Enermax Liqmax III All-In-One Water Cooling with RGB Lighting Introduced

Enermax has introduced with the 49,90 Euro expensive Liqmax III an inexpensive all-in-one water cooling, whose Aurabelt water block has an RGB lighting despite the beginner price. The water cooling is based on the company’s shunt channel technology (SCT), whose cooling plate has already proven in other products that increased heat transfer is achieved compared to conventionally constructed coolers. Thanks to the dual-convex fan blades, which were specially designed for radiators, a static pressure is to be generated that is above the level of conventional case fans.

The RGB LEDs can be synchronized via a 4-pin RGB connector (+12V/G/R/B) with numerous mainboards with other components that also feature this technology.

The mounting material of the water cooling is compatible with all current Intel and AMD processor sockets. The two high-end sockets are also supported.

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