Amazon Introduces TV Devices with Integrated Fire TV Functions

In cooperation with several other companies, Amazon presents TV sets with integrated Fire-TV. They combine streaming and live TV.

Among the cooperation partners are Grundig and Media-Markt-Saturn’s own brand ok. While the ok sets will not be available until 2020, Grundig’s Fire TV sets can be pre-ordered immediately. In addition to the integrated Fire TV functions, they also offer HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision support. In addition to the TV set, buyers will receive a voice remote control with Alexa support.

Thus for the first time television sets with integrated Alexa loudspeakers are presented, which make additional Fire TV products redundant. For the user this results in a simpler operability as well as in minimized installation and purchase expenditure.

Pre-orderable Models

There will be two Hands-Free models. One of the models measures 55 inches diagonally, the other 65. They can be pre-ordered now from Amazon. The more favorable model costs approximately 1,300 euro, the more expensive approximately 2,300 euro. Both models dissolve in Ultra-HD and are able to upscale HD and Full-HD contents. They will be delivered from 21 November. Who strikes now, receives the ring video Doorbell 2 free of charge in addition.

The standard version, the Grundig OLED television, which has now been presented, is very similarly equipped. It is also available in 55 and 65 inch sizes. Prices start here at around 1,200 Euro. The distribution takes place starting from 28 October.

The entry with the Vision-7- and Vision-6 models is substantially more favorable. The Vision-7 models are available in the sizes 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches, while the Vision-6 models are offered in 32, 40 and 43 inches. Prices start at around 350 (Vision 7) or around 240 (Vision 6) Euro. The delivery of these models takes place starting from 17 October (vision 7) and/or starting from 1 November (vision 6).

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