Arctic probably launches new thermal paste as successor to MX-4

It’s been a few years since Arctic introduced the MX-4 thermal paste. It is still a very popular product today.

Now there are indications that a successor to this classic is already in the starting blocks. Because: on the British pages of the manufacturer, there is talk of the “Arctic MX-5”. This is to come in March this year on the market.

Arctic MX-5 – what is new?

So really meaningful is the item description on Amazon not yet. Because: it is not really different from the description to the MX-4 thermal paste. Possibly the information will be adjusted in the coming days and weeks?

Only the addition of the “new formula” draws attention. In addition, the product is supposed to be characterized by a thin application and a low thermal resistance.

More is not yet known about the new product.

However, it is already certain that the expectations of MX-4 users are likely to be high. After all, this is a real classic that has enjoyed enormous popularity for years – among other things also due to the convincing cooling and the customer-friendly price-performance ratio. Whether the new variant can follow in the footsteps of the MX-4 thermal paste remains to be seen.

Predominantly positive reviews on the Arctic MX-4 thermal paste

Many tinkerers who are looking for a new thermal paste for their equipment research the Internet for suitable products. Here, it quickly becomes apparent that there are only a few customers who see optimization potential in the Arctic MX-4 thermal paste. On the contrary! Among other things, not only the consistency, but also the yield of the product is emphasized again and again.

But: as is often the case in life, it seems that it’s time for something new at Arctic. The manufacturer itself is still keeping a low profile. However, it can be assumed that there will be more information in the coming weeks.

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