Arctic Freezer 34 – CPU Cooler Update Released in Four Versions

A few days ago Arctic presented an updated version of the CPU tower cooler Freezer 33. The new Arctic Freezer 34 comes in four different versions, but the basic concept remains the same in all versions. Adjustments are made to the built-in 120 mm fans and radiator.

Like its predecessor generations, the Arctic Freezer 34 is also a relatively inexpensive and compact tower cooler that is intended as an alternative to the classic boxed coolers, but is not suitable for high-end systems or sophisticated overclockers. Due to the compact design, the updated version of the Arctic Freezer has enough space on both sides to accommodate high RAM modules. Like the Arctiv Freezer 33, all versions offered have four heatpipes with a diameter of six millimetres. Thanks to the Direct Touch design, the heatpipes lie directly on the CPU, which significantly improves heat dissipation compared to CPU coolers with an intermediate base plate. The Arctic Freezer 34 now has 54 aluminium slats instead of the previous 49 aluminium slats, which are now 0.4 mm thick instead of 0.5 mm. The overall height has thus increased from 150 mm to 157 mm.

The standard version for home users, “Arctic Freezer 34”, will continue to be offered, in which a particularly quiet running fan with hydrodynamic plain bearing will be installed. There is also the Arctic Freezer 34 CO, whose double ball bearing is designed for continuous operation. Compared to the standard version, the fan is not so quiet, but has a better durability in continuous operation.

In addition, two eSports versions are also available, the heatpipes and sipes of which have a black coating and additional accents in white, yellow, green and red. The eSports versions are available with either one or two 120 mm fans.

All four models offered have a semi-passive mode that switches off the fans at less than 5 percent PWM power.

Availability, Prices and Warranty

Both the standard model of the Arctic Freezer 34 and the eSports Duo model with two fans are now available for 32.99 Euro and 39.99 Euro respectively. The Arctic Freezer 34 CO will be released later for 34,99 Euro and the eSports model with one fan will be released for 37,99 Euro. Despite the low price, Arctic offers a six-year warranty, the eSports versions even have a ten-year warranty.



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