaker Echo. The company has also taken big steps with Echo Show 10. The Smart Speaker with its large display now offers a completely new design. This also affects the functions. The upcoming Echo Show 10 offers a rotatable display and a rotatable sound. Already at first sight it becomes clear that Amazon has made courageous design decisions here. So the Echo Show 10 of the latest generation looks like a combination of a seemingly floating display and speaker. The latter strongly reminds of the Echo Studio.

Source: Amazon

Rotatable display

As already mentioned, the already proven Echo Studio seems to be used as loudspeaker unit. Should this be the case, a lot can be expected in terms of sound. But the heart of every Echo Show is the display. Here Amazon uses a 10 inch HD display. This can be rotated on the new Echo Show 10. Whenever the user interacts with Alexa, the display “follows” him. Thanks to a brushless motor, the movement of the display is virtually silent. But not only the display can adapt to the user’s location. The sound of the smart device can also move accordingly. The two built-in tweeters and the integrated woofer then radiate in the direction of the user.

Source: Amazon

To use the camera of the Echo Show 10, you don’t have to operate the device yourself. Thanks to the practical app integration you can access it. This also allows you to monitor the room in which you have set up the Echo Show 10. Of course the Echo Show 10 also offers the new features that the other newcomers like Echo 4 and Echo Dot 4 have been given. So besides ZigBee the other extensive energy saving options are also on board.

Price and availability

It is not yet known when the new Echo Show 10 will reach German retailers. So far it is “soon available” according to Amazon. Thanks to a reduced value added tax you can pre-order it at a price of 243,69 Euro. The colors anthracite and white are available.

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