Apple Frees Shazam App from Various Trackers

The music recognition service Shazam was taken over by Apple in autumn for around 400 million dollars. Apple cleaned up the app and freed it from advertising. Now most software development kits have been removed by third parties – at least in the iOS version.

AppFigures found out that Apple had removed the vast majority of third party software development kits from the iOS version of the service after the ad. So far the app has been full of trackers from various companies. These included trackers from the AdMob and DoubleClick advertising networks belonging to Google. But also trackers from Facebook, IAS, Moat, Mopub, Inmboi and Bolts were found in the Shazam app. All these trackers have now been removed – so users no longer have to worry that their usage behavior will be evaluated by third parties and used for advertising purposes. Only a tracker from Microsoft was not removed. This is a beta test tool.

Apple has tidied up the Android version of the app much less. Here you can still find various trackers from different suppliers. However, some key trackers – including one from Facebook – have also been removed here.

All in all, an end to advertising in Shazam is to be expected.

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