Amazon Prime Video: Enjoy the film together thanks to Watch Party

Like Disney+, Amazon’s in-house streaming service now also introduces a way to enjoy movies together – even if you are separated by location. Now the beta of the Prime Video Watch Party has started in this country.

Disney has made the beginning

The idea is simple, but grandiose. In times of Corona, Disney was looking for a way to enjoy a movie or a series together with its streaming service. Groupwatch has made this possible. Now Amazon has also introduced a kind of co-watching function. The so-called “Watch Party” is now also available in Germany. But this is not the global premiere of the feature. US users of the streaming portal have already been able to enjoy the shared movie or series since summer. The maximum number of viewers is astonishingly high with up to 100 people. Despite this high number, the way to co-watching is pleasingly easy. You don’t need additional plugins for this. The only requirement for the use of Amazon’s “Watch Party” is the membership at Amazon Prime or Prime Video. Here Netflix with its so-called “Netflix Party” is a little less accessible. However, this service also comes from a third-party provider.

Who is in charge?

Of course, one is initially startled when reading the high number of people that is theoretically possible. Does this turn into chaos? Fortunately, the session can only be led by the person who has sent out invitations to watch together. This means that a wild clicking of pause or play is not even possible. This is different with Disney’s Groupwatch. Here every viewer can influence the playback of the movie. What may be offered in small rounds, would simply have too much “interference potential” in large sessions. But there is one thing that each viewer can adjust individually at the Watch Party. So you have influence on your own settings of audio and subtitles.

Source: Amazon

Only possible on desktop until now

Unfortunately you can only use the new function on the desktop so far. On the outside is Apple’s own browser Safari. If a series or movie supports the feature, this will be shown in the details of the movie or episode. Amazon offers a chat function so that you can exchange information about the running movie. This can be used in a classic window next to the playback window.    Limitations of the service are not only to be accepted for the device. In addition, the Watch Party could also be supported only to a limited extent abroad. According to Amazon, all participants must be registered in the same country.

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