be quiet! Silent Base 802: New version comes with higher MSRP

The experts from be quiet! have presented a range of new cooling solutions. But the manufacturer was also active in the field of cases. The successor to the Silent Base 801 was presented. Although the Silent Base 802 comes with a higher RRP, be quiet! also promises more flexibility in return.

The changes

In contrast to its predecessor, be quiet! has turned a few set screws on the Silent Base 802. The manufacturer has made some changes, particularly in terms of flexibility. You can now choose between different front and lid parts. There is a choice between corresponding elements made of air-permeable mesh or a closed design. This is already the most visible innovation in contrast to the Silent Base 801. Otherwise, both generations are very similar. So the case still has the familiar stand on the bottom. However, you can’t see it on the official pictures of be quiet! It was simply not mounted. What the manufacturer has removed are the optional striking colors of the predecessor. Now you can only buy the case in black or white color. Another change can be seen by looking closely at the I/O panel. While the Silent Base 801 offered only a USB 2.0 port, the successor uses a USB-C port (3.2 Gen. 2). What change will upset many is the much higher RRP than the predecessor.

In contrast to the new, third generation, the predecessor offered a few striking color accents.

Many matches

This was the case with the changes that be quiet! made to the case. The Silent Base 802 also uses the same fan controller. A maximum of six 3-pin fans are possible here. The case’s I/O panel provides practical fan control. A slide switch allows you to switch back and forth between the different stages. Alternatively the fan can be activated by a PWM signal of the mainboard. The case comes with a total of three Pure Wings 2 fans (140 mm). The Midi-Tower can be retrofitted with appropriate fans on the top side as well as on the front. In the case itself you can even install a radiator up to 420 mm in size. This is located directly behind the front. A radiator can also be installed on the top side. The practical pull-out bracket offers space for radiators with a diameter of 360 mm.

With regard to the structure itself, be quiet! leaves everything as it was. You can also invert the case layout. But this was already possible with the Silent Base 801. Many will use this possibility, because you can see the mainboard from the left side. The Silent Base 802 does not give any reason for restrictions with graphics cards or coolers. Here you can let off steam in terms of size. But you should consider the changed configuration of the drives. For example, be quiet! now delivers only one HDD cage, which offers space for two 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch drives. Another cage offers space for another HDD. This is mounted directly in front of the mainboard. In addition, a total of three 2.5 inch drives can be placed behind the mainboard of the Silent Base 802. This means that the Silent Base 802 can accommodate far fewer drives than its predecessor.

Price and availability

manufacturer be quiet! would like to launch the new case towards the end of November this year. The RRP for the Silent Base 802 is 30 Euros higher than for its predecessor. For the third generation of the case, be quiet! is calling for 160 euros or 170 euros (with window).

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